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21.0k · Nov 2012
Rejection infection.
Nickols Nov 2012
A bleak motive, turning in a black backwards motion.
Fluent in rushing, pursuant in the crushing.
Ebony wood, the serenity compared to the knife.
A stifling recollection, within the house of corrections.
Was it a natural selection, gazing within the angel's reflection?
Garbed in white, and in her conviction.

A change of direction, now...

The resurrection of our mutual affection,
Was it over protection, or was it just mental rejection?
The pain was only an imperfection, built within all our disconnection.
My sense of direction gone within your vertical selection,
left with words- sharp like a needle;
sticking an intravenous injections.

So, should I offer my protection? Moments, within sight of the point of intersection?

No, keep on...
Keep on spreading the **rejection infection.
Nickols Apr 2014
I wish, wishfully to wish a wishful wish.
© Victoria
13.6k · Dec 2012
A timid affair.
Nickols Dec 2012
Thoughts of cotton candy kiss laced with guilt.
Bubble gum wrapping the shame.
A deceit told through a mouth sewn closed.
But eyes held wide-shut.
A lie supported by another lie, bracing itself before falling.

Should I let the guilt be known through a cotton candy kiss?
Let the bubble gum wrapper shunt my shame.
Will I hold our secret behind stitched sewn lips?
All the while, holding my eyes wide shut?
Could I support this burden, bracing it with another lie?
Before I let it slip and fall?

A dangerous dance our feet have started,
where it goes I am not for certain...

A wicked path we've lain before us.
where it goes I am not for certain...

An affair of just wanting,
but nothing of taking.
Where this is leading I am not for certain.
For: where I hope we are going,
Well now,
that is another matter all together.

Nickols Jun 2014
I can taste it.
The sour-tang of anger staining my tongue.
It's a flavor that really sinks in.
This nasty, awful taste of diminishing rage.  

Swallow the good,
does no good.
It only disguises my mood.

This, festering negativity of a no-good mood.
10.1k · Oct 2013
Nickols Oct 2013
You may have cheated on me, but mind you: it wont be as simple when you're trying to cheat on Death.
9.4k · Oct 2012
Equivalent Exchange.
Nickols Oct 2012
Red is for the blood split.
Three drops; no more, no less.
Plucked upon a roses thorny edge.







­A stark contrast against the blanket of the whitest snow.
A wish was all it took,
For a spell had been woven through true loves magic.

The Queen belly, twas ripe with babe--
A princess-
skin white as snow,
lips red as glittering ruby's
and hair black as nights coal.

Her name:
Well Snow White, of course.
Or so the legend has told.

For what comes next is quite tragic.
For all magic comes with a toll;
An equivalent exchange:
a life, for a soul.

The babe was born on the morning rays, as for told.

With skin white as snow,
lips red as glittering ruby's
and hair black as nights coal--
For the Queen's last wish held true.

But for the King,
He grieved his sorrow for his lost beloved.
His happily ever-after crumbled throughout his kingdom-
like a wicked plague itself.

A Witching Queen rising in the true Queens place.
A evil stepmother-
for sweet innocent Snow White.

This vain diabolist, weaved her dark spell.
A magical looking glass-
appeared in front of her face.

"Magic mirror on my wall
Who is the fairest of them all"

The enchanted piece of glass
swirled and looped and then spoke.

"My Queen,
you are full of fair,
it is true,
but on this day
Snow White is fairer than you"

With a mighty jealous roar-
this Evil Queen called for her Huntsman.
To **** the one that might dare, to be fairer, then she--

Snow White's heart in a box
was the bounty!
because in the end the child needed to die.
For no one was fairer then the vainest of the Queens.

But you see:
The Huntsman of this Baneful Queen,
could not **** one such as sweet and fair as
the one know as:
Snow White.

A deer's heart,
is what is sent back in the Queens box;
But what became of dearest Snow White, you say?

Well: She went to live in the woods,
A small tiny cottage,
with seven little dwarfs.

