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Harriet Regan Jul 2016
The world is hard and cruel,
It leaves many people lost;
To find their homes,
To find themselves,
To find somewhere to belong.
But the lost still struggle on,
Hoping against hope,
That one day they will belong to somewhere.
Or to something,
Or to someone.
Because to belong is everything.

The world is hard and cruel,
And filled with tragedies,
And sadness,
And death.
But still we fight on.
Because we want to.
Because we have to.
Because there is no other choice.
Because we are stuck with this world,
And we need shelter;
And safety,
And happiness.
Somewhere to belong;
A place to go to,
Or a friendly face to turn to.
So even when the world gets angry
And it refuses to make room for us,
We will stay here anyway.
Because to belong is everything.

The world is hard and cruel,
And has been against us for many years,
And for many more years to come.
But we have still survived.
We are still living,
And we belong to a world that has never accepted us.
But we still belong.

Please, let us belong.
Harriet Regan Jun 2016
Raining stars beyond our sight,
Shining drops of moonlit light,
Empty mist glows in the heights
As we dance together through silver night.
Harriet Regan Jun 2016

They traipse in lines along the ground,
Born to serve without a sound,
To their queen eternally bound.

They never break their military walls,
Even when their armies fall,
And there is nothing left at all.
Harriet Regan Jun 2016
Oceans that are as deep as curiosity
Underground caves that are as magical as a shared secret
Rivers that flow as fast as excitement

Winds that are as strong as passion
Organisms that are as unique as imagination
Rocks that are as solid as a promised promise
Light that shines as bright as joy
Deserts that are as golden as happiness

Icebergs that are as refreshing as invigoration
Sunsets that are as fiery as love

Beaches that are as busy as personality
Eclipses that are as classic as royalty
Autumns that are as colourful as creativity
Untouched land that is as new as originality
Terrain that is as stunning as awe
Icicles that are as dauntless as determination
Forests that are as fresh as inspiration
Unchanged patterns that are as satisfying as relief
Lagoons that are as mysterious as wonder

And an earth that is more beautiful than beauty itself.

— The End —