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Nava 3h
This is my last poem
Until the next

My favorite color is sea foam
Read between my text

My favorite life is this one
It is quite the test

I have been too close to the sun
I have learned to love

living in the dark
Nava 23h
How do they do it?
How do they know?

I merely get through it
While they laugh and flow.

Seems like I am a piece of wood
Laying dead on the forest floor.

While the trees are in love
I feel like I have found my first spore.
Nava 5d
A windy evening I watch as leaves vibrate.
Failure to hold the totality all but liberates.
There is simply too much to take count of.
I resort to my faith in love.

Am I really in control
of this twitching machine?
With my heart full,
but a brain like a tangerine.

Will I not curse it when it breaks down?
And rejoice when it is underground?
For whose day will it ruin?
With no memory left of having been human.

There is simply too much to take count of
So I resort to my faith in love.
And today I make a break for it
An ejection from the flesh

From hot air to cool water, refreshed
Enough to make it softly cry
From a body that I have punished
With all of those thoughts of it as ā€œIā€
Nava 5d
Gentle and strong
Intricate and unruffled
You are an acquired taste
A certain kind of lovely
The unassailable mother
Protect me from my mind
Set it free to help myself and you
Your kind and mine
After writing a small poem  this morning (A desperate room) A small wounded spider was found crawling on me, which I promptly freed. And was led to looking up spider symbolism. This poem is the result of that sequence of events.
Nava 5d
What room am I in?
The spirit of what  I am
The body is the womb
The mind a tool
With hands for branches
Third eye watches
When I the fool
Counts me separate
Playing cool
Coming off desperate
Nava 6d
I sleep
Not so sound
I wake
Time turns
I cannot rise
But time turns
And I do
I arrive
I work
Slowly it turns
I wait
Unexpected grace
Sun shines
I smile
It flys
I have turned old
And I have gone by
Nava Jun 5
A wiser man than I
Would have known
What he was feeling

A braver man than I
Would have said
What he was thinking

A better man than I
Would have been
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