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NewAgeOfAnarchy Jul 2017
No words can express the emotions I feel and the hell I see
NewAgeOfAnarchy Apr 2017
Men loves to play god; but if you are to play God; you must acquaint yourself with the Devil.
As for ever man who plays God, must also play the Devil too
NewAgeOfAnarchy Nov 2016
People are not one dimension figures, but paramilitary of personality and personas.
We all an inner darkness, which we cover with an mask with an smile . This mask which we all hope one day we be real one day.
©2016 Michael Cross Jr
NewAgeOfAnarchy Oct 2016
Without Death, with couldn't understand life.
©2016 Michael cross
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NewAgeOfAnarchy Oct 2016
For a new one to be reborn
Where there is death there is life.
As both dance in the pale moon of the night.
Neither overcome the other.
Both in complete balance and unity
©2016 Michael cross
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NewAgeOfAnarchy Oct 2016
Death and life are lovers of never leave each side for a moment
©2016 Michael Cross
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She rolls down the western edge
The bucolic Spiral path
Coincides with the horizon
Gray foot print
Slowly mingles with dark
As the Bats of evening find back to home

Gentle Breeze to dangle
Purple haze of Four O'clock
The Crossroads, Wait behind
Where to start, or what end is!
Poetry continuing as the falls of pain

Afternoon's Lyrics said good bye
Today's bright Star does not rise
What they chase during the run out!
Why come back again
Along with the known way!

Moonlit falls on the ways of Standing hill
Beyond the horizon
Dark fading, while
Lost love fusions with her colors
Across the Monsoon, Autumn, Winter
Finally the Spring is on the way
@Musfiq us shaleheen
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