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Eno Mar 2017
It's taking a while
To admit
That nothing went wrong
I was just

And there's nothing else I can do
Or that I should

It's not me ....
It's you
Eno Mar 2017
I don't understand
How something can feel so right
only to disappear
Eno Sep 2013
If I could stop time
I’d stay right here
And lose myself in my mind for days.
Eno Dec 2013
In the depths of winter
Your body whispered
“It’s time to go”

If the wind blew that night it howled
If the stars shone they were dim
The thick fog let nothing out - nothing in
The house moaned in mourning, memories murmured through the walls
Bananas on toast
Five live radio
Money boxes full of pennies
Three generations had ran up the creaking stairs.

Suddenly, nothing stirred.

As morning came to announce
To the waking world
That you had taken your leave
The sun rose
And knew
The weight of itself

The robin sang alone
For no-one

And now the carpet had heart attack on it.
Eno Feb 24
I do not love you
Only my idea of who you could be
Which is like loving a picture
Of a person you’ll never meet
Eno Jan 2017
This idea of you and I
Holds so much promise
That I...
I dont even want to talk about it.

I don't want to climb to the top
Of my hopeful tree
And fall out of it

But I've seen the canopy now
Eno Dec 2017
If the sword were the only option.
You would be without your head sir.
And I, probably wouldn't have been the first to go for it.
It's simply a fact of life that you're a *******.
And I have a sneaky suspicion,
That you've always known it.

That your expectation
For people to bow down
and kiss the ring
To fluster their way through the crowd
To flatter you
Stems from that very place
Inside you that feels worthless.

But it does NOT give you permission
To try to tap into everyone elses
It is not, for you "Royal Sir" to decide
When it is someones time to suffer
Your God-complex?
Well, I wouldn't even bother.
It requires someone powerful not petty to pull that off.
You wouldn't know courage if it strung you up by your britches and left you crying hanging upside down in a grand old willow tree in the pouring rain.
If you had a choice to save your own skin or anothers
We all know the choice you would make.
You're a *******
And I'd like to dispose of you now.
I'm so beyond ready.
Just two more days... and you'll be out of my life.
Eno Dec 2016
Five years
Five long years it has been -

If someone asked me to draw your face
there are frown lines
and freckles
small wrinkles and crinkles around your eyes
some shades of your skin
that I would forget to trace on the paper
because I have forgotten

there are spaces

my memory cannot bring you back

five long years
Eno Nov 2015
From the day I started
on this new path
I have forgotten what it is to laugh
I do not remember how it felt
to dance around in the meadows
in the sun
and know peace in my heart
I carted myself off
to this "competition of life"
and I've barely started
and although they say that's the hardest part
I'm not sure I should be here at all.
Where are my people?
The 'ones' like me -
Not the ones that think they understand me
and let their dreams be drowned
their fears be found
their individuality be buried under the corporate ground.
Maybe these 'ones'
live in tribes in the south American jungles
or in the Artic of the Russian tundra
the one place I sure as **** can't see them
is from here.
The part that perturbs me the most
is the thought that these human ghosts I live with
used to be like me
and are ******* me into their hopeless vortex
where you cannot strive for happiness
but get what you're given
eat all your vegetables
stop thinking about the world
just do what your told
earn yourself some money
marry someone
have some children
I do not want to be like you.
Where are MY people?
Eno Aug 2013
i am a writer
and YOU are the destroyer
everything i create
can be crushed with a simple paperweight

i am a game and
YOU are the high roller
everyone i entice
can be ended by your turn of the dice

i am a flower
strangled by YOUR ****
an April shower
upon which YOU infest disease

but in your final hour
with me you shall plead

                   the only one.
Eno Nov 2014
A battered tree
Changed constantly
By winds
By rain
Grows green,
Carries leaves.
Then it begins to twist
And time makes a crooked vessel out of it
It bends away
From flowers
And sunshine
And struggles;
But holds life
In its very bowels nonetheless.
Summer will arise again
A faithful fleeting friend
Gifting each *****
Every nobble
Along the wasting wooden skin
With the beauty
Of renewal
Even after winter plunges it into darkness again.
Eno Jan 2018
Just being close
Can cause malfunction
I am robotic
When we share the same space
My programming
Has been invaded
By a bug
A bug called you.
Eno Jan 2015
When you cried
my heart struggled not to drown.
When you couldn't speak
your decibels made me weak.
Grasping you close
Trying to squeeze the sorrow out
I wished if there was a God
he would take pity now.