What are their names, you ask?
Lets see:
There is--

then there is,
don't forget,
or then,
wait a second.
Don't forget about,
and most important,

And if you do not know them by these names,
what about:
Then Grumpy
Sleepy and
don't forget about,

They protected their fair Snow White,
from the Hideous Queen.
And for two year-
they kept her safe.

The Evil Queen conjured her magic,
and when the enchanted mirror gleamed back at her,
she queried--

"Magic mirror on my wall
Who is the fairest of them all"

The enchanted piece of glass
swirled and looped and then spoke once more.

"My Queen,
you are full of fair,
it is true,
but still too this day,
the young Queen,
is a thousand times fairer than you"

The Queen knew she had been tricked--
A wicked plan had been struck.
A old hag hid the Queens' face well.

Red is the color of ripened apple,
disguising the greenest of deadliest poison.
One bite: was all it took.
Snow White, asleep for all times.

But you see,
All magic comes with a toll.
And a true loves kiss, broke the spell.

This is a story about over coming the greatest of evil.
A reminder:
the light will always prevail.
© Victoria
8.1k · Oct 2014
Black Iced Personality.
Nickols Oct 2014
His blue eyes are like glacial-lakes, wrapping around his heart till he's chilled to the bone from the cold.
A deadly place where treading is no longer permitted.
His eyes are transparent and distant as the impersonal clouds passing overhead.

Even as I stands before him, reflecting off him.
I am still merely a reflection.

He knows my face, I reason silently.
From the hills of my cheeks, down towards the valley separating my lips.

He should recognize it all.

Instead a blank expression greets me.    
A look of cold, solid insouciance.
I'm immediately angry with myself for wanting to justify his indifference's.

A reflex I've never been able to expel.
The vestigial limb on a skeleton.
A party favor from another time forgotten for the newly discovered toy.

I twist in the fridged winds wrapping around him.
My force giving under the great pressure magnified by his powers.

I never wanted to dance upon his breeze.
This realization makes me burn hotter.
My anger brighter than the northern star.

I welcome it, my amounting rage.
I embraces it with a raging smile.

His glaciers may be cold, immovable at times.
A pretentious notion I might freeze.

For I am the sun swirling in nova's ring and cannot be affected by his black iced personality.
5.7k · Aug 2014
Take my hand.
Nickols Aug 2014
Just give me a reason,
to get my heart beating.
As the world falls apart around us,
all we can do is hold on
and take my hand.

I'd risk everything for you,
reaching into the denial,
risking loosing my mind.

Just reach for my hand.

You might call me crazy,
but I'd stand on the edge,
till there's nothing left,
waiting for the end.

Say another word,
because I doubt I could hear you,
with the silence between us.

Just reach for my hand.

I'd do anything for you,
while asking "why are you such trouble?"
From our first kiss,
your eyes held wide...
(why were they open?)

Just give me a reason,
to get my heart beating.
As the world falls apart around us,
all we can do is hold on
and take my hand.

Just reach for me.
5.6k · Oct 2012
In bed with you.
Nickols Oct 2012
I want to sleep with you.
No, I do not mean ***.
I want to sleep next too you.

I want to pull you closer.
In my bed.
Snuggled close under the covers.
Bodies pressing in a warming bliss.

Your hand touching my hip,
your nose nestled into my hair.
The pleasant press of your smiling mouth at the back of my neck.

Yes, sleeping with you is quite wonderful.
© Victoria
5.3k · Sep 2012
Glittering Fairy Dust.
Nickols Sep 2012
The fairys laugh in their play-
letting the sugary pollen flutter onto pale lashes,
with their pixie dust drifting into the darkest of ashes.

I'm going to lay back down,
Amongst the fleeting flowers.
For I swore I saw the remedy,
Hidden with in your golden heart.

Alast, I could have it wrong.
Was it not you, who dare to tell me, "be brave".
But is it not your spent heart,
at her feet as the blackest of ashes.

Glittering fairy dust, could not hide the ruins.
For evils wicked had already been undone.

