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Nikki Nikos Feb 14
Love to love, smile to smile
I can't help it. Getting carried away is easy.
I'm older, but not wiser
Cynical but not narcissistic.
Idealistic but not optimistic
Deceptively simple, some say.

We're falling through the sky
like raindrop tears that adorn my window...
we are endless, shapeless
a feeling... an emotion... a premonition
we are everything and nothing at once.
Nikki Nikos Feb 14
eyes that attract, hearts that collide,
words like honey... they all Shine like glitter.

Smile with intention, with purpose...
irresistible like chocolate, like that addiction you can't
get rid
I can't seem

from biting into that sweetness.
from falling into the depths of you
from entering a route that will
bring disaster at

The End.
Nikki Nikos Nov 2020
If death was a friend...
I'd tell it to stop making me cry.
I'd tell it to stop making the faucet
inside me run and run like a waterfall.

If death were a friend to me,
I'd tell it to stop taking away those that I love.
I'd tell it to find someone else to bother.

If death were a friend,
I'd tell it to stop pulling my heartstrings
making my heart twinge and twist
as if a knife were stabbing me.
I'd tell it to stop bullying me,
I'd beg for it to leave me alone.

But it persists,
looming over me each night
like the nightmares that cling to me like a blanket.
a blanket of despair, of sleepless nights
of sadness that can't be quelled.

The impatience runs and death waits patiently,
waiting as it whispers to me
the chilling words that wake me up:

"I'm not done yet."
Nikki Nikos Oct 2020
Tattoos are permanent reminders
of what you choose.
of your past self,
the ink imprinted into you
like the kiss of a lover.

They cannot be removed.
They cannot be changed or forgotten.

So... if that's the case,
Would every person
that I meet
become one too?

Does that mean that once I met you...
that you've imprinted yourself
on my skin forever?
Does that mean that the heartbreak
you caused me is also there,
forever etched onto my skin
as a reminder of what you did to me?
Nikki Nikos Oct 2020
there's a small pocket...
could be in my sweater,
my mind or my heart.
It doesn't matter where.

All you need to know
is that in the pocket
all my memories of you
are stored there.

The best part is that
I can always look back on them
because they're good memories...
even if it reminds me
of how far away we are.

The saddest part is...
I can also remember the bad moments
when my heart broke,
when you made it into
Nikki Nikos Oct 2020
La candela, the candle
of Hope and Fear,
your heart guarded, but longing...
to set your heart aflame.

it flames, it flickers,
your touch like sparks, igniting everything.
My smile, bright like glitter,
like the stars in a midnight sky.

Sweet words, sweet smile,
sweet compliments like candy
making me melt like butter and
we're moths drawn to the flame.

our connection, yearning for
that same hope that shines in the midnight sky.
La candela, the last reminder
of the last hope we have.

So, why don't we burn together?
If anyone has read Aurora Burning, you'll recognize the last words ;)
Nikki Nikos Sep 2020
Your words,
speak to my soul.

Your personality,
is making me fall for you.

Your smile,
makes me smile.

Do you know what I think?
usually, you do,
but whenever you can't...

Read my lips and you'll
find out what I want.
A little inspiration from Inna's new song "read my lips" with Farina
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