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Lost love May 2019
your first mistake was to think
my favorite color was pink.
"not all girls are made from sugar and spice and everything nice some girls are made from sarcasm wine and everything divine"
Lost love May 2019
How cruel of me
To drag you into my
Dark world my love
Lost love May 2019
your sweet lies
are the reason for my painful cries.
Lost love May 2019
they both knew it was a lie
but they were so scared to look at reality in the eye
so instead they enjoyed a ride of a car they knew was
going to crash.
I knew he didn't like me the way i liked him but i turned a blind eye to that... i didn't want to lose him he was the first guy i had ever had a crush on and actually liked.
Lost love May 2019
The problem with going with the flow
Is that you need to trust the flow,
And if you have trust issues
Then don’t follow the flow.
Lost love May 2019
Dear heart,
How naïve of you to
Think it might work out.
Lost love Mar 2019
Dear future husband,

I am damaged beyond repair
And since hearts don't come in pairs
This means I am now heartless  

I won't be able
To give you the love you deserve.
Am sorry

Yours truly
Your wife who's incapable of loving.
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