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2d · 120
I sat by the window and gaze outside.
But my eyes were fixed on the glass watching the raindrop slide down.
Like my tears slide down from my eyes.
And they finally met but we didn't.
Maybe a walk in the rain would help a little.
3d · 95
He asked me,
Why do you run when there's no escape?
Why do you cry when there no more tears to fall?
Why do you care when they don't?
Why do you love to get hurt everytime?
Why do you set traps when you get trapped instead?
Why do you hate when there's no reason?
Why do you hide when there's no place to go?
Why do you run when someone love you?
Why do you cry for someone who don't care?
Why can't you do it for me?
Why can't you??
I can't figure it out.
5d · 113
Everynight she look up in the sky and wish him Goodnight.

Everynight he look up in the sky and wish the Venus Goodnight.

Everynight they look up in the sky and smile
Because they know they share the same night sky

And it give them a hope to see tomorrow.
To Z and A.
Hope you're looking at night sky :)
7d · 64
I like you once not twice
I fell for you once not twice
I was stupit once but not twice
And I won't make the same mistake twice
Cause once has taught me alot
You don't love the wrong person again. Do you????
7d · 117
If he had just focus on her like when they were sixteen.
The he wouldn't have lost her.
Its strange that love changes with the passage of time.
I've notice that some of the young lovers that marry at haste never remain like before. But they realise it after losing them.
Jun 22 · 120
I love the fact that I'm not Okay.
As thats not a lie.
Its alright. You don't need to be okay everytime.
Jun 22 · 88
My heart dropped
When I slipped.
Had a nasty fall.
And I still can't pick my heart up.
Jun 19 · 144
Like this before
I don't know if its the cut that hurts more
Or the heart that hurts more.
I never felt like this before.
Just step on a glass and I don't know whats hurting me.
The cut or the heart.
I just realise that when you are sad everything hurt so badly.
Jun 18 · 245
So In Love
I was so in love with the rain
That it caught me.
Just caught a cold while playing in the rain.
I deserve it :p
Jun 14 · 358
Next lifetime
You went through so many thing in this life.
And eventually you decide to go away from this world.
But if ever there was a next lifetime.
I wish you be born
In a better way
Live a better life
Get better family
And be in a better place
Better home and
Find better love.
For a late friend of mine.
This is my wish for you. Hope in the next lifetime you get more.
Jun 14 · 118
I hate the fact that you're no more.
But I have to accept it.
Cause you're not coming back anymore.
I should have known that you're leaving when you said, 'have a great life bye'.
Now you're gone to a better place.
And I'm wondering If I'll have a great life or not.
Jun 12 · 126
The more
The more I love you
The more you love to slip away from me

The more I care
The more I get hurt

The more I cry
The more you smile

The more I live
The more I learn
Guess it time to learn new things
Jun 6 · 219
Found Its Place
That day when I fell into your arms.
My heart found its place.
Wrote this 2 years ago.
Jun 1 · 198
I'll live on as you gave me a reason.
I'll live on for you.
I'll live on as if you are still here.
I'll live on.
I really will live on.
Not a poem.
Just another lament again.
I got a reason to live on. I'll live on for you :)
Jun 1 · 121
I'll keep on asking
I'll keep on asking myself over and over again.
But I'll never get my answers.
Another lament.
I lost a great friend.
Jun 1 · 133
The Night
The night bring more tears
As it reminds me of you.
And it has alot of memories.
Not a poem
Just a lament
May 8 · 366
Gone for a while
Time heals people
And time is a great healer
And I'll be gone for a while
To let time heal me
Hey friends,
I'll be gone for a while please remember me in your prayer.
I'll try to come back soon.
Love you all.
May 8 · 352
Not Just Me Alone
Its Not Just Me Alone So
Its Not All I Want
But All We Want
Is To Find Somebody
Hope everybody wish comes true to find their somebody:)
May 7 · 148
Your silence tells me that you don't know me
Your silence tells me that I don't need to contact you again
Your silence tells me you're sorry
Your silence was the answer to all my question
And the last thing your silence told me was that
I don't exist in your world
I should have realised it sooner😑😑😑
May 7 · 216
He told me not to get any closer
But I was already close
He told me to stay away from him
Which I couldn't
He told me to not to call his name
Which I love to call
He told me I don't know him
So I got to know him better
He told me not to waste my time on him
Which I love to waste
Last night he called me up
And told me that he was sorry and that he lied to me
He told me that I can stay by his side
But I'm already on my way
I'm  not gonna stay
May 7 · 200
Something wet touched my cheek
That I look up to see what it was
It was a dew drop that fell down from a tree
Wishing me good morning with its dew before the wind comes and kiss my cheeks
May 5 · 166
Sometimes I don't wanna think about this but
Sometimes I just envy a little bit about the person that is inside your heart.
Cause that person is not me
But I'll not envy her anymore because you are not the only guy in this world.
And I'll definitely find someone better than you
May 4 · 45
You can't protect yourself from sadness, without protecting yourself from happiness
     By- Jonathan Safran Foer
Just a quotes that I wanted to share.
Hope it help you guys.
May 3 · 126
Admire from afar
I always admire you from afar
And never dare to get close you
Cause even if I get close to you
The distance is still the same
So I admired you from afar
They say, 'so close yet so far'
So I admire him from afar
Guess I have to find someone thats not you
May 2 · 202
Perhaps if I had read the beginning and the ending one more time
It would have been different