But he didn't
and he never will,

What you have
is us
and the strength
you possess in your very bones.
Time makes a crooked oak out of us all.
and friends are the softened grass on which you fall
Eno Dec 2016
The world has completely changed
Like it did when I was depressed
Like it does when anxiety hits me in the face and all reality bleeds out
But this time
For the first ever
It has changed because I am in love
Not with a person, not with an object, not even with an idea
But my life
I feel alive
And I love that fact
More than I can really understand
Or express with these words
Poems are reserved for confusing feelings and sadness
But I'm here writing
Is preserved for some rare fleeting moments
Yet it's been here for a while
Actual hope
Has set up camp in my heart
Put its feet up on the sofa and everything
Like it's ready to stay for a while
And my heart itself
Is so full
Has so many visitors
Some it is meeting for the first time
Like self-belief and respect
It beats with twice the strength
And I am finally at home
In this world
I am home
Eno Oct 2018
We ebb and flow
On the same
..     ..  ..
  ..  ..     ..
..   ..  ..     ..
Our waves lap upon one another
Sometimes more like a lover
Sometimes more like a brother
..     ..  ..
  ..  ..     ..
..   ..  ..     ..

The difference is
That I have journeyed
So far
To get here;
You have only just

And this is why
You’re not ready.

I must find the strength
To leave you
Dancing upon the oceans surface
On your own


For only then
In years to come
May we find each other
At the right time
And love what remains
Eno Sep 2018
7 lives
Some were breaking
Now riding the wave
Others were drowning
Now swimming up and away
There’s secrets cleaning the tables
Unanswered questions serving food
And I cannot comprehend the distance

Between me



We began in tandem
Building this great pyramid
A myriad of hope
Block by block
Carried by our journey to discover new lands
Off the shores of collective success
Some higher than others;
All in it.
With smiles
And parties
Tears and fears
Winding along and around
Working intensely
Loving concepts, people, food
It was just good business
They say...

3 years on
Time sweeps our intricate
Fast paced
Warped and winning
Bodies and brains
Under, once more,
The same old roof -
Oh my, how things have changed

Those men who were ringing the bells
Calling the shots
Trail scandals behind them
Like pieces of toilet paper
Still attached to their shiny, worn out shoes
Are we a pleasant reminder of a band of brothers in arms
A loyal family of resilient workers
Who played a note or two in your orchestrated dream?
Rather I fear
It’s much the opposite
Although we were greeted like old friends
With lopsided smiles of nostalgia
In the pit of my stomach
(The one you used to feed)
It just seemed like we were evidence of ghostly shame
An unwelcome reminder of a past which tried to swallow them up for dinner
A quiet embarrassment
That knew it did not deserve us
Like a lover who had tried to move on
When we’d decided to move in next door
Eno Dec 2013
I want to see you smile again
When you don’t realise I’m looking at you
And your lips creep up to your cheeks
And you laugh
And I’m so full from happiness
That I may burst like a piñata
Spilling all its sweets.
Eno Dec 2014
I returned
To the roads I used to call my own
To the house were my mother lives
Where the Range Rovers and the Ferrari's
are driven by their polluted owners
who give birth to pretension and vanity.
I returned
to the place that holds pain
with a high school that taught me
to be afraid of being different.
To the town filled with people
who saw me stumble and hide away,
confused by the multiple faces that resided in them.
I returned
with my friends
the ones who mended my fragmented vision of the world
with the glue of honesty and love and kindness
and I saw the stares but more amusing, the intrigue
of every nosey, bigoted man who barely recognised me.
In their absence I have found truth and confidence
I know who I am.
I have returned.
Eno Jul 2016
I admire the twinkle in your eye
Even when they said you're going to die

The changes you made in your life
Determined to survive

The creativity that pours out if you
Paint dripping down the canvas

The plans for your new book
And the one in case you don't get to finish it.
Eno Aug 2013

I've tried hiding,

but its omniscient,

I've changed into someone new
or at least I'm trying to

You have no right
to step over this line,
break an entry,
trespass upon my mind.

"but I am your insecurity " it says
"and I'm afraid you have ran out of time "
Eno Mar 2017
I have seen the whites of my eyes turn yellow
The hue of my skin turn grey
The beat of my heart slow,

I have the shakes
And with all my might
I clutch on to the banister
left foot
right foot
-  watch that hip!

