No I may never have the chance to forgive us,
Or the time I saw you the first look of love.
No I don't know how or why things happen so much,
Or the times I've seen dark yearning for above.
Love is not only for us but the world's at fault,
Wading the waters for it to conquer hate.
Ignorance lies as its own peer pressuring cult,
Never asking the questions of how we mate.
Tell me how to say two words let alone the four,
Love to be true - genuine - all ever more.
This love is our war for peace only to restore,
For gracious the spirits eternal to soar.
Yes I may never have the chance to forgive us,
Till we hold hands alike and kingdom may come...
Forgive to the next life.
Because of you,
I am back.
Because of you,
No more slack.
Before my time,
Down and gloom.
After my time,
Heaven sooned.
Because of you,
I am new.
Here forever,
You are me.
Lithium for Punk Poets.
Nickolas Niles Nov 2018
The questioning of the demons before my eyes -
Needs not be.
For it is inherent in me which I see.
Forever the longing days and nights of my tears -
Dark will be.
The reality a delusional void,
Fixed before me for life of the pieces falling.
Left to be.
Traveling through which was never to be seen,
I ask not even the simplest of paradise.
Falls to be.
Nor do I ask my worst of enemies black,
For who am I to live on the demons all seen?
Ever be.
Let - Me - Go. Please.
Nickolas Niles Nov 2018
No longer the longing to speak to you,
The enduring pain of silence pleases.
If even we were able to meet - Dear.
No more our bodies to touch required,
The silent type of temptation ensues.
After all this time what we despised - Love.
The silent sight of temptation thrall's us,
Locked away our hearts in the fogging wars.
They say it is only a mere phase on,
Yet what I feel most of all the unknown.
The flashbacks of I doing this before,
Makes perfect sense to my loving logic.
Where were we...Dear...were we here in plain sight...
Dear - Dear - Dear - Dear Endearment, where were we?
I forgot - what love is this again?
Nickolas Niles Nov 2018
We were always so foolish in love,
Lost in our own perception of others.
Guided wrong by even the right minds,
We kept each other here so long conscious.
What last of us to be adorned with,
Looking to face each other in our chairs.
Come thanksgiving it will be of us,
Our time of imaginary blinders.
I wish only for us to be seen,
Than to serve the accompanying ghosts.
Too much of my sensitivity,
Say it is so as our feast last us on.
For we were always foolish in love,
The taunting facade of giving others.
Thanks to us...
Nickolas Niles Oct 2018
The art of transgressions and its fixed love,
Let us talk about the story of man.
Years the seasons come as well as others,
In search of powers of a *** he can.
What lost of love within all eternal,
To journey on only with his eyes seen.
Contemplating such of paradises,
What left of our world and all so between.
The empowering life can mesmerize,
Forcing one to live and tell as beyond.
How long must we go in order to know,
Our transgressions in which were dearly spawned?
The art of life not only fixed and told -
Us created and summoned to be bold.
Seven Seals of October - Seal III - Our story...
Nickolas Niles Oct 2018
The winds haunt and howl the late somber nights,
As all the lost lovers lost in clear sights.
Laid out suits in our dear remembrance on,
Made only to work in late season's dawn.
Widows gone with the lost widowing man,
With eyes pale with tears he cries as he can.
Remembered gowns laced clear and drowned in white,
The rancid scratching and tapping of night.
For all whom to hear the lost loving soul,
Wailing to be pure - anointed - annul.  
For whom can we promise of true dear love,
Longing the expected gift of a dove?
For winds to haunt and howl in somber nights,
Walk the ghosts and lovers in clear long sights.
The Seven Seals of October - As felt a cold somber night laying out my suit...
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