A curse; a curse, upon your wretch soul.

Sweep the cinders in a coffer-
Lock them under key,
Cover your tracks.
Hide the way.

I forgive thee:
I do, I really do.
But please, my love.
For if not, she will find ye--
And it will hurt only me.

Hurry forth now, The witch sends her huntsman.
The howls, I hear them dancing on the winds.

Do not look back.
But please, my dearest of dears, forget me.
As I have forgiven you--

Now go: A thousands I loves you.
Leave me be.
I have been watching way too much "Once Upon a Time".

© Victoria
5.0k · Oct 2012
All for the love of you
Nickols Oct 2012
A rapid flowing thought,
pampered easily into a worry.
Anxiety builds within moments - from shameful musing.
Bubbling champagne coursing through veins; hidden under ghostly white skin.
A simple life based off a well placed lie, unravels like a fraying quilt.

Could you forget as easily; as you could forgive?
Erasing a memory.
Cleaning the façade of our blood from the soaked table.
Tablets and tomb, both alike,
soaked in the redden water of my long forgotten innocence.

I am sorry for the lies I've told through our story.

I am sorry for my secrets kept,  locked firmly, behind close doors.

But I am not sorry for loving you truly, body and soul.

So cast me out,
Send me away.  
But know my leaving is nothing but me, showing my love for you.

All for the love of you.
© Victoria
4.9k · Nov 2012
Not a single fuck was given.
Nickols Nov 2012
"Go forth, little one." I said as I reached my hand up-towards the heavens. A single **** escapes my unclasped hands towards the sky, and then beyond. Soaring tactfully on the cool breeze.
"You're free at last." And at that very moment, the last of my ***** were given.

© Victoria
4.8k · Jan 2014
Touch of Insanity.
Nickols Jan 2014
You are the only one who my madness doesn't touch,
and the only entity whom can touch my heart, simultaneously.

Tell me, "I love you."
Say it with conviction.

Wait for the time.
Where the nine realms collide.

A touch of insanity with a wicked kiss.
Silver-laced tongue, sharp and keen.

Did pleasure ever feel this exquisite?
from a morals hands, calloused from tiresome battles.

Verily; with hands carved from flesh and blood.
life and death.

A hundred times over;
have I fled from a lovers touch?

A thousandth time;
did I plea for mercy.

I spit the cry out
with fire and brimstone burning my throat.

For all this chaos and despair surrounding me,
A god on his knee's begging for repentance.

What a sight to behold;
malevolent creature with a benevolent cause.

I worship you,
a man made of Iron

You are the only one who my madness doesn't touch,
and the only entity whom can touch my heart.

Frostiron anyone?
4.5k · Jan 2014
Nickols Jan 2014
I regret.
I told you to go
and then you listen to me.

You went and I thought, "Maybe this is for the best. This is how I get over you"

I regret.
And it hurts so bad,
watching the two of you so in love.

I regret.
That moment in time.
When I didn't tell you, "I'm in love with you."
4.4k · Oct 2012
I bid you a fond adieu.
Nickols Oct 2012
Fare thee well,  my sweet; I will forever, miss you,
out among the golden rays of the sun,
which to whom, could not come pair,
to the very shade of your curling yellow hairs.

I swore, my love,
you were right here,
not just a moment ago.
Now a memory is all which remains.

I bid you a fond adieu, my darling.
For our time has come and gone.
Another life, just maybe;
then, I will get to hold your hand anew.
© Victoria
4.2k · Sep 2013
Nephilim Prince
Nickols Sep 2013
Dull lips give way to a finely sharpened tongue.
Soft skin slides underhand like roughly hidden scales.

You asked of me to bare my blood.
 Both times I cut my veins for you.
Both times you asked for more
And I bled once again,
for you, my Prince.

A hand touches my soul; held within the demons greedy paws.
All the while,  I wonder why, I let you continue to rein over me.
An insufferable plague you have bestowed over my brow.
My heart.

