Ninah Dau Jan 7

living is heavy
but wonderful too

Ninah Dau Jan 7

i still cannot paint you landscapes
for as most as i've tried.
beauty is, at times

nor can i sing for you properly
as my voice has an
uncanny habit of
falling flat

nor can i play songs for you
as my fingers tumble, tremble
at the thought of you
watching me

but i can brush the
knots out of your hair
and work the knots
out of your back
when your day has become
too much to bear

i've never been
good at much
but i will always be good
for you

Ninah Dau Jan 7

holding an ace of spades you leap from the empire state building
it's a very peculiar situation you've put yourself through
a good victim so you have reasons to hold onto nothingness

aren't you tired?

the fake scenarios are constant reminders: you can't trust yourself
such lack of judgement and confidence; it is true you've made a disaster

who are you trying to impress, darling?
what for?
has it worked?

it's so very easy to inspire pity, always so very lonely
face reality, you're just like any other bitter spoiled child
it is true in your life you will do things greater than sad love poetry
but how can you begin to do so when you keep saying sorry

aren't you tired?

it's all in capital letters

Ninah Dau Jan 7

no dejo de pensarte
y estás más presente en el pasado
y pasa una vida sin ti a mí lado.
¿Dónde está la felicidad que me prometiste?
No he podido encontrarla.
Escondiste ese mapa,
quizá porque
la única equis que marca
eres tú.

Ninah Dau Jan 7

this is the life
i dreamed
drown in poetry
so much truth floating around us
and i want more

Ninah Dau Dec 2017

how is it there where you are?
do the cars, trees and concrete flip by
like televsion channels
as they get forgotten by the press of a button
or the slow closing of your eyes
as you grow tired
of the still-life patterns
and the constant sounds of humans
interacting with machinery

how do you feel in the morning
when you wake up?
do the buildings speed up
in time with your music
do you smile at the bus driver
sit down with the holy anticipation
of getting up again
waiting to step down into the sunshine
of a brand new day

here where we are
we cover our scars and bruises with shitty band aids
that are covered in dirt, anyway
they're hidden.
we talk about you as we bite
the inside of our cheeks
hoping blood doesn't spill,
hoping your bruises heal

here where we are
a small quiet city of stars
there where you are
you light it up.

Ninah Dau Nov 2017

it is exquisite to love you
in the safety of secrecy
the erotism of intimacy
enjoying the sensation and closeness
of our bodies enmeshed
chest to chest
the soft sighs
of your shallow breathing
(or even stop breathing entirely).
the thrill of under-you me
so quite a new thing
magnificent sin
lost in lust
boundary lines melted
dripping on the sweet savour
of our love.

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