Dua Kim 2d
Being 15
You realize,
Life's not a dream.
People think
You are more than just a teen.
Life gets confusing,
Everyone you ever knew changes
Nothing really makes sense anymore,
Now that you're 15.
Love, studies, friendship, betrayal,
Everything gets mixed up.
You might see someone in a completely new light
And someone might see you that way
But nobody understands
You might be annoyed with everyone
Or love one person passionately
You'll never feel home
And feel all alone,
And no one will understand
That when you're 15,
You're nothing more
Than just
A teen.
Dua Kim 4d
I lie.
I lie that I'm happy.
I lie that I don't cry.
I lie that I feel like flying,
When I feel I wanna die.
I lie that I'm contented,
I lie I'm glad to be alive,
When in reality,
I'm tired of life.
I lie a lot,
So much that
It's confusing me as well
But the biggest lie I tell is,
"I'm fine."
Dua Kim Mar 14
Hey, bullies,
Why you gotta be so mean?
We haven't done anything to you,
But you keep on attacking.
Is it to feel better about your own little lives
And mess up ours like yours is?
Dua Kim Mar 13
My heart stops.
I'm on the ground.
My life flashes past in an instant.
I see you smiling, laughing and enjoying.
What will you do without me now?
Please don't cry because of me.
Please forget me and leave.
I lift up my hand.
Great, I'm bleeding.
Suddenly I feel your heart bleeding out as I will.
The people crowd around me.
I can hear the ambulances
But all I can think of is you.
I'm gonna miss you so much when I'm gone
Which is ironic, because I won't be there to miss you.
Don't follow me whatever you do.
I need to know that you're safe.
I'm carried, into an ambulance probably
And feel myself zooming through the roads
Within a minute, I'm at the hospital.
I'm carried out and into a room
But I won't make it out alive, I know.
Please, don't let me break your heart
Forget our happy days, forget my name
And find someone new to love.
I'm still bleeding, most likely to death
And I'll never see your face again
The world seems to disappear
And I put a smile on my face
And say goodbye to a world once dear.
This is the alternate version, the view of the boy in my previous poem going back home.
Dua Kim Mar 11
I can't breathe.
I can't think.
Everything rushes through me in an instant.
"He's gone,"His mother sobbed to me.
I stared back at her with a stricken face.
My heart froze, then broke
Felt that I couldn't live anymore
Now who to love? Who to go to?
I don't think I'm home anymore.
I want to find my way back to you
And be by your side forever.
They say they know how it feels
But they don't know
His mother said,"It was a car accident
And he was bleeding to death."
Suddenly I feel my heart
Bleeding out
As profusely as yours did
But in a different way
And the bleeding stops.
What's the point of being alive?
Why am I still alive?
I have no purpose, no joy, no love
You took all of it with you
I only have pain and depression
Which swallowed me up in an instant
And keeps me in a state, neither dead nor alive
But dying forever.
I decide to follow you
And try to find my way back home to you
For you are my only home where I belong
I pick up my gun, say goodbye
And fire.
This is a poem about a girl committing suicide after her boyfriend's death.
Dua Kim Mar 10
Tell me
Do you like me or not?
I gotta know
It's taking up my whole brain
More and more everyday
You are dragging me
Into a game
Which I can never win
But play anyways
But you don't know you're playing
'Cause I never told you
That I like you
Or do you?
This is my story with my current crush.
Dua Kim Mar 9
Oh Allah!
Make them understand
That we aren't terrorists
We are Humans
Just like them
We just have a different religion
We believe in different things
It doesn't make us any less human

Oh Allah!
Make them understand
And follow the Rightful Path
And cure their blindness
So they can see
That I'm not a terrorist,
Just Me.
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