My heart quakes from Lust's tightening grip.
My veins bleeding for you...
A card dealt from the sleight of a devils right hands.
A dagger in the left, aimed for the back.

- Hark -

The call of darkness beckons me on-wards.
Calling me home through the red fog and the vile pit of hatred.

When you asked for me; I was yours.
Then, when you asked for another,
I withdrew...

You are an enigma, in your entirety.
Oh, sweet angel
burden with a devils twisted soul.
You shall burn forlorn in a delightful blue flame.

*Alas, ask once more my Nephilim Prince.
and I shall bleed my veins for you.
This was inspired from me playing Devil May Cry way too much. Call me a fangirl, and I'll probably just laugh and agree. *le sigh* I think I might have a cartoon crush on Dante. (so there in fact, Virgil as well because they are twins) *sighs and shakes head at self*
4.0k · Mar 2013
Odd and strange
Nickols Mar 2013
There once was a boy named "Odd." And he was a very strange, indeed.

People used to laugh at his name, so he decided to leave his
gravestone bare of his burden.

But now you see, when people pass over his burial site, they point and wonder with a backward smile and say, "How Odd and very strange, indeed?"
3.8k · Jul 2014
Anointed in as your sins.
Nickols Jul 2014
I am the embodiment of your sins.

I am your greed, gold in color and always asking for more.

I am your lust, swirling in amber with a slip of my tongue upon your flesh.

I am your wrath, rolling in a fit of redden anger.

I am your sloth, lounged in white, sleeping in between your sheets.

I am your gluttony, always craving more, more, more...

I am your pride, held purple in my state of royalty.


I am your envy, green with what never can fully be mine.

I am your sins. Full bodied. Anointed.
3.6k · Sep 2012
Nickols Sep 2012
A circle spinning;
Forever round.
Down a hole-
to underground.

Spinning faster-
blurring faces.
till they're all twisted--
twisted up backwards.

Facing downwards--
through the roof,
that is underground.

Up is down,
and down is up.
loosing grip,
on plastic society.

Acid burning,
till it tickles.
a rotting apple--
tasted sweet.

but wait,
where am I going again?

Oh yes,
Spinning circles,
there below.
through the roof,
hidden underground.
Someone, I think *she* lost *her* mind.

© Victoria
3.3k · Sep 2012
Garden of Falsity.
Nickols Sep 2012
I beckon thee, to come visit me, in the garden of virility.
Where men are carved from your darkest fantasy;
and the women spun from your forbidden cupidity.

Where carnal knowledge is given freely;
and is taken just as quickly.

Oh dearest, infatuation;
given your love and lust till they blur and swirl.

Good sir.
Oh, Sweet madam.
Lost in the down wards spiral of your avidity.

I beckon thee, to play with me, in our hectic world of make believe.
Where women are carved out of false trickery;
and the men spun from wicked forgery.
Where  nothing seems to be, what it is.

The garden of falsity.
=^.^= Inspired by Tutors.
© Victoria
3.3k · Oct 2012
-Run away.-
Nickols Oct 2012
A pile of miles, standing before my eyes.
Watching waiting as the denial excape down the endless miles. And onwards into a weary smile.
© Victoria
3.1k · Sep 2012
Lacking a Will from a Power.
Nickols Sep 2012
"Please." I meant to say it assertively, but it came out meek and quiet.

Please love me, please want me, please don't leave me, please I need you.

Closing my eyes, I tightened my hold on him and tilted my heavy head to his broad chest. A hot tear bubbled over my eye, rolling wetly down my cheek.

*Please go, please leave me alone, please I can't help myself, please I'm too weak.
Not a poem but none the less, still fun to read. =^.^=

© Victoria
3.0k · Apr 2014
Salt water
Nickols Apr 2014
Night is but a word for the darkness that roams with men and the lands.

The song of the winds sparkling with a woman's tears unshed.
His blanket drapes her in the pitch of night.

A cure basks within the lady's eye.

Salt water.

The tears, made salty by the churning sea.
Cry the river dry.
Bewail until all is nigh.

