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Nikki Dec 2015
‪I was sitting next to her,
Watching her sleep.
Her serene,smooth slumber
had an unearthly calmness.
Furrowed brows,flared nostrils,uneasy tossings..
Not even a single crease on her forehead.
Instead,her lips were crooked upwards,
Smile of satisfaction
Like she didn't want anything.
She was happy.
She was complacent.
Her placid sleep had even influenced the environment of that room.
That still sedate surrounding
had a peaceful silence,
a sonorous silence.
Not even a single wave of
tension can be felt.
That composed quietness
was relaxing my mind,
slowing my beats,
so that it wouldn't destroy that amicable view.
I was just staring at her
trying to take in the beauty of that moment
every single gesture,
every single feature,
of that moment.
Her untouched circle of tranquility,
that peaceful surrounding,
that brilliant white quilt o'er her,like a cloud covering my moon.
Her silky smooth silvery skin,
her perfect jaw line,
her shiny black hair,
It was all so beautiful.
She was so beautiful.
When I had an urge to touch her,
to feel her,
to feel that composure,
that harmony,
but i was afraid.....
Afraid of disturbing her imperturbable kingdom.
Afraid of breaking her self-collected,
sober circle of harmony.
But that need to touch her,
was bigger than my fears.
I entered her self-possessed kingdom,
touched her cheeks,
with as low pressure as i could apply.
Still,she twitched,
I pulled.......
my hands back to myself.
My heartbeats were fast,
like a machine gun.
Penetrating her circle,
disturbing the calmness.
I moved away from her,slightly.
I was scared,
Her quiescent circle was broken,
which was untouched,
even by the worldly chaos.
I made a hole in that.
"I am a sinner"
I was thinking....
I was so restless.
I looked at her.
She was so calm.
She had regained her untroublesome,
dispassionate composure,
and was smiling,
trying to comfort me,
asking me to calm down........
and watch that heavenly peace.
I laid beside her
and watched her sleep...
I don't know for whom i wrote just came up to my mind...and ya,suggest a title guys....I can't think of any suitable one
Nikki Oct 2015
Dear daddy,
I always wanted to say that
'How much better I feel,
When I'm around you..
How much secure I feel,
Under your shade...
I love the way you care
The lessons you share
You taught me to live,
To give,
To forgive,
You made me strong
Right from the start
You made me learn
to think always by heart
And I really thank you for this....'
But I can't..
All that come out is just a Hisss...
But one thing is certain
I may find my prince charming
But you'll always be my KING....
Written a year ago
  Oct 2015 Nikki
AnnSura Moon
I’m great, fine, spectacular
In a way I relish every night and I live every day.
I live, I laugh, I write, I sing.
I wonder what the new days will bring.
Then I get home,
And almost impossible task,
Is finally over,
And so I lie down and wait patiently for the day
That I die.
I cry, I scream, I bowl and sleep,
Even though I have promises to keep
I wait, and wonder, and cry some more
And I ache and burn from my every core.
Then, I’m not alone and the mask reappears:
Out goes the grief, pain and all the tears.
As I am a happy person,
Cheerful all the day
A world full of rainbows,
Not one shade of grey
Of course I’m not okay
I’m not fine
No matter how much I seem to shine
                           I don’t even know why I feel this                          
Why my existence is one long, endless abyss
But it is, and will be, so I cling to life,
As one day I might slip
And end with a knife.
But, I’m still here
No matter what my dreams may say
And I hope that one day
I will actually be okay.
Nikki Oct 2015
Nothing lasts forever,the sun has to set
The moon will rise,water will become alive....
  Oct 2015 Nikki
One is in love,
While the other one lies,
The two kiss,
Saying the same they reply,
"I love you."

One loves wholeheartedly,
The other one lies,
Together they stay,
side by side.

One starts to break,
The other one cries,
Realizing everything,
It all was a lie.

Ones heart breaks,
The other carries on,
They knew one thing,
It would never last long.

One has forgotten,
The other still pines,
They'll never see each other,
They were of different kinds.
  Oct 2015 Nikki
Sasha Ranganath
you traced over my skin
and i was so caught up
in trying to understand
the patterns you made
that i didn't realize
the gashes you left.
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