I lose the tug of war with my energy every day
as it gets ****** out of me
by the hoover of life
     - its the next generation dyson
something ****** strong
that never stops
and I don't understand...

I notice the young people
running and smiling
and not caring
for the future

I look in the mirror
at my teeth
and my bones
my wrinkles
and crinkles
what a crooked, crooked smile

how did I get this old?
Eno Dec 2018
Love only helps
In so far
As it does not consume you
Watch, it will stretch out your life
It’s been proven.

But true love
Real love
When you would refuse
A life without them
Well, that’s not built for survival
At all

A life
Your love
Gives me
A deadline
Eno Jan 2015
The difference is worry
Worry used to be, vaguely
From my untrustworthy memory,
Rather fleeting and momentary
Now it’s a monkey on my back
A sloth that clings to my tired tree trunk of a body
Moving ever so slowly
That years go by until he finds his way to my feet
And I promptly walk away
Sometimes I feel he may drag me to the floor
Other times I wear him as an adornment
A tool to reach into other peoples emotions
To share and to heal them
But today
I am the tree trunk
Eno Jan 10
My obsession used to be
with unrequited love
I’d write about the dreariness
Of my unfulfilled life
For days
But I’m afraid now
I’ve lost all imagination
And I just think about death all day
Every day
I’m not at liberty
To dream anymore
Or want for anything better
All that I have
For as long
Eno Oct 2013
Hope! the last virtue in Pandora’s box
not because there was less of it than greed
hate and envy; it is the most evil
of them all, without hope we cannot fall
scrambling for broken pieces between
the tiny gaps in the beaten floorboards.
Hope has hurt like **** – created heaven
Where only dust and demons dwell, and yet
I am captivated by a hope, you,
Like a thousand rays of sunshine, reflect
off the ocean and into my eyes till
I, unable to run away turn blind.
Hope is my captor, the four walled prison
- Reminds me it’s time reality arisen.
Eno May 2017
Close your eyes
and watch your own life
in black and white,
scenes flicking by
like the pages of your book
have been blown by a strong wind

Close your eyes
and turn the projector on
the constructs of your mind,
for a three -sixty tour
of where you came from
and where you'll return no more

Close your eyes
and just recall
the rise and the fall
the struggle and the hustle
the success and the stress
the better truths
and the harsh realities.

You are still here.
You are still here.

And if you ever doubt
That you have come a long way
Just consult your A-Z of memory.
Eno Sep 2013
Wretched and hateful I tore you apart
As if you were fashioned from feathers, I
Could see only my twisted heart; not yours.
Not your midnight cries for help and for hope
Nor the emptiness that took you hostage
Not the burdens that sought to crush your bones.
Together we were very much alone.

Our shouting sometimes scared the walls, shook by
Our fighting, fists, fighting , fits, guilt, fear, pain
Yet still, I found the energy to wage more war
To forge an enemy, to blame misery
On the closest person whom I could bare
To look at in the mirror, in the eyes -
You - and still you continued to bleed love; it stained
Even the most violent language you spoke.

And I am sorry for all this, today.
Mother, I’m sorry it had to be this way.

Half a decade on and you joke that my horns have gone,
Replaced by wings that spread wide, you know why?
Because you taught me what love really IS.
Because you showed me, that love was not a prize nor a reward for being anything or anyone but your daughter, damaged as I was.
Because you worked long hours everyday and night when we did not have any money and you kept that roof over our heads and asked for nothing in return. You didn't even complain.
Because mentally battered, exhausted and bruised you would always make sure I had what I needed, that I was your priority.

You have loved me so much all these years, you have felt guilty about these times, as if you should have given me more stability.

But without your unconditional love I would not be.
I would not have survived
Mum, you are the only reason I am alive.

It wasn’t your fault that I wanted to die.
And after all these years,
                                             I think now, you finally understand that.
Eno Nov 2014
I want the ocean to wash me away
Carry me somewhere with trees and the light
Looking upwards the sun will shine
It will not be too bright.
Carry me to a stream where I can breathe
The birds will soar
And I will just flow
There will be peace
No sounds
Only the gentle water trickling
The birds chirping
The breeze
I will float with ease
For days dozing away
Eno Jan 2014
Here I sit. A shell.

