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Neo's Lion Nov 2015
Look into my eyes and you will see no sorrow
I’ve stuffed it in my shoe until tomorrow
Listen to my voice and you will hear no sadness
I’ve bagged it up and replaced it with gladness
Wipe my cheek and you will find no tears
I’ve bottled them up along with my fears
Push all my buttons and you will get no anger
I’ve slipped it in the pocket of a passing stranger
Peirce my heart but I feel no pain
I’ve left it outside to play in the rain
Bite my tongue but I taste no blood
When I bleed, I bleed mud
Neo's Lion Nov 2015
The writings on the wall
If you don't see it, you might fall
So take a deep breath of air
And get the **** out of there

No need to grab your shoes
If you do, you will surely loose
There's no time to waist
Hurry, before you get erased
Neo's Lion Nov 2015
They say there are plenty of fish in the sea
  But to me, you were the most heavenly
It seemed to be that this was my destiny
  But I was blinded by entropy and should have known with certainty
That eventually I would recklessly self-destruct mentally
  And ultimately pay the penalty of being left breathless and empty

— The End —