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Lost love Feb 2018
All I ever wished for was to see your face
Hear your voice and start from the base
All I ever wished for was to have siblings
Love them all and see what the future brings
All I ever wished for was to talk to you once
And Maybe get some advice
All I ever wished for was to Hear you call my name
But hey we still playing the waiting game
a poem about how I wish I could meet my father... even if it's just for one day
Lost love May 2019
your first mistake was to think
my favorite color was pink.
"not all girls are made from sugar and spice and everything nice some girls are made from sarcasm wine and everything divine"
Lost love Sep 2018
I feel like I became a different person everyday
I wish I could remember who the real me was so that I can be okay.
Every time the sunsets it takes away a part of me.
I keep losing myself each day.
why do I feel like the stars are created by the little pieces that the sun took away from me?
I try day by day to get the missing pieces back but they are just so many I lost count.
I need someone to remind me who the real me is... I forgot how to be myself I feel like I became a different person everyday.
Lost love Jun 2019
My first love
Didn't love me back
Lost love Jul 2019
I never knew
loving you
will hurt this bad.
Lost love Jul 2019
They said listen to your heart.
I tried doing that only to realize that
My heart speaks a language I don't understand.
Lost love Jul 2019
Writing heals my broken soul
Lost love Sep 2019
The 10pm bus rides are
not the same without you
Lost love Sep 2018
We mastered the art of pretending until we believed we are who we pretend to be.
We didn't realize that we lost ourselves in the process.
We pretended to be okay and we ended up believing that we are.
We didn't realize that the more we pretend the more we are breaking.
We got lost in our pretences and forgot about reality.
Hey! Wake up and try to find yourself before you lose the last part of you.

We mastered the art of pretending until we believed we are who we pretend to be.
Lost love Jan 2018
I failed to be the best I can be
I failed to take the chance that would have
Made me one step closer to my dreams
I played safe, so I failed.

I failed to be me I played pretend
I failed to always remember my dreams
Giving up on them sometimes seemed
To be an option
I didn’t take risks, so I failed.

I failed to wait my turn
I failed to understand that it takes time
In my dreams I thought I was already there.
I failed to face reality, I kept on dreaming without doing
I became impatient, so I failed.

I failed to put my all
I forgot who I was doing this for
I failed!!!   I failed!!!

Is it too little too late for me to start again?
Without forgetting this time, with my head held high?
I failed…
Lost love May 2019
they both knew it was a lie
but they were so scared to look at reality in the eye
so instead they enjoyed a ride of a car they knew was
going to crash.
I knew he didn't like me the way i liked him but i turned a blind eye to that... i didn't want to lose him he was the first guy i had ever had a crush on and actually liked.
Lost love Feb 2018
I shouldn't have went there
I shouldn't have gave him too much credit
I shouldn't have said it
How I wish I shouldn't have done a lot of things

I shouldn't still be thinking about him
I shouldn't have been a fool
How I wish I should have been stronger and acted differently
I shouldn't have let it affect me
I shouldn't have believed them because myb I would have been a different girl.... a better girl

I should have left everything in God's hands
I should have learned to love
I shouldn't be confused with my feelings
I should learn to follow my gut

I shouldn't have let strangers be part of my life
I shouldn't think that am not good enough
I shouldn't think about it anymore
I should have worked hard
I shouldn't feel like this
I shouldn't feel sorry for my self
I shouldn't have
Lost love May 2019
Dear heart,
How naïve of you to
Think it might work out.
Lost love Jan 2018
We played pretend
We pretended like it never happened
Like it was all just perfect
We chose to play the game
We turned pretence into art form.
Lost love May 2019
your sweet lies
are the reason for my painful cries.
Lost love May 2019
The problem with going with the flow
Is that you need to trust the flow,
And if you have trust issues
Then don’t follow the flow.
Lost love Dec 2017
Sometimes I wonder if its all just a game
And someone will come and tell me that "game over you lose"
But Then I won't be able to play again
Even if I want to, because you see this ain't a typical game

This isn't a game that you can just quit playing
Playing the game is not easy and quitting is even harder

There's no master of the game
We all trying to find ways of how to win it, but at the end is there a winner really?
Or do we all lose and we are given credit just for trying to play the game?

This game is called the game of life
Do we win this game eventually?

Or is this game a unique type of game that doesn't require winners but people who are strong enough to find ways of enjoying it without thinking about winning?
Lost love Jan 2018
She didn’t know where she was heading
She didn’t know where the path she has taken was leading
She was going to keep going as long as she was still breathing

Was she lost?
Maybe she was, but if she kept going what was she
Going to lose?
And what if she stopped?

She had hopes of making it big
Was it her fate to be big?
Or was this path only leading to a dead end?
What will happen at the end?

Is she lost?
Must she keep going?
Will she make it?
I don’t know
She also doesn’t know
I bet you don’t know either
She’s just a lost child
Lost love May 2019
How cruel of me
To drag you into my
Dark world my love
Lost love Mar 2019
Dear future husband,

I am damaged beyond repair
And since hearts don't come in pairs
This means I am now heartless  

I won't be able
To give you the love you deserve.
Am sorry

Yours truly
Your wife who's incapable of loving.

— The End —