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I woke up this morning and I cried.
Mom, my dream was terrible, you died;
Echoes of mourning subside, tears dry.
Why won’t dying dreams leave my bedside?

This is one of many dying dreams.
Always people I love most, it seems.
Leaving me unraveled at the seams.
The worst is when I hear their screams.

I don’t know why this happens to me.
Could it just be my anxiety?
I’m tired of my mind’s ****** spree.
Please, God, somebody, let me be free.
 Feb 2018 Nicole Levy
I’m happy
(I’m depressed)

I love myself
(I hate myself)

I can’t wait to live my life
(I can’t wait to die)

I am lucky to have my friends
(why do they even like me?)

I have a family who loves me
(and I continue to disappoint them)

I am an excellent student
(I can’t focus in school)

I want to travel the world
(will I even live to do that?)

I’m fine
(I’m not fine)

I’m perfectly okay
(please help me)
so happy
so happ
so hap
so ha
so h
edit: thank you for all your feedback, it is nice to hear support as well!

— The End —