The night is coming.
The darkness foretold.
Beware the madness
with a daggers fine edge.

Night may be just a word.
But the wickedness is true within man's might.

The sun will rise to cleanse the lands.
Daylight breaks and the word changes.
The faith of the worshipers dancing amongst the shining vivid rays.

The danger has passed.
Be still her fleeting heart.

But be wary,
dear maiden of mine.
For the darkness of the night will soon befall again.
© Victoria
Nickols Jan 2015
"Sadness is a place?" The heart questioned the brain.

"Sometimes." Answered the brain knowingly. "Sometimes, it's' a place for dwindling."

"--So when is it not a place?" asked the heart in a perturbed manner.

"When it's no longer needed, it will cease to exist." Replied the brain.
2.8k · Oct 2012
Nickols Oct 2012
Waltzing into the blanket of dusk.
A pawn escaping across the checkered board,
Out and inwards to the green grassed yard.
A sleeting figure, past-and-future,
Gone the way of the fearless noble rook.
Down-acrossed squares of black and white.  
Into the field of endless battle.

This game we play, has become a tournament.
White against black, two players locked;
Locked in a battle of constant wits.
Who shall win?
The noble too afraid to capture the evil queen or,
The darkness plauging the board.

**Check and mate.
© Victoria
Nickols Nov 2012
The day he found her weeping in her ***** hole,
all twisted up with her backward smile.
The white knight had finally found her-
with the rest, can't you figure out?                                                                                        
But with a cruel joke;
The handsome savior dispearses into the darkness,
Back into that deadly black armor.
Listen close,
Please don't forget;
always remember, sweet dearest Alice.                                                                                                                
A rabbit hole is too far down to fall, with the intent of being caught...
It’s a shame it was all a dream;
My bread and butterflies kisses were yours to feel.

© Victoria
2.7k · Jun 2014
Blue Gaze on Fire.
Nickols Jun 2014
I see you. Standing there, a distinct shape in the shadows. I see you, watching me. The mystique **** of your eyes dancing over my flesh.

I fear not the power of your gaze.
Until I find myself cowering in that parallel universe of backwards mazes.
Left as a child to discover a door to her rusting cage.

I see you as I'm (not) cowering.  The vision of a man with  blue eyes on fire.
2.7k · Apr 2014
Endless waiting.
Nickols Apr 2014
I don't know your name, but I can feel you in my chest.

I don't know your face, but I know of your light as it shines from within me.

I don't know the time, nor the place where I will meet you, but I know it will happen someday.

As the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
Know: I will be waiting for you.
2.6k · Aug 2014
Passionate color of red.
Nickols Aug 2014
I'm tired of being judged.
It's simple.
You do not know me.
You know nothing of my life,
My struggle.
The pain,
The Joy I feel.
Nothing of my journey through the burning pits of fire.
Nothing of my lips caressing the one's I love.

Until the moment I say, "hello, it's nice to meet you," you know nothing of me.
Not the color of my eyes,
Nor the freckles decorating my skin.
The feelings and emotions flowing within my veins, are not yours to judge or own.

Keep your backward opinions to yourself.
I know who I am;
A strong, passionate woman draped in the color of red.
Nickols Nov 2012
Red lips tinted from a sinful kiss, eyes bluer than the cerulean sky themselves hanging from the heavens. Roses; roses; roses the smell of them hanging on the air in-between two pillars of insanity. Love; what was thought to be the feeling. Buried beneath shallow water; lust lingers into reality, smeared on shades of scarlet and amber.

The infidelity of the fallen angel; daring to ask forgiveness from the Devil. How do you say you're sorry? A lie on the wings of a demon, or was there a simple explanation dripping from a vile acidic mouth full of falsity. The ripe apple wrapped in nefarious green poison, waiting for a bite from the unsuspecting victim.