I beg for something.
To bring back my joy.
I was once so happy to be alive
that I skipped down the road
and stretched out my hand
to feel every tree and hedge and wall.
I breathed
I was alive
and in love with the world.

But something has changed
and I can't find it
and I can't fix it

I am so empty
that I scuffle down the street
and I do not know if I make eye contact
with anything
I am not alive
though I am heavy
and alone in the world.

I wake up each morning to find
my life has lost its meaning all over again.
That the happiness I once dreamt of
was never meant for me.
Eno May 2015
The world is sporadic a great colourful mess drawn by a 4 year old child
I am surrounded by people but all I can think about is solitude,
The consoling company of my own mind
My body feels trapped between the wrong and the right
I can’t choose between a Twix and a Double Decker
The future stands on the street corner selling drugs, leering at me saying “yeah, what are you gonna do about it?”
The past creeps around leaving post-it notes of haunting quotes

And then, I write.
Eno Feb 24
Attention seekers
Do not care for you
They are addicts
Of their own inadequacies
They are compelled to run at what you love
In the belief they can become what you love
Attention seekers
Often wreak some havoc
In my life
I try to sidestep them
But extroverts like me
Entertaining company
So perhaps it’s my fault all along
Eno Feb 24
It feels like
You look at me
And see a finish post
A thoroughbred
Clearing hurdles
That you are too pathetic to attempt
Still you steal my paddock
You prance around
And around
The rider
And get him to choose you best
But darling
It only means you’re the best at performing
Like a pony
Eno Feb 2017
I think of you
now more than I ever did...
I think sometimes
when I sleep...
I only dream...
perhaps the shameful recesses of my brain
are trying to forgive you
are trying to forgive myself
are trying to forgive us for running our battered broken ship into the ground
for never being happy
and for never getting lost enough to be found

I remember when I told you I loved you
I don't think I believed it even then
But it just didn't matter at the time

It was a punishment which fit the crime
what you did to me
and what I

Farewell long lost lover of mine
I can only apologise with time.
Eno Jan 2018
I can see the creation of kingdoms in your eyes
The foundations of cities rising
Rivers running late into the night,
Suns setting and
Suns soaring
Streaking the sky
Pastel wallpaper
Stripped away
Revealing behind  
Sentimental pencil marks
The measurements of the kids
When they were growing up
It’s all there in your smile
So coy
And quietly charming
Draws in an army
Of wildly willing
Subservient soldiers
Loyal in my heart
But rightfully hidden
From a king who desires
Anything but worship
Eno Jul 2016
I wanted to write you a poem,
Because I know you're going to die soon
I know the words on your grave
Will be a short dreary tribute to your life
And the world will have lost
A little bit of its magic.

The magic that makes the soft wind,
Rustle the leaves of the trees
Like its speaking to it;
You were always that wind to me
I was always falling down.

Even in your illness,
Maybe more so in your illness
There's a strength, a magnanimity
Like a wise, old King.

But answer me this,
When your last words of wisdom have past,
When your heart cannot keep you afloat,
When we cannot help you to stand,
And the chemo has done more than enough.
What are your subjects to do?

Your guidance has made me who I am.
Eno Nov 2017
What intricate criss-crossing pathways of indeterminate mystery
Brings you here?

My old friend, I saw you look the other way at first, draped in the pretence of your own grandeur.

And you sat
Right next - to me

In what formula of double-helix-ed, red blooded chain reactions do we find ourselves back

In the same cauldron
On the number 8 bus.

Both headed to the station
I will not go unnoticed
like all those years before
I will not lie down in my shallow grave
(I've since planted a garden on it, anyway)

I want you to see me
In all my butterfly beauty
For the few minutes we have here

And you won't get it
Because you are a rock-pool in Blackpool
Whilst I've swam in the Mariana Trench

But I meet with the demons of my past
When I look into your eyes
Only to find
That despite
My death at such a young age
My re-birth has occurred
At a rapid rate
You and I
Are the same
Sat side by side
On the number 8.

And you don’t quite know what to do
Or what is best to say
But when I tell you what I do
I can sense you tasting something bitter in the air
I can hear the shock and the *******
Falling out of your mouth
Like a cacophony of road traffic accidents
And a swarm of dying bees

Welcome, my old friend
Welcome, to me.

