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  Jan 28 NB
Midnight Rain
during the nights
i barely scratch the surface of sleep
before the sun pours over my eyes,
reminding me of another day i cannot
bear the strength to carry  

i am stuck, it seems, in two different worlds
      wedged between the conscious
               and unconscious

i am a nomad wandering the
middle ground of two realities,
caught in the crease of two pages
of the same book

i am bound to nothingness
or perhaps nothingness is bound to me

        an ache sifts through me,
drawing out the years from my life
leaving me to count my days in sighs

during the night,
sleep leaves like an old friend and
i cannot stop the tears
when he says his last goodbye.

NB Jul 2018
As if comfort's a distraction
& love its own withered ghost
There's a set of growing blurred thoughts,
monologues & question marks
For the one who has the least,
but feels the most

Still awaiting for a vision
Resurrection in disguise
Holding dreams within my glass tears,
dying eyes & hollow words
to the one who keeps secrets
but tells no lies

As if life is just a fraction
Of a dream one dreams alone
There's a swarm of wrong dimensions,
False transitions & bad trip days
For the one who drowned your
fears, with his own

Seems it was just an illusion,
Faded picture, broken frame
Of a life unknown to memory
& a love, untouched by passing
for the one I happened to find
Just the one that never came

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