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Vaughn Nov 20
You told me you feel me,
Whenever I’m sad you feel it.
But how come you didn’t hear?
How come you didn’t feel?
When you lied down on my chest,
That my heart was breaking,
With all the lies you told me.
Vaughn Nov 11
There comes a time I feel small,
Battling the mind on strife.
There comes a time I fall,
Lose some battle in my life.

There comes a time I feel empty,
Even though I gave my best.
All the storms I stood sturdy,
Holding on for the precious nest.

From the roots I grow stronger,
For every after season.
Time might fade away my color,
But all my leaves fall for a reason.

Leaves grow from the bareness of tree,
And everything will be alright.
Waves overgrown come the calmest of seas,
And will bloom a beautiful sight.
Inspired from the song Leaves of Ben and Ben. Wonderful song!
Vaughn Nov 3
I’ll pour out some drink,
Feel the warmth down my throat.
To drown my aching heart,
With every bittersweet drop.
It tastes and makes me feel better,
Now I wonder what I really want...

This beer or your love?
This is inspired from a Filipino song titled “Beer” by the band Itchyworms. This song keeps playing on my mind so I made it a poem. It is kind of funny to be honest
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