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NoPoe Jan 2020
each morning we'd sit
and sit
only sit
and view the worlds first awakening men
the sun would come crawling from behind our hills and
buckets of light would be poured right above our head
but I don't think we ever shielded our eyes
we'd just sit
and sit
only sit
we shared quite the routine you and I
I dont think im done writing about this boy quite yet
NoPoe Jan 2020
Death becomes the end of your earthly learning
No more earthly thoughts to pain you
The void is only like space, or the nothingness made of light
In this moment you must abide in it
In this moment you become ignorant to ego
Ignorance is bliss.
NoPoe Dec 2019
I watched him hypnotize
the other girls
as he does the fruit in the trees
the clouds in the sky
As he did me
-Jandy Nelson
NoPoe Sep 2019
Each night as I'm stuck in bed
My eyes our sewed opened
So I could relive all my sins
I lay each one out on bulletin board
In my mind
Connecting each one to one another
With simple red yarn
Im trying to pinpoint
the exact moment
My life became filled with
secret regrets
Its suffocating me
I want to speak up
To tell some other living soul about
All the bumps and bruises
That is my life
That is me
But i cant
So I lay with my dry eyes
Unable to blink away this feeling
Regret is tortuous
NoPoe Sep 2019
Admiration is best from distance
The pure thought of you
Is beautiful
You however is tainted by
The ugliness of reality
NoPoe Sep 2019
*** was never vulnerable to me
I krept into a small corner of myself
Attempting to keep me safe
While  hundreds of your hands
Groped every inch of what you thought was me
So you could come undone
NoPoe Sep 2019
Lavender linen
Swallowed me whole
Waddled me up in
Silky sheets
Cradling my skin
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