No, not this time, all your trickery lays hollow and exposed like brittle bones picked over from the birds of prey. Lay in your bed of dirt and soot; lay in it because you have made it. Shovel by shovel you've dug your hole. Now it's time to crawl under your blanket of lies, and rest your shameful head.
© Victoria
2.5k · Jan 2015
Nickols Jan 2015
I've taken special precaution to protect myself.
Meaning, I don't give my email to people I do not know.
My phone number is clutched to my chest.
Even my real name is never disclosed.

I live by pseudonym.
or simply just Panda.
If that's not to your liking.
or even Vea.
I have lots of names,
all of them a mouthful
as they roll off your tongue.

I live with precautions,
to keep people at bay.
Too many idiots and pervert
But that's not the worst,
heathens and **** dwell
as well.
People who are working the angles
to make a quick buck or two
off the naive and the unknowing.

So learn from me well;
live with precautions.
Keep people at arms length,
because then, and only then,
can they not
sink their teeth in.
Watch out for scammers. They are lurking around on HelloPoerty.  Never disclose your private information to ANYONE on the internet.
2.4k · Sep 2012
Nickols Sep 2012
Indulge me, Sweet lady;
For I know no barrier, could hold me abay.

Indulge me, Kind maiden;
For I am the unfathomable edge you walk upon.

Indulge me, Shy madam;
For I will vindicate all the unjust done upon you.

Indulge me, my Fair child;
For you are my Eve to my serpent infested apple.

And for we are intwinded, twisted and molded.
together locked in a hoop, a circle never ending.

So, inlighten me, sweet lady--

Could you ever indulge me?

© Victoria
2.2k · Aug 2015
Snippet (Anxiety)
Nickols Aug 2015
It made his gut churn with the familiar sensation.
Quilted with humiliation.
A rope knotted in irritation.
Hitch after stitch,
trepidation grew,
until he could feel it in his toes...
2.2k · Nov 2012
Heart which is bleeding.
Nickols Nov 2012
You try to show me love,
but how could you honestly?
When you don't understand: What true love is?
I now, can fathom what you are;
I know what kind of Man you've become.
If a Man, is what I can call you at all?
The pain was obvious from the start,
but I was blinded at the heart from all your black-magic arts.
Are you watching me?
Are you even listening?
Doubtful, for when have you ever listen to a heart which is bleeding?
So go forth, spreading your lies.
At least I know the truth; for a little boy is the role you play and play it well, you do...
© Victoria
2.1k · Oct 2012
Amongst the deepest blues.
Nickols Oct 2012
Linking chain,
forged by pain,
link by link,
until it sinks.

Row by row,
down they go.
Into the depths-
of their watery graves.

Anchor, Anchor,
down below,
who pulls my chain,
down so,
very far.

Hold fast,
and forever be true.
Watch over my pain,
out amongst the deepest blues.
I had "row, row, row, your boat", stuck in my head while writing this... =*.^=

© Victoria
2.1k · Dec 2012
There just below the waters
Nickols Dec 2012
The knifes are in the water,
there below, just beneath your feet.

The river flows with blood
of the sweetest innocents.

A mermaid escaping up stream,
against the current of the most importance.

So, where does this bottomless journey end?
This lost channel of endless hoping.

Two bodies of water,
intertwining into the everlasting waterfall.

A voyage down the rapids,




Down into the pits...There just below the waters.
Where I can rest my weary head.


© Victoria
Nickols Feb 2013
The cobwebs were hanging in the corners of the room.
While I'll confess I was lost within the masquerade,
of a dance full with the intent of death;
swirling till we sung with how to die alone.

In our ballroom, is what I need;
Step by step; unassumingly.
I'll wait for you there, locked in our rhythm.
I'll wait for you there, till time stands still.

And on death row, I will continue on with a smile.
My mask molding into my face-
Like the harlequin, dancing endless steps-
slipping down the path of the pagan.
I will pray to the god's and anyone listening.
To return me to my heavens.
To a place, I'll recall;
wasn't I just there---

In our ballroom, is what I need;
Step by step; unassumingly.
I'll wait for you there, locked in our rhythm.
I'll wait for you there, till time stands still.

