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Nana Alli Jun 2020
License to die,
Contract to ****,
That was the deal,
Buried my heart,
Wore a mask
And blood spills

Inhumanly human,
Tears floods my heart,
Yet, I stand head high
Even with death
Staring into my eyes

No guts!
No glory!
For I am a lethal weapon
And no one dies twice!

As I leave my body
I remain loyal
To Alfa,
Died a Romeo for my country,
Served as Mike,
Till we meet in Yankee,
Even in afterlife my symbol is peace
But my loyalty belongs
To the
Alfa Romeo Mike Yankee.

Nana Alli Apr 2021
How mysterious?
Cold hands of death lurks around
For no one but all.
Nana Alli May 2020
We all want to be perfect,
But what is perfection?
What does it take to be perfect?
I look in the mirror
And I see perfection
I look in my soul
And I see depression

I see a beast,
That will never be accepted
A lonely soul,
Surrounded by people
Yet, invincible
I see me yearning to be loved
So,  I cry myself
To sleep everyday,
Contemplating suicide

But when I wake up,
The first thing I see
Is my perfect reflection in the mirror
So, I smile
Hiding my fear of perfection
Little do I know that perfection,
Is an illusion
And suicide is never the solution!
Nana Alli May 2020
Did I tell you, what the poet told me?
He said my hair was longer than that of Rapunzel,
He said I was fairer,
Than Snow White
And even prettier than Cinderella.

Did I tell you, what my poet told me?
He said he would be the only Prince Charming,
That gets to wake me up from my beauty sleep.
He said he would raise dragons, from their ashes,
And make me the mother of dragons.

Oh! My poet says nice words.
He paints beautiful images
As he drinks his garri
He slays words in his house able to contain only himself,

Oh! My poet uses words to take me on trips,
The last time he opened his mouth,
I found myself in Dubai.
He goes by the pen name
"slayer of words"
Is that even literally possible?
Am I dating a poet?
Or a liar?
What's the difference?
I don't know
But my poet says beautiful words.

Nana Alli May 2020
Our eyes met,
Hands touched
And sparks filled the room
You were destined for me

We kissed and snuggled,
I felt your breath on me,
I felt your pain,
I was yours

I showed you off to the world,
I thought death couldn't keep us apart,
I was you and you were me,
I lived my life with you

I learnt how to love with you,
You gave me hope
But death cheated us
I wouldn't stop playing with death,
Till, I'm yours and you are mine again,
See you soon, my love.

Nana Alli Apr 2021
I don't hate you
Nor love you
I just want to  feel loved
Would you be my rebound?

Let's make out
Roll around in our sweat,
Passionately examine each other's body,
Sharing no emotions.
Would you be my rebound?

Get me gifts,
Shower me love,
Make me your numero uno,
So, I asked would you be mine?
My rebound replied " we are just friends"

My rebound cheated me
I am my rebound's rebound,
I fell in love with my rebound,
My rebound is betroth,
He left me like my love did.
Now, I need a rebound for my rebound.
Would you be my new rebound?

Nana Alli May 2020
Roses are red
Violet are blue
My love for you is always new
My heart is yours
My soul becomes brand new
With each kiss you give

Too bad you left me
All alone in the dark
Craving for you
Waiting for you
Is all I do.
Thinking in words

— The End —