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Wanting you has left my soul suffocating...
Never realizing the length I would go to please you.. guilty by submission..becoming submissive inspite of me not belonging to you..pleasing you always came first..but for you its say you prefer natural hair...I grew locs in spite of my free spirit that leads me to do a big chop annually...because to me that's me removing all the bad reminders...but for you I made that scarfice..inspite of you wanting H.E.R .....blemished skin...scars of heartache and pain...proclaiming you prefer naturally flawed..over  this mac bottle that makes me feel completely irresistible because unlike other things it hides scars of what made me who I am...but for you I allow this bottle to go untampered with..unlike my heart always being tampered with...but constantly on your mind.. never taking a moment to realize me putting you first...your only thoughts is of to please and cater to H.E.R every desire...and need... "she has potential to make you happy"...when it's me that constantly strive to make you happy...consistantly taking you in deep until my muscles become weak...I can't compete...because even though I get on my knees and **** you deep...I'm still not H.E.R...and just because I made you ***** in one of your many random fear of pro life with M.E because its H.E.R you desire..I've allowed my soul to weep...because by next week I'll be back in your sheets... giving you all of a piece of prime meat..enough of me to fill what makes you weakkk..never understanding you want me mentally but her psychically...but she doesn't want you you imagine H.e.r while doing M.e?  I'm done with never being enough... but always too much for you...let her learn or care to know that you like a person that're a closed book..that pays attention to vivid do from the heart with happiness as a form of payment...liking your women of somewhat of a variety but not too much of a variety because if you lived in a world of H.E.R.'s you would be completely satisfied because her outer is what sets your soul on fire...allowing yourself to linger on what little she's gives because she's da bomb in everyway..bomb enough for you to hurt the feelings of someone that would've given you the world..but because my **** ain't "perky" and I'm not a size 8 my validation..means nothing....being super thick is more superficial..I'm self reliant..thick in all the right places..constantly loving you in all the wrong places....I'm not H.E.R I am M.E....My Everything on repeat...repent at my feet because my heart has always been on have made me weak...we haven't spoken in weeks...
Love yourself first
Unofficially the love warrior
Locked jaw..inner locked hearts..
Exchanging pain..enduring smiles
Meaningless thoughts
Fading.. as I pull deeper..
What ...have ...I ...come be..
Love warrior
Spread...and conquer
Divide only to reignite...
Shots to the heart...close blank range..
Too Close for comfort
Never comfortable in self
Destruction... intolerable to the unforeseen to the forsaken eye..
Tip toe around passion..French kiss guilt
Intellectual passionately strokes my love warrior soul..war is an uproar of and never being logical..
Warmth with your sweet grace....bless my inner being for loving is always a warrior when attached to something so superficial, self reliance leads to deprivation..loving me takes a warrior.. I break you down only to uplift with greatness that overflow in the fountain of defeat..slowly losing...dying to to is killing me ...warrior  spirit never letting secretly unfolding times of the essence of being the love warrior..
Closet freak..
As the lust in my eye turns into pure fantasies of how I want me on you in the most compromising positions...
Stroke game on repeat as these walls begin to beat on your meat...
Eyes closed because no witness to confess this sticky mess..our souls is on fire and this love making has turn into a straight **** fest...
Faster as my emotions begin to cloud my better judgement...**** it...i want you..
Is an UNDERSTATEMENT..let's see if you can keep up...
Under me...Is how you're gonna be...
stat is how I'm cumm'n
E..every inch touching my deepest spots seeing you hitting it from da back..this is ***..straight ****** on a new level.
Pull my locs as I **** your **** maybe you'll pop as I look in your eyes because you and I both know what this mouth can and will do for you..**** my pain away...hips rocking ...and they say a big girl couldnt keep up...well they cant compete with an arch like this...make em weak at each say my name..because you're all mines..on a new level confession of a closet freak!
Compete for the constant downward spiral of this....
Chaos of what my life I mean love has to offer..having such...
Charisma should be a crime..cardiac complications from that...
Charm...choking..cutting..cultivating my everything thought of simply
Caring for you to love me but your
Condescending ways only allow you to love in that moment never
Catching all the hints...simple text...the dreamy gaze of the thought of US...
Controlling every action and trying to stay grounded to all morals and values and remain...
Content until the heart is..
Contain with such...
Compassion...compromise your
Complete being for what? To completely
Console...who me? A....
Champion in my own sick twisted....
Contaminated thoughts of us only to
Coexist but to never exist or
Continue to cannot....
My *** drive stays on a thousand..
I find hair pulling, neck ******* to be very fulfilling....the harder you pull...the more my ocean send waves of pure and sluty pleasures thru my body...almost like it's in my blood to be stroked until I become a she-devil...rough play introduced by yours truly...whips..and chains couldn't contain this ****** I want to put on you...the shy me resist the urge to straddle you and give you my fear of you not being able to understand that yours truly is a freak...don't hold back...give me your all... because in about 3 more flicks of that delightful tongue of yours... yours truly will be pulling your hair..arched back...hips rocking..lip muffle the need to call your a low key safe word... ******* me...let's play out all my ***** fantasies... choking me with each stroke... because the real freaks know that choking intensify everything... have no mercy on my sweet spot...because I came to you have now realized I can keep this behavior up for hours...which turn into days... because we both know now we ****** with some inner freaks...I don't want the standard ***... I like everything extraordinary even my *******.... Give me your inner **** star and I promise yours truly will turn that person out...**** standards...I make my own **** me til I *** table..wall...sofa....just to name a few...can be our meet up spot..find the time...I'll lubrication in this freak bag of pleasure... Me is all the **** you'll ever need! Yours truly is a freak that's been unleashed...
I've loved you unconditionally.
Love without limitations..
But strange your love for me has many stipulations...and always comes with a finger my many flaws...
Overweight..blemished skin.. stretch marks..oversized arms...never a comment on how my obese my heart is.. flowing with nothing but love...for a human that has never fully loved me the way I do you...I will never be fact she could never be me..and it could never be an us because of the limitations that has been placed on what we could've had.
Love yourself firstly.
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