I was never that far behind, really.
Eno Oct 2013
All the things that you should have done,
but you didn’t do.                                                                                                          
Are dancing in the air waving
Right in front of you.
And the one that you can’t love but you still do,
Walks into the room.
She smiles, oh that smile, it
Positively chokes you.
You can’t stay in this place, your
Heart is in a cage now.
One day maybe it will learn not to misbehave,
But I doubt it somehow.
You crave love like a prisoner craves his rights, like a suicidal
Takes his life.

All the things that you should have done,
But you didn’t do
She is standing,
Right in front of you.
But I can’t say those words. No I don’t want to hurt.
I can’t say those words.
And that’s all I ever learned, that’s all I ever learned.
Eno Aug 2013
You are a dying man and I am a procrastinator.

I will one day get round to feeling grief,
but in your presence I can do nothing but attempt to reciprocate the strength and positive energy that you have washed over me for these years.

So I hug you

like I always do

and we kiss on both cheeks

because we always do

and I make jokes
and try to make you laugh double the amount that you do for me ,

like we always do.

My eyes are light, my body language colourful and lively,
                                                                                     but I cannot meet the gaze of your eyes with the same                                       mixture of awe, contentment and warmth.

                      My poker face is mediocre; my tell is in the eyes.

                      But this is only a momentary malfunction; there is still business to be done.

I stared at the floor knowing it would remain,
long after you had taken leave of this world.
I imagined your moment as you took in the scene within your living room;

Your fiancé and your fifteen year old son engrossed in a debate,
your best friend and hers engaged in witty conversation

And I stood next to you hoping that your sensory perception would interpret this as peace and hope, positivity and vitality, the very same characteristics that you have inspired in everyone around you.

                                                     The Difference that you have made.

So maybe out of respect I stared at that floor,
allowing you this hypothetical feeling that I so wanted you to have.

But my subconscious seemed to find the connection between myself looking down and the very place I would have to visit you Soon .

                                                                 “Soon”, the doctors say.

Then I felt your eyes switch to where I so quietly stood and in the nervous panic of that second I smiled, and it was the saddest smile.

The type that fails to even make the lips curl upwards but merely returns them to a neutral horizontal line, as if the frown where too heavy to lift .

And you knew
                      that I knew  
                                          that you knew what I was thinking.

If we had been playing poker then, I would have folded and said have my money!
But alas, this is no game, there is no victor HERE.

But this was not a completely involuntary smile, it was the first acknowledgement from me to you of the deteriorating condition of yourself as a human body, and the loss of the world without your human mind.

Our relationship would change forever and then be gone.
Cease to Exist.

Some people die at 30 and are not buried until they are 70, but not you. You know the value of life and you refuse to allow it to side step you for other people who are less afraid of opportunities.

The only thing you ever feared was yourself, which seems so apt now.
Eno Mar 2017
I imagine that one day
We will meet for the first time

And if we do,
I don't think we'll recognise each other
Not from the cardboard-cut-out-pillow-talks;
The passing of our paper thin words
From years long gone by
Eno Aug 2013
How long till this flight comes crashing down
and do I take my baggage with me?
so I sink quicker when I'm drowning.
There’s no love or longing under the sea.

So I took my heart and drowned it
But the salt water lifted it afloat
So I took my opportunity and set sail
- Called it my boat.

Slowly it tired but inspired
The people that come and go
And I would tell them all the same
- I cant stay, I am not whole

I roamed the pacific where
A lonely island did I find
It needed me and I needed
My little piece of mind

She breathed into me
A fresh fountain of life
The forest was my family
The earth was my wife

But summer scorched and I watched
her blacken as she burned
Convinced there lied an enemy
Paranoid I turned

So I set up camp in a cove
The only place on the globe
That understands what time does
To a dark and battered soul.

Every night I would listen
As the waves spoke to me
Of a utopian vision
Where humans roam free

Perhaps there is a place in this world
with a harbour that knows my name
perhaps there is a person somewhere
who has a boat just the same.

