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Dec 2019 · 78
Vaughn Dec 2019
I pieced her back,
She broke me up.
I trusted her,
She lied to me.
I set her free,
She restrained me.
I care for her,
She cares for herself.
I am conservative,
She is daring.
I love her,
But does she really love me?
Nov 2019 · 37
Vaughn Nov 2019
You shattered my heart,
And wanted to left me with broken pieces.
I had to beg for you to stay,
Even though I was the one who got torn.

I have to pick up my own pieces,
And build myself again.
Because I forgot that I begged for to stay,
So you just watch me picking up myself again.
Nov 2019 · 41
Vaughn Nov 2019
Hidden in the darkness,
Painful truth lies within.
The light of the lies you said,
Shines up in my heart.
Bring a torch in the darkness,
You will never see the truth.
As long as their is light,
The darkness will vanish.
Only through darkness,
You shall see the truth.
Oct 2019 · 34
Vaughn Oct 2019
The truth is that
We don’t need
A lot of people
In our lives.
We just need one
Who understands
And who stays
No matter what.
Sep 2019 · 180
Good bye
Vaughn Sep 2019
For now
Aug 2019 · 115
They are not you
Vaughn Aug 2019
There’s a lot more
People out there,
Who are better,
Much more
Aug 2019 · 158
Tayong Dalawa
Vaughn Aug 2019
Heto nanaman tayo,
Simula sa umpisa,
Dahan-dahan tatahakin ang daan,
Daan na maraming pasikot sikot,
Nakaliligaw ‘man ngunit,
Hahanapin pa rin ang daan patungo sa isa’t-isa.
Kung sakali man maligaw ka,
Huwag ka maghanap ng ibang kasama,
Ngunit antayin mo akong mahanap ka.
Dahil kapag ako ang nawala,
May tiwala akong hahanapin mo ako.
Kapag napagod ka man,
Huminto ka lang at magpahinga,
Huwag ka maghanap ng ibang taong masasandalan mo.
Dahil kapag ako ang napagod,
Alam kong sa piling mo lang ako giginhawa.
Hindi natin kailangan magmadali,
Dahil sa pagmamadali natin,
Pwede nating mawala ang isa’t-isa.
Mahirap man at nakakapagod,
Ngunit alam kong sa dulo,
Sulit naman lahat ng paghihirap.
Hi! I used my native language, it’s Filipino, I just want to express what I’m feeling right now using my native language. I hope you like it.
Aug 2019 · 99
Vaughn Aug 2019
You can’t let go of me yet
You haven’t found
For replacement
Aug 2019 · 418
Vaughn Aug 2019
If the stars could speak,
They’d tell us
To shine
Brighter than them
And leave a light
That everyone
Would look up for
In times
Of darkness.
Aug 2019 · 162
Vaughn Aug 2019
You and I are strangers,
But I’m glad I met you,
I don’t feel any danger,
Sharing things with you.
Jul 2019 · 211
Vaughn Jul 2019
It’s crazy
How we
Believe in
Actions speak louder than words
But it’s scary we still end up
Believing in words
Jul 2019 · 83
Vaughn Jul 2019
Brings calmness
And peace
In mind,
The best friend
Of the outcasts.
But it is also
When it
Started to
Consume you.
Jul 2019 · 57
Vaughn Jul 2019
A sudden heart race
Trembling of hands,
Butterflies in stomach,
Numbness all over me,
A choking sensation,
Gasping hard for air.
A feeling of dying.
Things are going well,
Until all these
Happen at once
Jul 2019 · 196
Vaughn Jul 2019
You know you’ve grown
When you learn
How to adjust
Because the world
Doesn’t adjust
For us.
Jul 2019 · 48
Vaughn Jul 2019
I’m starting to think,
You and I were just
Destined to meet
And learn from each other.
It’s such a heartbreak
But that’s
How life works.
Jul 2019 · 60
Vaughn Jul 2019
Whenever it’s crowded,
I feel lonely.
Whenever there’s silence,
I get the mixed emotions.
I don’t know
Where to go
I do my best
To be brave
I just can’t
These feelings.
Vaughn Jul 2019
We both believe
That one day
We’ll meet again.
Well now
Here we are
Introducing ourselves
To each other,
With our new
Lovely partners.
Jul 2019 · 438
Vaughn Jul 2019
I thought
I knew everything
About love
And when
I lost you
I realized
There were things
That I should’ve
And shouldn’t
Have done.
Jul 2019 · 113
Vaughn Jul 2019
You are lovely,
Just like the stars at night
The flowers in a garden
And the views in the mountain tops.

You are lovely,
Like an art in all forms,
Like an angel,
Disguised as a human.

You are lovely,
Even with your flaws,
And with your past,
Don’t let anyone tell you are not.
Jul 2019 · 437
Vaughn Jul 2019
I expected the worst.
Now that it came,
It still hurt me
The most.
Jul 2019 · 172
Vaughn Jul 2019
Your absence
Just makes me
Love you
Even more
Jul 2019 · 816
Vaughn Jul 2019
It doesn’t matter
How long
I wait
For you
I know
Come back
Jul 2019 · 77
No false hope
Vaughn Jul 2019
If you know
You couldn’t
Love me
Please cut it
As soon
As possible
My feelings
for you
Goes deeper

and deeper

Each day
Jul 2019 · 251
One day
Vaughn Jul 2019
I’d cherish
What we
Have now
Jul 2019 · 106
I don’t know...
Vaughn Jul 2019
If you love me
Or just miss me.

I don’t know...

