NB Jul 2018
As if comfort's a distraction
& love its own withered ghost
There's a set of growing blurred thoughts,
monologues & question marks
For the one who has the least,
but feels the most

Still awaiting for a vision
Resurrection in disguise
Holding dreams within my glass tears,
dying eyes & hollow words
to the one who keeps secrets
but tells no lies

As if life is just a fraction
Of a dream one dreams alone
There's a swarm of wrong dimensions,
False transitions & bad trip days
For the one who drowned your
fears, with his own

Seems it was just an illusion,
Faded picture, broken frame
Of a life unknown to memory
& a love, untouched by passing
for the one I happened to find
Just the one that never came

NB Jun 2018
Let the deceit drop from your eyes
What's left, a bare face or a new disguise?
What's right? Not silence,
Or collections of lies
Just a memory of a man
That could've been whole

Embrace the dream, but is it alive?
Amusive? – the promise of an endless drive
Elusive – its fruits predestined to die
If it ever made sense
To dream this at all

Force fed with myths of future
Faceless idols
Success stories

Hushed to sleep
By men from screens
Who **** their sons for territories

Who bear no chains but the ones they've given us

Let the denial tear off its veil
What's wrong? Your eyes cannot see the grail
What's real? The decline,
Or luxury from the tale
You were taught to believe
To forget we can fall

It's all you imagine, what you've been told
Such fate! – to be paid your own weight in gold
Such art! - but it's stolen,
Soulless, resold
The fetish of power
Just one thing to rule them all

Elusive – in your arms it must transform
Carried in anguish, burden of a lie

Delusive appearance for those who conform
Intrusive – the noise of a stoner's lullaby

Mistaking freedom for creations estranged
Castles of glass & fast, shiny cars

Mistaking this world for the one that had changed
Laid under a set of artificial stars

You strangled life
Borne by your heart
Low class celebrity hysteria

You took the soul
Of what was art
Its birth became its burial

You wasted nights
To paint a dream
By then it became hilarious

Shocked by ads
Heartless roles
& talent show scenarios

It carried woe

How distant a goal
when you face a foe

How mournful the love, when it cannot grow

How broken a smile when it brings no glow

How meaningless words
When their truth
Can't flow

Abusive – the dream was never yours
Adults have a brutal version of Disneyland

Fate predesigned for antiquity stores
Like colors that wish to melt in your hand

Elusive – it lives until its found
The sinister master takes hold of the *****

Exclusive - & you can never be crowned
On the path of gold leading
From enrichment
To the grave

So I'd rather stay in my own world
Let the nights stay dark & slow

I'd rather stay & wait
Until there's no one left to go

I'd rather die changing inside
For the money cannot sing

Than live for what they said I should
That in the end is just

So, let the defeat help you arise
New colors? For this sky, there're no dyes
New words? But the mind should know no lies
& only then, the man
Will stand tall

But if you'll retreat, say your goodbyes
Impossible? Yet this wish never dies
The fools still have it,
& so do the wise
If it ever made sense
To dream this at all

  May 2018 NB
Amory Caricia
little reasons to be fearful
reasons with no ground at all
door creak in an empty hallway
trapdoor in the hallway, fall
fall down seven dreadful stories
in a house of only two
possible is out of question
everything will come for you

howling walls in rooms forgotten
summon life from rusted chains
faded, weary, tainted, taunting
be reborn through scorched remains

little things just left unsettled
tiny pieces of unknown
hums and whispers, demon-meddled
faces felt but never shown
fangs of phantom, eyes of monsters
wails from deep dark tombstone walls
darkest midnight, blackest shadow
Answers to the demon's calls
NB Apr 2018
Yesterday, only before it came, mattered
The hope to erase what then was called past

But as it formed, the more it shattered
In hearts of fools that wanted it to last

& as it came, so suddenly, closer
It seemed that its light we only borrow

To try & defeat something beyond us
The fear that we found in a vague tomorrow

Yesterday, we were alive, battered
& its shadows promised not to leave us alone

…how they retreated before two souls, unfettered
The Great Obscure finding its dreadful Unknown

If there was a ***, the eye of the cosmos
Did it smile at the way that we fought the waves

Sailing across the seas of rejected
Hardly our fates' masters, but never its slaves

Every fire was once just an ember
Each handful of ash a yesterday's flame

But tomorrow, only the bright ones we'll remember
& though they will never burn the same

My eyes will reflect a future not taken
My lips will not speak,
but jealously hold the unspoken name

My mind can retreat
But my heart will sing
To one of yesterdays that never came

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