But for now I will stay here
Where beauty tells no lies,
And it’s dangerous depths
I can see with my own eyes.
Eno Dec 2016
At the very base of human nature
Is the need to strive
To fight some kind of struggle
But I began to realise
That struggles do not need to hurt
That they are actually just challenges
And without challenges
Life is a boring, demoralising, horizon that goes on and on
And then you die
Challenges became something that would keep me alive
But I didn't want the painful ones anymore
The life ones that you're not in control of
They were going to happen anyway
I wanted to endeavour in a way that kept my soul tested but not in turmoil
There's no better way to do this
Than make that challenge your job
Your means of livelihood
It has me waking everyday
With a feeling of excitement and a hint of nervousness
And each day I achieve something
That in the morning
I never believed I could
Challenges are **** good
Eno Feb 24
Perhaps it’s not your jealousy but mine
I can’t bear that you spend time
With another more than me
As if hours are  
The recipe for attraction
I’ve spent 2 years of my hours on you
This trial and error period
Should be over
But like an automatic subscription
I’m still privy to your information
All your promotions
And customer reviews
All I ever wanted was you
Just you
And all you ever wanted was not
Not me
Eno Feb 24
I am not emotionally safe in this house
One seeks to punish or ignore me because I have the power to tear him down
Another competes with me like a **** for light, hungry for male attention
And then there’s you
The one I love in secret
Sometimes the agony
Is infuriating
And embarrassing
I’m boxed in
By more than these walls
Eno Jan 10
How are we not all in chaos rocking back and forth in dread?
Grabbing every little thing real and imagined and pulling it close to us?

Maybe we are -

It’s too hard to accept that
It will All get taken away from us
That Nothing will ever stay long enough
The world will constantly be running off with somebody Else
And you will never be quite Yourself
For very long

There will always be a

                     an end.
Eno Nov 2015
I think of you
and it reflects on me.

Less like a mirror
more like a slightly ***** puddle
that I happen to glance in as I cross the street.

You and I walk in very different shoes
with very different feet.

But sometimes, just sometimes
our brainwaves meet.

And for fleeting moments
whether everything you say are lies and deceit
you inject some dopamine into me
you find the balloon pump and stick it into my shrivelled heart
give it a few bursts
it wakes me up.

I realise I am alive again

and when all is quiet and I am alone
I realise how I sleep in the daytime, with my eyes wide open
waiting for you to say something
in the hope you can help me to breathe freely once more.
Eno Nov 2015
Sometimes we make our own prisons
We are both inmate and guard.

And alone, we can carry on, chained
Until we walk past a mirror
or someone puts it in our face -
And our dual nationality is revealed.

The dying, lifeless, sad, bad inmate
so deeply connected
to the severe, strong, desensitised  guard.
Both keep each other in check.

You can choose to feel helpless,
let the blood drain out of your cheeks
out of your heart
as the world loses all its colour
and becomes a shade, that's always dark.

Then you snap and decide to take control
but the inmate taunts you
reminds you of the truth
and so anger rises out of the hairs on your arms
as your skin becomes concrete and nothing really ever gets in.

Which way you want it.
You are alone.
And the more these characters exist in you
the further away everything else becomes
you're losing touch -
but then you remember
there is no true reality anyway
and life is an illusion
so what does it matter
if your head were to splatter on the floor?

The world keeps spinning
but why
what for?

I'm struggling to see the point anymore
from my homemade prison door.
Eno May 2017
You can watch where you step
to avoid the cobwebs

You can keep a glass close by
ready to trap spiders

You can open your window wide
and hope they may never stay -

But remember,
whatever you choose
that when summer comes,
they will keep the flies away.
Eno Feb 24
Can I
Out cold
Burn with
It fills.
My gut
To the brim.
Eno Nov 2014
On the cusp of two worlds I find myself
As ever; betwixt the bricks and the clouds
If I am to stay are my dreams more than clay?
But to venture will I lose the life I’ve made?
I want neither but both;
Perhaps you grow only when you don’t know;
Taming a river, when its course flows
With or without a reason, a home
Is an invention of our conscious mind,
And our conscious mind alone.
Then again I may find myself swept to sea
And in the maelstrom I will contend then
That I should have acted with courage more
Than the fateless hand which I portend.
Here I face again the wheel I have spun
The soup of my mind stirs to no conclusion.
In desperate necessity I must choose
To glean the opportunities that come
And hope the wind blows away the leaves
Under which remains my future path
Where my heart will leap or grieve.
Eno Nov 2017
Does not need a guise
Just add opportunity

and stir....
for 3 minutes.

Flourishes in all shapes and size
You better recognise it

and hold tight...
to your spirit.

You lurk in the daylight
Insecure at all hours

To clench control.

of some glimmer
charm, hope
in somebody else's eye.

Well, you can't have mine.

No, you can't have mine.
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