Kesha 13h

The song of the piano
Travels up the stairs,
I wake at 5 with a smile
On my lips.

Hearing him hum a tune
He once wrote for me.

As I tiptoe quietly,
Catching sight of him.

At peace with the sound of his fingers
Dancing with the keys,
He catches me and begins singing
the song of my heart,
the harmony of our love.

His smile brightens the room,
He puts sunny days to shame,
His heartbeat is my home.

In that rugged voice of his,
He whispers my name,


He has become my muse.

Kesha 22h

I hope you wake up
at five o'clock
in the morning
with me on your mind.

I hope your eyes wake up
missing my printed words
at seven o'clock
in the morning.

Honey, sometimes
at eight o'clock
in the morning
on my drive home
I find myself,

Begging you to wake up,
Begging you to speak to me.

& even though I know
I won't hear from you
for a few more hours,
I can't help
but sit there

and wait

A raw and short piece
Kesha 1d

I once “dated” a guy
For a day,
I don’t think I’d call it date
As nothing ever came of it.

We went for a walk and chatted,
He started talking
& for some reason he couldn’t stop.

He made plans for the future,
An apartment,
A set number of children.

My mind started swirling,
My heart went into a panic.

Who is this guy?
For all he knows,
I could be a serial killer!

I could lead him back to my apartment
& start a human stew!
He’d be none the wiser
As he was infatuated with me.

I looked him in the eye,
I forgot to mention he was blind
On the right side.

So I looked him in the eye
And crushed his dreams,
I told him

“Hey man,
You gotta kick rocks,
You’re talking all this nonsense,
To a girl you just met,
I could be a murderer
Or a rapist!”

You would never have guessed what he said!

He looked at me and said
“Girl, I’ve got your face on repeat in my head,
I don’t care if you take me to bed,
Hell you could even put my head
On a platter and serve it with bread!”

I cracked a smile,
& forced a chuckle.

What an odd thing to say,
Needless to say,
That was the last time
Anybody ever heard from

Crazy Dave

Tried my hand at some humorous poetry, a strange experiance I must say.
Kesha 1d

It’s 3 am
& I can’t get your words
to leave my thoughts.

Everything you said,
Still echoes in my head.

Your face
Constantly makes
my heart race.

My fingers always tangle
As they try to recall
What it was I was going to say.

What it was I wanted to tell you.

My fine sir,
You’ve got me feeling some sort of way,
A way I haven’t felt in some time,
And I know I shouldn’t say this.

But 3 am is useless if I can’t confess
to you what it is that you do.

You calm the storm that’s brewing inside me,
Just a touch of your charm takes control of me.

I can’t help but admire,
The way you talk.

Life in a small town
And some southern love.

Swept off my feet
By your rugged looks,
You have me yearning
For a life I never knew
That I wanted.

Dressed in your favorite jeans,
Paired with your favorite cowboy boots,
And a wide-brimmed western hat.

A cowboy’s life
Seems to be calling to me.

Soft spoken words,
From a cowboy’s mouth,
Has me feeling some sort of way.

Kesha 3d

Plant me in your chest,
Sow my love into your skin.

Water me until I grow.

Love me with
Your eyes of emerald
And hair of gold.

Resting my eyes next to you,
Hearing you breathe beside me,
Eyelids fluttering,
Chest rising.

My darling,
How can I describe a love,
I'm not even sure of?

Leave my sanity at the door,
Leave my heart in your hands.

How can I not miss you at 4AM
When I'm drunk on whiskey
And all alone.

But darling,
I miss you the most at 5PM
When I'm eating dinner
In my apartment
All alone again.

I can't bear to be without you.

I can't bear to lose myself in you,


Took me forever to write this one, so hopefully it was worth it.

He made me feel wanted,
He made me feel loved.
He kissed my bruises,
He caressed my scars.

She made me feel needed,
She helped me give love.
She held me tight,
She loved me great.

We loved strongly,
In the end we broke.
Underneath all that love,
Was a cracked glass.

He made her feel lost,
He made her feel weak.
Never apologizes,
Never accepts.

She made him feel evil,
She made him feel bad.
Always crying,
Never telling why.

They both were destructive,
Both were insecure.
They were both hurting,
But none wanted to leave.

Kesha 4d

At the ripe, young
age of twenty-one

her soul grew old,
her body tired,
and her mind,

No longer able
to find the will
to live.

No longer able
to find the strength
to stand...
to continue to

How was she supposed
to remain alive?

When she couldn't even
find it in herself
to love who she is?

How was she supposed to
expect someone else to
love her?

Because when the
night envelopes her mind,
and the darkness
consumes her thoughts,
all she wanted was to


and all day long
she feels so small,
living a life she
didn't even really want.

a life she doesn't
even deserve

The tears brim
over her eyes,
the thoughts take
over her head.

All she wants is
to disappear,
to runaway,
just to be


because in the truth
of it all.

he no longer kisses
her tired limbs

he no longer misses
her wandering tongue

and she knows what it means...

the pang in her heart
speaks for itself...

the closed eyes,
the quiet mouth.

she knows
in her gut.

she can feel it deep down
and maybe that's why
she wishes to be gone..

he's moved onto someone new


she's still holding on.

An older piece of mine, hope you like it!
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