Ninah Dau Jul 10

se escuchan las carrozas
una pancarta en lo alto de una torre empresarial
se escuchan en la radio
entrevistas en el dominical

en la cola se comenta
que de pequeña siempre fue bella
con sus ojitos claros
de familia portuguesa

estudia y trabaja
en estos tiempos de guerra
sale a veces a escondidas
a luchar por su tierra

su cara se ve en cuan me gusta comparten
atrapada en una fotografía
qué linda se ve con la luz que refleja
y los celos arden

se escuchan los murmullos
de voces en mi cabeza
estamos en los mismos lugares
pero de ti irradia belleza

la luz me atraviesa
cual pulcro cristal
ves los detalles
y no salgo en la fotografía
sino entre líneas
y me escuchas llorar

Ninah Dau Jul 9

spirits as free as fire
bullets fierce and wild
dying children
singing wars athem

mothers praying
flags swiging
bright new graffities
same tired faces

we are young
and we sing
and we march
to the beating of the free spitit's heart

there is this dream
kissing our fingertips
a waving heat
growing within

fathers working
banners raising
radio speeches
models racing

we are young
and we don't know
is this okay
is this the way to go

we are young
and we are trying
there is a world beyond this barricade
and we stand for what is right

  Jul 5 Ninah Dau

I tried to count the number of
hate poems you have written
about me in just under one year,
but I lost track around ten.
I like to press on my bruised ego.

You sing this song about
a love like yours that won't fade--
not me and you, of course,
but ironically, the ex-fiance and you--
and how she made you want to believe.

Now there's new lyrics,
about how my God and yours may
go by different names (or no name at all)
but you're glad they willed us to meet--
I think you make me want to believe.

  Jul 5 Ninah Dau

She didn't leave to leave him,
She left to leave

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Ninah Dau Jul 5

i long for a place i have been in dreams

Hiraeth: is a Welsh word for which there is no direct English translation. The online Welsh-English dictionary of the University of Wales, Lampeter likens it to homesickness tinged with grief or sadness over the lost or departed.
Ninah Dau Jul 5

i knew i was changing
when cigarettes were no longer

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