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n e o Dec 2018
red, yellow, green illuminates the road lined with beads of the sky's tears.

the constant honks echoes in the frantic passageway.

frustration makes its prescence felt.

when will this end?
n e o Dec 2018
my momma told me that the darkness is something I should never fear

light will always be near

and though she won't be forever here

fireflies will always be there to illuminate me anywhere and everywhere
ily mom ♡
n e o Sep 2018
Todey they told me that I shud rite a powm for you Algernon
Mr. Strauss sed that youre sick
I dont want you to be sick
Youre smart
Remembir the amazed
Youre a white mouse
Youre smarter then other mice
So please *** well soon

- Charlie Gordon
Flowers for Algernon // Charlie Gordon
n e o Aug 2018
Red like the dress you wore when I first met you.
You were beautiful.
And you still are.

Roses are red.
Red like the lipstick which stained my cheek the first time you kissed me.
And all other times you did.

Roses are red.
Red like the sky
when you said goodbye.
Or like the dry eyes
I had every time I cried.

Roses are red.
Red as the blood that stained the silver bullet which pierced through your skin.
Roses are red.
Red like the heart that shattered into a million, countless fractals for you.

Roses are red.

As you lie in your hospital bed, dead, never coming back.
You won't come back.
You can't come back.

Roses are red like the one I'm holding, tightly
I don't care if I get hurt.
I don't care if the sharp thorns pierce through my fragile skin the way the bullet shattered all what could've and what would've been's.
All I want is for you to come back.
I want you to come back.
I need you to come back.
Please come back.

Roses are red.
And will always be red.
Always for you.
roses are red
n e o Jul 2018
he was blue.
     the hue of sadness.
          the hue of coldness.

                          she was yellow.
          the shade of happiness.
     the shade of joy.

he was dull.
     she was bright.

and they were the perfect marriage of day and night.
n e o Apr 2018
i steal.
i smoke.
i drink.
i gamble.
i punch.
i hurt.
i ****.

you see me as red. the ever color of anger.

you see me as green. the hue of greed and disgust.

you see me as black. the epitome of darkness.

but i'm in every way just like you.

i cry.
i fall.
i get hurt.
i get sick.
i get scared.
i make mistakes.

i die.

you don't see me as blue. a sadness conformed into a hue.

you don't see me as purple. an embodiment of fear.

you don't see me as white. the ever innocent color.

because before I was this, I was just like you.

and i guess you'll never see how the evil in me brought out the good in you.
villains deserve love and respect. they're people too. <3

— The End —