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Rosmary Penn Jan 25
life's a blur,
a hazy light,
a broken dream,
an endless high

drowning in a bottle,
wishing I was sober,
closing my eyes,
waiting for life to be over

laying on the bathroom floor
is this all I ever will be?
another breath out...
god I feel so empty
wondering if I'm gonna make it through the night...
Rosmary Penn Jan 13
a final breath
a final write
I've been waiting
and now it's time
Rosmary Penn Dec 2020
I am drowning
in pain
in sorrow
in tears

Life goes by
another hour
another day
another year

What I wouldn't give
for answers
for peace
for freedom

To finally exhaust
the imbalances
the terrors
the demons
Rosmary Penn Dec 2020
Oh Keeper of the Night,
You are but a mystery
To one twilight smile upon us
and then the next not to be seen

Oh Mother of Light
to wane but never disappear
Giving us great comfort
Saying you are always there

Stars drip from your eyes
tears like crystals fall
even through your pain
you leave me here struck with awe

That through the sorrow
You give us a light
to dim while we sleep
to guide us through the night

Oh Lover of the dreamers
I long to bask in your rays
to calm my aching heart
to leave me in a daze

Oh your gentle curves
and sweet, pale complexion
Each crater and mount,
designed with perfection

Ages will pass
With different times and stories
but no matter the time or place
no man can escape your glory
Rosmary Penn Dec 2020
one night I awoke
to a pain in my head
soon I realized
I wasn't alone in bed

next to me he sat
watching as I slept
staring into my face,
dripping blood onto my neck

our eyes met,
his were glassy and lifeless
we observed each other until
my gasp broke the silence

towering over me,
he leaned his head in
his face grew paler
and across it spread a grin

then he laughed
and asked if I was awake
all I could do in response
was tremble and shake

his voice settled,
raspy and thin
to hear his words
was nothing short of a sin

now every night
he awakes me from my sleep
leaving me to cry
sinking in the deep

so I spend my days
exhausted and drained
how do I break
these invisible chains?
Rosmary Penn Dec 2020
waiting for


               to tell me I'm
                                          d r e a m i n g
Rosmary Penn Dec 2020
air is growing thin
as I float off the ground
the dreamers finally awake
now nothing holds me down

wandering into space
passing the atmosphere
seems my perspective
is too cavalier

running out of oxygen,
breathing goes slow
my dewy eyes reflect the stars,
like a canvas of Van Gogh's

I hear vibrations
this is my castle past the sky
where no-one asks how,
and I never wonder why

my body grows numb
as I float past stars
through my veins,
flows my liquid heart

peace like a wave
rushes over me
laying on this cosmic foam
it gets hard to breathe

I shed a tear
and then another arose
soon I was surrounded with these crystals
as each drop froze

with no gravity,
my walls collapsed
loosing all feeling,
I couldn't react

a syrupy smile spread
across my softened face
so do not be concerned
if you see a girl floating in space
would you join me? or would you rather stay grounded on Earth? why? tell me in the comments
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