If you love me
Because you need me.
Or you need me
Because you love me.
Jul 2019 · 594
Vaughn Jul 2019
What’s done
Is done.
Don’t let
The past
Ruin your
present moment.
Never use
The past
To hurt
Someone else
Even yourself.
Jul 2019 · 217
Vaughn Jul 2019
I’d support you
In every single
Thing you’ll do
Even if it means
You loving
Someone else
Jul 2019 · 53
Vaughn Jul 2019
I feel like astronaut,
Of my own thoughts.
Lost in the space,
Of my darkest place.
Jul 2019 · 441
Vaughn Jul 2019
With                                       P
The                                      U
Weight              ­                
Of                                 E
My                            S
Own                       I
Failure               R
Jun 2019 · 61
Solitary moment
Vaughn Jun 2019
I was sitting on a chair,
I looked at the window,
Saw a forlorn man.
He was also sitting.
His eyes are dark,
Filled with reality.
His lips are frowning.
His mind does wonder.
He looked afraid,
And started to cry.
I placed my hand on the window,
And I realized,
It was my reflection the whole time.
Jun 2019 · 174
Love is Math
Vaughn Jun 2019
Love is just like Math.
A point,
Where everything starts.
Line segment,
Where we have beginning and an end.
Intersecting lines,
Where our paths have crossed a certain point.
Parallel lines,
Where our paths never crossed.
And a Ray,
Where we have a beginning and no end.
Jun 2019 · 203
Vaughn Jun 2019
Just like the sound and light.
We never hit the same time.
You like the light,
Struck first.
But as soon as you vanish,
I exist.
Jun 2019 · 64
Vaughn Jun 2019
Will bring out the worst in you,
And remember you in that way.
Jun 2019 · 222
Vaughn Jun 2019
If you believed in Him,
And He isn’t real,
It’s okay.
You didn’t lose anything.
Maybe some time for praying.
But if you didn’t believe,
And He is real,
You just lost your eternity.
I saw that in Facebook. It originated from Instagram. I do not remember his name. It’s his caption on a pic.  The words are mine and I made it a poem style. But the idea of the poem is from the guy.
Jun 2019 · 389
Vaughn Jun 2019
Make me weak.
Make the best of me.

You’re not the maybe.
You’re the one.
Jun 2019 · 63
Vaughn Jun 2019
It hurts,
We had a lot of unresolved mess.
But it hurts more,
When we started to set those aside.
It hurts,
When I got mad.
But it hurts more,
To see you calm.
It hurts,
When I didn’t say good night.
But it hurts more,
When you said I love you.
It hurts,
When I started to get tired.
But it hurts more,
To see you trying.
It hurts,
When I gave up.
But it hurts more,
You wanted to stay.
It hurts,
When I let go,
But it hurts more,
You waited.
It hurts the most,
Knowing I had more reasons to stay,
But I chose to let go.
It killed me,
Knowing you had more reasons to leave,
But chose to stay.
I never had someone love me the way I could love someone. I was so scared of her leaving me. I got so fed up of my own thoughts making me decide out of fear. Losing her is my biggest and greatest regret. I wish I could get her back again. I love her so much. If.. not then I’m thankful because not everybody experience true love. The luckiest ones are the ones who keep each other.
Jun 2019 · 58
How love works
Vaughn Jun 2019
Two broken people collided,
Tried to piece each other back,
Tried to give the things,
They both have never received.
Jun 2019 · 60
I love you
Vaughn Jun 2019
I’ve said those words before,
And I wish I get to say it again,
Because you deserve to hear them,
A  thousand more times,
Again and again.
Jun 2019 · 92
My Dream...
Vaughn Jun 2019
Is my secret rendezvous with you,
A fantasy I wished to be true.
Jun 2019 · 440
Vaughn Jun 2019
She was torn,
Broken into pieces.
She pieced herself together,
Turned herself into an art.
A mosaic of disaster,
That made her a beautiful mess.
Jun 2019 · 371
Mon coeur...
Vaughn Jun 2019
I wanted to be your first and last,
Your greatest blessing,
But darling,
I became your greatest lesson.
Jun 2019 · 108
Vaughn Jun 2019
No matter how good you are,
Mistakes are the ones remembered.
If you’re on top,
They’ll bring you back to bottom.
If you have money,
You have power.
If an educated person speak,
Others call it disrespect.
It’s never too late to change our ways. The change always start with ourselves.
Jun 2019 · 89
Vaughn Jun 2019
How would you give,
The things you never received?
How would you not expect,
If you know you gave your best?
How would you feel,
If you broke the person you fixed?
How would you know,
If the choice you made is right?
How would you learn,
If you cannot accept what is?
How would you live,
With such fear of tomorrow?
How would you love,
If you don’t love yourself?
How would you forget,
If you keep living in the past?
How would you forgive,
If you hold on grudges?
How would I..
Make her come back to me,
When I all I did is live in “If’s?”
Jun 2019 · 44
Vaughn Jun 2019
I wish I could tell,
How much I love him.
How much I miss him.
I wish I could help,
With what he’s going through.
With what he’s pursuing.
I wish I could do,
The things he did for us.
The things he sacrificed.
I wish i could see,
What he’s doing now,
What he’s thinking.
I wish i could hear,
His laughter again,
His deep calming voice.
I wish I could be,
Just like him.
Just much better version of him.
Jun 2019 · 115
Vaughn Jun 2019
She became my world.
She was like the Sun,
And I was a planet.
Revolving around her.
Her gravity pulls me towards her.
And I know I am not the only planet.
Her gravity attracts a lot of planet.
And I was just a tiny planet.
Who were once the closest to her.
I faded away from her gravity.
And now, another planet is ready to replace me from my orbit.
How lucky is that planet.
Now I’m sailing the vast universe.
Waiting for her to pull me back..
Or waiting for another star to pull me in.

— The End —