Perhaps If I had understand it
I wouldn't have made the ending
Because that was not our story
I should have realise it sooner
Apr 28 · 166
They thought I fell in love with you
Because of your smile
But the truth is
I fell in love with you
When you smiled from your heart
Apr 24 · 564
I knew I wasn't gonna see you for months
So I drew a portrait of you in my heart
So that I could feel you everyday
Apr 15 · 184
The next dawn
I woke up when a raindrop touch my cheek
It started to drizzle and later it started to pour heavily
But it did not cease my search for your footsteps
I walked along with the rain
And it led me to the tree where you took shelter
I touch the tree
Not to feel its roughness
But to feel the warmth you left behind
For my grandpa
Apr 7 · 165
Can't lose you
Last night I heard him say,
'Please have you food Mom please.'
But she turned away from him
And he broke down saying,
'I already lost them mom and I can't lose you too Mom'
And she cried knowing he only have her and no other else
This is not a poem
Apr 6 · 126
He never took my breath away
Its just that I forgot to breath
But he took the breath away from my heart
Apr 3 · 372
That windy night
I sat down leaning on a tree
And listen to the songs of the rivers till dawn
Not to find peace but to listen the tales of great hunter.
And to know where you walk
As I was one step closer to touch your footsteps.
For my grandpa
Mar 31 · 345
That windy evening
I ran to the river side
To catch a glimpse of your soul
But only found your broken arrow stuck in the ground
So I walk along the river side
Hoping that it will lead me to the place where your footsteps once lingered
For my grandpa (who was a hunter)
Mar 30 · 148
That windy day
I walked through the wood
Not to enjoy the windy fall
But to touch and follow the footsteps you left behind.
For my grandpa
Mar 26 · 366
One kind
He gave me a rose.
And it was not a commom rose.
But it was a rose of its only one kind.
That remains and bloom in my heart forever.
It was not a common rose
Mar 24 · 173
He ignored me,
So I stole his pen and hid it.
And now he is talking to me.
Just to get back his pen.
He really like his pen. Don't worry I gave it back to him.
Mar 14 · 177
One smile can't change the world.
But your smile change my world and my day.
Mar 13 · 281
Everyday I wake up without you by my side.
But I'm not alone as you have already warm the place in my heart and its more than enough.
Mar 7 · 123
When the Peach Blossom Bloom.
I always remember to pluck some it branches and plant it on our favourite spot.
Which have now became your grave.
Now the Peach trees have started to bloom and I'm just waiting for the time.
When I'll lie beside you and bloom along with you every spring.
Mar 6 · 202
My little bro asked my older sis,
Why our heart never take rest?
Mar 6 · 221
Pitter Patter
Pitter Patter
Drop by drop
Slowly its raining heavily.
And I found myself falling asleep while counting the rain drops.
Pitter Patter
Pitter Patter
Rain come and take away my loneliness.
Mar 5 · 160
If you play with the time now in the present situation.
Then time will play with you in future.
So reflect on yourself before its too late.
Mar 4 · 255
I'm not a stalker.
But I just love following after you.
Cause you're a way just too cute that I can't resist but to stalk you a little bit.
But don't worry I'm not a creepy stalker.
And I'll soon stop doing it.
Its about a cute little nerd guy whom I have a crush on. He a way too cute and innocent that I resist but to follow him while walking back home.
Mar 1 · 188
He is gone from this world but that doesn't mean
That he is gone from my heart.
As his name is encarved in my heart and he'll remain alive there.
Just a few lines about the one whom I loved.
I can't help but remember him  everyday and especially in March as he love this month.
Feb 22 · 211
Even if I don't get you.
Or don't win over you in this world.
I will fight to get you in the netherland where we'll have a face to face talk.
And see if you can avoid and ignore me again.
Feb 21 · 288
I'm Glad that the person you love is not a girl.
And that I don't have to envy anything about it.
It just made me glad that you choose the right one.
Feb 18 · 265
Maybe I just need a shoulder to lean, a hand to hold, a ear to listen to my laments.
And some time to get over you.
Feb 18 · 246
Met you
If this day never came then I don't think I would have Met You.
But I'm glad that this day came and I got the chance to Meet You my dear friend .
I really love this day.
Feb 17 · 191
He promised her that he'll show her this beautiful world.
He fulfilled his promise by disappearing forever.
She opened her eyes but he was not there anymore.
She cried out for him but he was gone.
Then she fulfilled her promise by lighting up hundreds of lantern in his funeral.
She left this world when she was thrown up in the sky by the truck.
And they fulfilled their promise by planting thousands of Camellia flowers on their grave yards.  
To Unite them once again.
Feb 17 · 174
Sometimes I really Want to paint your love and see how much you love me.
Cause I can feel it but I can't see it.
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