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Mohamad Hidayat Jan 2016
All the places where I have been
And the rest of this world to be seen
But deep down i felt something is missing
I guess I'm far away from home tonight
Holding you in my arms are the thing i miss the most
I wish you can wait from me to come back
Because I can't deny
I'm far away from home tonight
Mohamad Hidayat Nov 2015
It was a heartbreaking sight.The overcast sky darkened,blocking out the moon's vibrant rays & my heart sank deeper.
Mohamad Hidayat Nov 2015
Is it a dream
You dissappears into the thin air
Or into the deep ocean
Yours alright is a free
Yours goodnight keeps me awake
Where are you
The sky is so high
The ocean is so furious
The clue is not obvious
The knowledge is there
The technology is everywhere
The tears have dried
But the hope is high
Where are you
The search continues
The prayers is endless
Mistery is the will
If silence is your choice
Let it be a history
And you will always be remembered

— The End —