And on I dance, until the days were done.
And then, there I sat with regrets...
Cobwebs hanging over shattered glass.
All the things I've never achieved...
For all I've done, for all I've been.
**In dreams until my death, I wonder on.
© Victoria
2.1k · Jul 2016
Freak Show.
Nickols Jul 2016
Black eyes,
Deep and endless.
Shines a light,
Bright and timeless.

A kind smile,
On a gnarled face.
Handsome in his
own way.

A lost virtue,
In this wasteland
We call home.

Smoke drifts
from a parted mouth.
Escapes into the
nothingness of the
green-tinged sky.

"Moments like these,
I know all that karma
stuff is all bull."

Those are your words.
Not mine.

"Because no one like me,
should be this lucky."

There is no one like you.

A man out of time,
in stolen red duds.
tricorn hat tipped
to the side.

That smirk,
that damnable,
smirk, plastered,
forever to your smug mug.

Your ruddy hand
reaches back.
Open palmed
full of scars.
To grasp my mine.
Much smoother skin.

"Come on love,"
you say,
with your voice
full of gravel.

*"Lets get this freak show
on the road."
(I think I just went full on Fangirl!!)
2.1k · Aug 2014
Nickols Aug 2014
It hurts seeing your eyes fading into black.
The darkest of color blurrin your burning pits of blues.
Red rim lashes,
And tears catching the glare.

It hurts.
But mostly it's saddening.
2.0k · Jul 2014
What a shame.
Nickols Jul 2014
Was this not what you wanted?

A sliver of hope--
Instead you ended by shivering out on that unsteady-tipping *****.

And for all those somethings, I hadn't  know,
well, I had to let them go.
Now I am, all alone.
But hey, it's not like you would've know--
Too lost to see through your own moats murky waters.

Was it One; Two; or Three;
Captured sirens swimming with you,
within your clouded judgement?

Or is it, One; Two; or Three;
Vile hags trampling with you,
within your undeserving life.

Are you feeling empty yet?
Or are you full of your lies?

It appeared to be a feast--
While in harsh reality, you were plucking at nothing...
Nothing except brittle bones.

Its all a shame,
for it was a dream spun upon spindle--
Lost in a cowards looping *****.

Was this not what you wanted?
          What a shame...
          What a shame...
2.0k · Jul 2014
Looking up to you.
Nickols Jul 2014
I look up to everything you are.
My vision of clarity.
I've loved you for so long.
My song of familiarity.
I believe in you.
Even when you didn't ask me to.
I found my prosperity with you.
A river of hope, flowing endlessly.
1.9k · Nov 2014
Nickols Nov 2014
This town is crumbling.
With dust turning into ashes.
A judgmental life built
to the apparent lackluster rhyme.

Trembling lips, forced proximity.
Eyes on fire, the vile toxicity.

A simple motto to live by...
Mockery of shared stupidity.
Continually circling
to the timeless tune
of a love struck fool.

A fool, within the rubble.
A fool of love, scavenging for a heart.
A love-sick-fool, standing with empty arms.

Love, it can't be held together with gum found on the bottom of a shoe.
Nor can it survive with lies told by you.
1.9k · Nov 2012
Scorched angel
Nickols Nov 2012
Grey clouds billow from your plum mouth.
A painful memory hanging in the swirls.
Times forgotten list; names scrawled in evil's ink.
Linked to your past indifference's.
For-going, all rhythm or rhyme.

I wish of you, Damon;
To be a purest of heart-
Not selfish, an self serving,
But one owning forgotten presavasion.

Continue your demon ways, smoking your damnation-
Scribbled with hazy mazes, rippling forth.

I beseech thee--
Save yourself from this sin.

But at last, show me mercy, scorched angel.
Rip this rusted dagger from my back-
Let me bleed this infection from my very soul.

No more, I tell you.

Let me be at rest.
Again, on a vampire kick. Don't judge me >,<

© Victoria
1.8k · May 2014
Blind date.
Nickols May 2014
Please understand,
before this goes any further
than a friendly "hello".

