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Caity Rose Jun 2016
I shouldn't have fallen in love with my angel. When I run my fingers through his chocolate caramel curls, I sliced my hand on his halo. He was to sharp and beautiful I shouldn't have touched him, but his eyes. Oh his eyes were all and no colours. He touched my bleeding hand and mended it with a kiss. And when he flew away I couldn't take a hint. I was too stubborn for my angels love. His fury and essence destroyed me, in such a beautiful way. When he came back after months of my endless screams, new scars were thrown and bandaged on his golden skin. when I realized I'd fallen in love for an angel...
Oh darling I wanted to fly.
Caity Rose Jun 2016
A mirror is the the truth in a  reflection of the people we truly are. A reflection does not let you keep it hidden, nor let you hide it. For this very reason, she wore only mirrors. For nobody could look at her, but only themselves. She was society.

— The End —