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NKOANA Dec 2017
You were a nobody, a nobody
       And nobody cared about you
                   Now your a somebody,
   And everybody talks about you.

                                               ( oh ,    )

                    Your a somebody now,
                         So not just anybody
                            gets to talk to you ?
NKOANA Dec 2017
Goldie,the golden boy,
the real C-3pO.

Bury me with my golden chains, I was always an expensive slave.

Six feet under, in a brown golden casket.
Many days, nights, seasons and years will come and go.
But I'll still be
Six feet under, in a brown golden casket.

The flesh will rot away, but like an ol' ***** pirate,
my gold teeth will still be shinny,
my rose gold Rolex watch will still be ticking.

Goldie, the golden boy,
the real C-3pO.
Give a ***** some credit,
Only where credit is due.

Your secrets are mine to keep,
Your dreams are mine to see through,

I wouldn't betray you because I'll only be betraying myself.
I wouldn't ever lie to you, why would I lie to the goddess I pray to?
Yes, I **** with you, wouldn't **** on you, wouldn't wanna ******* up, I **** with you!

Give a ***** some credit,
Only where credit is due.

I freely given my heavy heart to you, don't ever take it lightly!
I don't usually do the back and forth ****, it's only because you're worth it, I hope you know this.

Give a ***** some credit,
Only where credit is due.
Bad poem but ft, it's true and tragic
NKOANA Dec 2017
Everything is everything
and only nothing happens without a reason.
If I was to say more, it'll probably be GIBBERISH.
NKOANA May 2018
I had very little to give.
I knew what I had to give wouldn't be enough,
But that was all I could give,
So I gave you my all.

And now, I'm empty inside.
NKOANA Jan 2018
I cried like a new born baby, no one could calm me.

I cried, until my tears ran dry and I was left empty inside.

In my mourning and grief,
I cried and cried and cried.

I cried, till my knees dropped to the ground, because for once I had lost something that could never be found.
NKOANA Jul 2018
I know, I'll never know everything
I know, I know way too much for my own good
I know, what know is not really the truth and it's not really lies
But it's all I know.
I know, I don't know enough
But I know enough to make me wish I didn't know anything at all
NKOANA Dec 2017
Amazing grace,
how sweet the sound.
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost, and sadly I still am.
Lost in a maze,
I lost my ways.
Lost in translation.
Like yesterday,
I'm lost never to be found again.
I lost it ,
l lost my mind.
Lost a lot friends and lost my self in the process.

- sorry for your loss.
NKOANA Dec 2017
Kind words for the unkind.
Same, as sun shines for those in the dark.
Just, only just for the unjust.
Kind words, uttered for the unkind,
No, it's not right and could possibly be mistaken for lies but I guess it's only kind.
NKOANA Nov 2018

I thought to myself when will I ever reach tomorrow, because the following day always has a day to follow it. I guess, I'd reach it when there's no longer a following day, hope it's as bright as I think it to be.
NKOANA Dec 2017
5:00am , a summer morning .
After a long party night,
I'm out on the balcony,
Drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes.
I found myself smiling,
as I was rereading our old whatsapp texts.
NKOANA Aug 2018
What do you do, ?

When you no longer belong in the place you were born.
When all the people you know don't know you anymore.
When everything is the same and nothing has changed except you.
When you look in the mirror and can't recognize the reflection.

What do you do, ?

Do you leave everything that is familiar ?
Do you stay and remain a stranger ?

What do you do, ?

Now that you gave everything you had to give and they're still asking you for more.
Now, that all the sweet lies have been told and all that is left is the bitter truth.

What do you do, ?

When all the things that used to be cool aren't cool anymore and all of a sudden, your heart wants more.
When the boy in you is dead and the man in you can't stand the thought of being alive.

What do you do, ?

Its questions I often ask myself and others, whenever I'm home.
I don't feel at home anymore.
nevermind the grammar.

— The End —