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Isaac Godfrey Jan 24
The blistering cold freezes the ground we stand upon,
the mud we protect with our lives,
as we stand beside the front line as the monotone winds
pierce soulless faces like knives,
behind the mask, we soldiers are crying,
we fight with our lives because inside we're dying.
The death of myself shan't cause effect, nor stir,
come back a husk of the man you once were,
the slaughter of one is a tragedy, as Stalin said;
but the massacre of millions is just a few more dead.

We spend our last dying moments in a filthy hole,
knowing our efforts had no meaning,
maybe death isn't the absence of life but saying goodbye,
aware of the waste of the bleeding, and screaming,
the bullets that hit us, lose our blood,
but the bullets we send lose our minds,
we sacrifice our forgotten pride for the humility of the state,
the motive long left behind.
You shan't die from the pierce of lead,
for you die the moment you start fighting,
you bleed out and merely become a statistic,
counted with the costs and explosives ignited.
Do we Die the moment we start fighting?
"Every time you drop a bomb, you **** the God your Child has born"
~Serj Tankian, "Boom!"
Isaac Godfrey Jul 2018
Aunt, Dì có
has a bat, Một con dơi
Dì có một con dơi.

She keeps it, Cô ấy giữ nó
In her coat, Trong áo khoác,
When she goes walking.
Cô ấy giữ nó trong áo khoác
When she, Khi cô ấy
Goes walking, đi bộ
khi cô ấy đi bộ

Aunt has a bat, she keeps it in her coat when she goes walking.
Dì có một con dơi, Cô ấy giữ nó trong áo khoác khi cô ấy đi bộ.
This poem doesn't particularly mean anything, it is written in Vietnamese which I personally believe can be very poetic as the 'common' words tend to be short but when compiled into sentences build up a rhythm. I'm honestly not too sure where I got this idea from.
Isaac Godfrey Dec 2017
The Warden announces; as the Diseased children cower in fear,
The mother stands beside the Warden.
"Evy'body remain calm, The Plague doc'or is 'ere!"

May God forbid; That you ever see that Mask,
Those cloaks, those masks,
those herbs and flasks...

It creeps towards the children; Looming in the silence.
equipped with little mind for medicine, a cane for violence.

Those soulless eyes,
the Putridly herbal aroma close, they despise,
but this masked creature ignores their cries.
The warden feeding mother Lies.

Dimly lit the cold room,
the pungent fume,
''I'll leave 'im to it"

The warden leaves.
but the Doctor stays and silently breathes.
Question on the matter if this Doctor's even Sane,
As it stares upon the child then whips him with the cane.
No Law defies,
the Mother Cries.

Pulling out it's Vials of  vial Herbs, this Freak,
Staring coldly around the silent room, pointing everywhere, it's beak.

It passes the two Children pouches of leaves; Mother grieving,
everybody remain Calm, The Plague Doctor is leaving!
A Grieving Family of a Mother and two Children are visited by the plague Doctor.
Isaac Godfrey Oct 2017
Burgundy chest, leather in texture,
rimmed in 6 Carat gold.
Hidden away,
Day after Day,
incredible value,
but never sold.
Burgundy box, like crocodile hide,
sat on the shelf for years.
Little to no context,
with Unknown Contents,
Hiding away all our fears.

Mysterious object, Haunted Box,
coated in dust and numerous locks.
If you hide it away,
still it will stay,
and don't blame me if you hear knocks.

If your worries were in a chest,
they'd still be there and you'd never rest.
Still they would beckon,
{or so I shall reckon}
and continuously remain a pest.
If you were to hide all your worries within a chest,
and simply leave them there, they would never truly leave you.

Sometimes Hiding isn't a way to resolve fears.
Isaac Godfrey Oct 2017
Because it comes by chance, some luck is a gift,
A rolling dice will dance in the cosmic abyss,
Even very seldom will your blessing have sample,
begging for your better days to take a gamble.
you can bet it all and lose all your pay,
and the ticking time-watch wastes it all away.
Isaac Godfrey Oct 2017
Stand by Bus-stop, Lights go by,

  Bus don't come, stay- wonder why,

    Man shows up, storm begins,

      Bus comes late; misfortune wins,

        Black and White, Grey in stain,

          Man will disappear again,

       Bus never arrives, sky goes pale,

     Sun goes right but to no avail.
   Stranger returns, so does rain

Late for Meeting, Late again.
A flexible Poem, depending on how you read it, it can span over the course of 1  to 5 days and have 1 - 3 anonymous non-described characters. It can also be read as a story or a metaphorical narrative, dependant on your preference.
Isaac Godfrey Aug 2017
The Man was at the tavern at 08:30, 13th February, 1929
Flatcap on, and average but he couldn't help but notice the Men behind him dressed so fine.
See, for the booth behind held 7 men with 7 glasses of blood red wine,
But what were the men doing on the day before Valentine?

Did he know that those shadows concealed scars upon the leader's face?
and did he know for certain it was a Violin in that Violin case?
Thought the Flatcapped man as he held a half-empty pint of beer,
that these suited men in question, are suited men he should fear?
He knew that these men hid secrets.  Secrets he wouldn't dare try find.
But he knew most of all the leader had sorts of plotting scattered in this mind.
15th of February, 1929 and the Flatcap Man returns to the Bar,
He stands nearby the taps and looks around ~ he's the only one here so far.
The guy sits down and adjusts his cap, then orders a pint and pulls out the Friday news,
He remembers that he saw men on the 13th, and thought the men he saw were certainly shady, and what he sees on the papers proves...
14th February, 2 gangs take control of organized crimes in charcoal jackets and pressed fedora hats,
The south side Italians clash with the Irish-Americans, then invite Egan's Rats.
7 Men found dead in Chicago, shot and squashed like bugs,
But that is how all ends, if your life is in the hands of Notorious thugs,
All 7 Men found with bullets in their head,
few of them with broken bones and a heart pierced by Lead.
Of course this massacre was for everyone to hear,
and anyone who heard, it was definite they'd fear.
A narrative writing about the Valentine's Massacre, a shooting lead by notorious criminal boss, Al Capone.
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