Kesha 1d

I tried to forgive,
I tried to forget.

But how does one forget
The way your fists
Pummeled me like a ton of


The way the bruises
Decorated my face
Like I had painted myself


The way you held the knife
To my stomach,
So sure of yourself that
You could do it,
But you never did


Though the hunger in your eyes
Never died that night,
Even when you cried
And told me how sorry you were.

But how can one do that
& then apologize


A raw & emotional piece, domestic abuse happens around us all the time but we never confront it, sometimes we even think it's okay! As if the person had done something to deserve it! Anyways, here's a piece on it
Kesha 3d

Three weeks have passed
Since I last saw your face,
Couldn't see your pain,
But I heard your heart


You left town that same day,
Packed a suitcase
And drove away,
Had your window up the whole


I saw your eyes
In the sockets of
A local cashier,
The girl you said
Who couldn't comprehend


She flashed a smile,
And lit up the room,
Or so I heard,
All I could think of was


Who walked away,
As if it wasn't the breath
In my lungs that gave you


As if it wasn't the calluses
On my hands that molded
Everything in which you have


I swam in the ocean of your eyes,
I lived behind the walls of your


I saw your silhouette on the pavement
the other day,
But it did not pain me to remember,
It did not leave me gasping for air,
Like it did that first


My hands no longer ache
For your presence,
My eyes no longer search
For your features because


I was not born to drown.

Sorry I haven't been writing, finally wrote a new piece, this one, hope you like it.
Kesha 7d

The drone of the commercial plays in the background.

The loud screaming becomes a dull hum.

Her gulf sized tears
Tear down her cheeks.

Her voice now hoarse

C r a c k s

As she speaks.

"Why me?
Why now?

She blows her nose
Into her sleeve.

The depression slams into her
And knocks her off her feet.

She can't stop the flow
Of the tears.

She can't catch herself,
Theoretically and literally.

A mischievous man,
An awful liar,
A terrible lover.

Why must you spin these lies?
Why must you weave these words?


An oppression
Who forces you into yourself,
Convinces you nobody cares,
Tells you that you're no good.

Please just stop
The screaming in her head.


How we hate you so.


Just leave her


Been in one of those moods lately. Sorry for not writing anything, for not posting. This isn't even a new piece, one of my older ones. Hope you enjoy it and I hope you aren't able to relate to this.
Kesha Aug 4

I'm sorry,
My unknown lover.

I didn't mean to leave you
With all of these broken pieces,
With a lesser version of myself.

I tried to put myself together
But only hurt myself in the process.

I'm sorry,
My unknown lover
But all I have are

tired eyes
& worn skin
to offer to you.

I tried to let go,
I tried to guard myself.

I wanted to lay my heart down,
With needle and thread in my palms
I offer myself to you;

My unknown lover,
to sew me back together,
& pry the sundew
out from under my skin.

So be gentle,
& be kind,
I am too fragile
to hold myself together
on my own.

I don't know what to say,
Except sorry my unknown lover,
For having dirt crusted onto
the bottoms of my feet,
& bruises on legs,
Scattered with scars
On my heart
From lovers past.

I'd trade it all for you,
If you promised to care for me,
If you promised to stay for a while;

My unknown lover.

Ramblings of nonsense.
Kesha Aug 3

Silver tongued words,
Danced around my head.

Ice cold love
Halted my heart.

Your lips caressed
My heaving chest.

Your ocean eyes
Burned into mine.

I lost myself in you,
And it's getting harder to breathe.

Your fragile fingers
Traced along my
Broken body.

Your sharp words
Sliced through my
Aging lungs.

I used to believe
That the sun rised in your eyes,
That the moon resided in your ribcage.

I've come to learn that neither
Of those are true,
That your ocean eyes
Only fed me lies.

That tulips do not grow under your skin,
That daisies do not rise under your feet.

You are mortal,
You are normal,
You are nothing special
After all the pain you caused


You are just like

the rest of us..

Random scribbles, nothing special really. Hope you still enjoy however. Slightly inspired by the song "ocean eyes" by Billie Eilish
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