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The stronger the light, the darker the shadow, great love means hatred as black as a moonless night. Beware your choice and fear the opposite. Mirrors are doorways, and the divide between both worlds is a thin veil of glass.
NoahArkenswagg Apr 2020
Beautiful fire, how easy it is to ***** you out of makes me jealous. If I could disappear in silent smoke and forever remain absent, I'll burn ever more brightly with pain, then...*****.
NoahArkenswagg Dec 2018
You shot me with bullets that weighed me down, from your lofty position above that wall, you look me in the eyes and take a shot for each stone I reach for in my climb. Leaving me in the friend zone was unfair enough, but these bullets weigh more than their equivalent in rejection...but there you go again, aiming for another shot of "he's just a friend. " noah_arkenswagg
NoahArkenswagg Dec 2018
I can't function without you, so how about I make us equals and see how this all works out. Get closer, take away the barriers.. Together we'll divide and conquer, and soon, add our adventures to the greatest romance stories ever told. Noah_arkenswagg
NoahArkenswagg Dec 2018
Crown of words and a suit of metaphor, ring of art and a heart aflame with pain..all have failed me in this material moment. A poet without his words, a writer who no longer bleeds ink ...being speechless is not a good sign obviously, silence is a pig in the mud and never gold. So much pain and so little to say, so much to say and no way to express with words what the heart screams; no more flame. Noah_arkenswagg
NoahArkenswagg Dec 2018
One day they'll ask why I did it. They'll find different reasons from different people..I left clues behind in all the shades of mystery. Like a puzzle, the pieces will only come together when the final picture is there for all to see. One day...crosswords will make more sense than spoken words. Noah_arkenswagg
NoahArkenswagg Nov 2018
If I was given a scroll and a feather pen to write about you, I'd need enough parchment to cover your street, so you could walk all over it while you walked away to the other one you love. I'd still find 999,999 reasons to love you and only one not to. I really hope he's not the one for you, I really would love to add that 'you love me too' to my list. Noah_arkenswagg
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