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  Jul 2015 Natalie
in the end,
your *****
is just another
piece of you
that he *******
Natalie Jul 2015
The wind is nonexisitant ,
My hair is in my face,
I just broke up with you,
'Cause I don't like the chase.
Your vibe not consistent,
Your mood a surprise,
The blame on my always.
The problem is this night.
I just want your lips,
And your eyes and your chest.
So lay on my body.
We'll give this break up a rest.
I want to be strong enough to be alone, but how can I when I want his body more?
Natalie May 2015
I hate the angry attitude.
I hate the way you scream.
I hate the so-loid shuffling,
Which wakes me up from dreams.
You throw ****- your upset with me.
I push you away with tears.
You'll hold my chest so close to yours,
To erase my ******* fears.
I hate that I forgive you,
I hate that I forget.
The love turns right back to pain,
Still you never leave my head.
April 20 2015
Natalie Oct 2014
The valley of my neck
the landscape of my jaw,
is toxic with the
your teeth dared not avoid.
Oct 9 2014
Natalie Oct 2014
I say that I'll leave you,
I aspire to make you mad.
Hold my wrists,
clench your fists,
tell me that I'm bad.
Bite me hard,
leave a scar,
so people know I'm yours.
**** me till the sun comes up,
**** me till I'm sore.
Oct 7 2014
Psych 101 was boring as hell. I wanted ***.
  Sep 2014 Natalie
When I dream,
It's your hands around my neck,
Your fist at my throat.
As you leave a tiny peck,
I let out a silenced note.
Natalie Sep 2014
When i look in the mirror I see art.
I remember,
your lips beating to the rhythm of my heart.
Against my neck,
you left your mark.
I like looking in the mirror and thinking of you, I just wish no one else could see them.
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