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  May 2018 Alyssa
Be the change you want to see
Try not to judge, let others be
The rain will stop, the storm shall pass
Pleasure is pleasing and love can last

Set up for sorrow, it's hard to see
Open your eyes, switch off your tv
Put down the remote and venture outside
Get out in to nature where healing resides

Turn off your phone, log off the net
You'll be surprised with the solace you get
Write a poem, cook a nice meal
Declare your love, see how it feels

Put away the plastic, stop doing your hair
Go back to basics, even though it's rare
Laugh at your troubles, hug it out
Why are you frowning, what's that all about
A sign of the times, the information age
Escape from the trap, break out of your cage

Tell me now, how do you feel
Please keep it up, do we have a deal
Memories last but gadgets do not
Live your life fully, run from the rot
  Apr 2018 Alyssa
Mica Light
I don't know what I've been thinking.

Not sure why I've been acting
Like I don't exist.
I have missed
Every bit
Of my waking soul.
And yet,
I've put myself to bed
For too many nights too long.

When did I stop loving myself?
I can't remember how or when or why
Or if i tried
not to let this part of me die.
It could be all the times
I couldn't get the tears to dry.

All I know,
is I apologize.

Because it used to be real.
I want to get back to how I used to feel.

And honestly I have known all along.
  Apr 2018 Alyssa
Tapiwa Individualist
In the case of loving someone,
Don't trust them to never hurt you,
Trust them enough to know that they are only human and they are bound to err..
Trust them enough to give them freedom and space,
Trust them enough to know that their human nature can sin in anyway possible,
Trust isn't about perfection,
Its about knowing and accepting the fact that someone can sin against you or even hurt you but you choose to take the risk because you know that they are worth it,
Don't make trust a burden for anyone,
Trust simply and love truly..
Trust really isn't anything close to perfection,its just love being willing to get hurt cause it would be worth it.

— The End —