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Negativity is his psychosis,
Sadness is his daily dosis.
The king that rules them all
A ruler so wise and tall
The leader through rise and fall
"King of Kings", is what he is called

A king so beautifully just
A king filled with lust
Heart set in burning passion
Ruling from his iron mansion

His words speak the loudest
His actions makes him the proudest
His hands anchored in souls
His crown giving him control

The king of kings
Has seven strong fingers
The king of kings
Envies what lingers
For the king of kings
Wants to have it all
Because the king of kings
Is counting his fall
Flying high, flying low
Falling hard, falling slow
A game so full
A game so cruel
Cutting your skin
Drinking some fuel
Bashing your head
Feeling a fool
Picking your nose
Dripping some drool
"You're an idiot"
"You're a tool"
******* your blood
Eating your stool
Feeling so fly
Feeling so cool
A game so great
A game so small
Someone will rise
And someone will fall

Thought you won
Then you lost
Felt the warmth
Then the frost

Step back
One more time
Walk forward
Feel sublime
Crash course
"You are mine."
I'm me
You're you
You can **** my diddy
If you don't like what I do
You know,
I always want the greatest
But when I do
I get the least
Life has this seemingly eternal push and pull
Where the more you want something
The further it moves away from you

And then when you stop chasing
It comes back to you
But when you open your arms again
The cycle repeats.

I'm so tired.
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