I'm a little crazy.
Not crazy-good.
But the kind riding
on the side of delusional.
My brain spins in circles,
days & nights.
An awful sickness,
from dusk to dawn.

I'll have you know,
I'm the kind of crazy,
that has to take pills.
Jagged little circles,
ingested down my throat.
to calm me down.

Please, don't judge me.
The doctor says it's normal.
But sometimes
I sit and wonder.
"What is normal?"

Back on topic now,
I was told by my therapist  
not to let others judge.
But then,
I'm left imagining
everyone in white-
George Washington wigs.
Swinging a gavel
screaming, "Order in the court!"

I swear, I'm not too crazy...
Only a special kind of lazy...

H-hey wait... W-where are you going?
I am a little crazy.
But aren't we all?
© Victoria
Nickols Oct 2012
you lost
seam of
     my love...?

      simple ♥   
            thin  ♥        
                    stri­ng... ♥                     
                           ♥   blowing.
on...  ♥      
               ♥     the        

             ­I              ♥
         Swore        ♥
           I            ♥
        Saw    ♥
      it   ♥   
♥ away
           ♥    on                 
   ♥       the          
                              ♥      winds         ­                           

                     ♥  in...
       ­     one.
                        ♥   bound...
    Lost ♥
       to  ♥
    a  ♥

♥ world
♥ of


♥ struggle
   My ♥ Darling
♥ have
       ♥   you        
    ♥     been      
♥  tugging
♥  on
        your  ♥              
heart ♥ stings
     ♥ again?

© Pandarra
1.6k · Jul 2015
The end.
Nickols Jul 2015
Now I know.

Trust falling on a daggers edge.
Will leave a deeper wound,
when you reach the end.
Nickols Oct 2013
I wanted to be right. An accusation I didn't want to own. Denying I could be wrong as the cigarette was burning slow. You asked and I refute. An unknowing dance with misguided steps. A tango of denial, with the thorn from a rose buried within my sides. I never lied... more of twist of an evasion. An omission of truth, disappearing with the grey ribbons of smoke. You asked the question; did I not answer to the best of my knowledge? Of course, I speak more in a statement than with a query... I never lied, only gave you partial false-truths. An innuendo laced with a common courtesy. Was it such a crime? A honest seduction with the intent of never telling the whole story.

I wanted to be right, with an accusation I would never own. "that I would love you" but how could that be true?

I can see now my excuses are fading faster then your red tipped ember. So I'll just go now, goodbye my half told story. Fair thee well...The time we spent is in the past, and I am now, left with that hole in my head.

I wanted to be right but fibbers never get to be the winners.
The thing was, I did in fact love you. And I guess you could say, that this was the saddest part of a well placed half-truth.

© Victoria
1.6k · Jun 2014
For all she had to do...
Nickols Jun 2014
In a world full of black and white.

Where not a soul could be bothered within their mundane ways.

There was a single girl, shining in full blasted, techno-color.

In this world of dark hues of haunting shades.
Vacant entity's, refuse to look up from scurrying feet.

Day in and out, they mooed like cattle.

But not the vibrant Crayola girl.  

For all she had to do was look up,
and she could see her rainbow arching in the clouds.

While everyone else, passed her by.
I had to edit this. Sorry. I posted it really early in the morning. *face-palm*
1.5k · Feb 2014
Blowing on an oceans breeze
Nickols Feb 2014
Her skin was warm and smooth, with her face burrowing into the arch of my shoulder. It felt nice… Almost like an actual home coming…

That thought made me open my eyes I hadn't noticed I’d closed. My cheek pressing into the crown of yellow-hair which smelled of sweet shampoo and something purely Lillian's. It was comforting… With my nose touching the crest of her head, I inhaled that unique scent. *Like a freshly creased book, blowing on an oceans breeze.
© Victoria
1.5k · Sep 2013
Broken Time. (14w)
Nickols Sep 2013
The old forgotten unwound clock
                                                         is still at least right,
                                                          ­                                twice in one day.
Short and honest
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