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NadPoet Feb 2020
Hayaan ipikit ang mata at matulog kana
Ako ang magiging anghel dela gwardiya
Sa iyong pagtulog hayaan ipahinga ang isip sa pag-alala
Ako ang magiging bantay mo sa pagtulog habang tinititigan kita
Hayaang mata ay ipahinga at managinip ng masaya
Di man ako marunong kumanta upang ihele ka
Ako naman ang magbabantay upang ang pagtulog ang mahimbing
Habang tulog ka ako ang iyong mandirigmang ipaglalaban ang katahimikan
Katahimikan dito sa mundong puro away at sigawan
Matulog ka na...
NadPoet Aug 2019
Let me chase until I am tired
No one knows when?
But I know in the end
I will face it to begin again
NadPoet Jun 2018
They preach to hate and curse the enemy
But this not what He preach in the mount beatitudes
When everyone listens and hear his words
He blessed those who are poor in spirit
And those who mourn and who are meek
Those who are seeking righteousness and merciful
A pure in heart and those peacemakers not peacekeepers
And those who are persecuted because of righteousness
Surely God is with them and theirs the kingdom of Heaven
This is the words the he peached
But others have a different words they teach
Be selfish in your ambition is what they want to reach
To become great and in earthly things they are rich
Fot them help is not an option but it is only for the weak
They dont know the real meaning of how to become meek
Gaining the whole world and losing their soul
They are acting righteous but still a fool
Never accepts a correction from another person
By the end of they day still they will say
All things are vanity and this life is just a temporary
And for the wicked still hell is their final destiny
NadPoet May 2018
Why you boast for the things that you done?
The things that you think you can do it all you can!
What are you thinking? That you are greater than the Lord who created you?
Examine yourself, read Mathew 7:21 until 23
You are running your own race created by your own ways
And you are blinded by the things you desire
Boasting you can do all thing without the creator
Have ever understand all this things is grace?
Surrender to Christ and change all your ways
Christ takes away the pain
and you will never be the same
still smiling with trials and pain
Christ will be the reason while you live
And He will be the reason why you forgive
All the that makes you cry and bleed
He will be the shoulder to lean on
Even all things went wrong
That is the amazing grace!
How sweet the sound   that my God and my savior saved a wretched like me.
NadPoet Apr 2018
Praying to change all of my ways
That Ill be leaning on you all of my days
This is what I pray to change my heart if you may
Be the person you want me to be
To follow you and obey in any circumstances
I wanna say thank you for giving this chances
Change me what you want me to be
Beat my flesh to the death so I will follow
I have a joy in all of my pains and sorrows
For you give me the strength to change
To do your will and not mine
For your word is always on my mind
It gives me instruction and it always remind
Change me to be like you
May I give you joy for whatever I do
Change my heart my Lord so I will be become like you
My all of my days gives glory and praise to you
Mold me like a clay to live for you each and everyday
the cry of my heart
NadPoet Apr 2018
Heavy problems in my back and I dont want to get up
All what I want is to lie down and to stop
To surrender my life and I dont want to fight back
It gives more heavy weight on my back
But I am not like that and I want to stand up!
To get up and and to always attack
I am a fearless and war is in my blood
And I know God is in my back when my all enemies will attack
My God lights up my path and tells me to get up
He gives me strength and tells me to never to give up
I am walking in the valley of decision
He is my God were my shoulder to cry on
My shield and strength where I found refuge and salvation
I know this world will give trials and problems and temptation
But I know I should stay strong and must to go on
By the help my God and by reading his instructions
To dwell in His word and not to do on my own
To listen to my convictions and his corrections
I am a warrior and an army of God
I stand firm in the battlerfield
I am fearless and I am in the frontline
He gives strength and comfort in all my burdens and problems
NadPoet Apr 2018
I never know who is God
I never know to find His love
For my happiness is in the lust
My happiness that never last
But everything change when Christ came to my heart
He cleanse all the things in His sight that is *****
Giving me a second chance to bring Him glory
As a living sacrifice I will live for Him
Never to turn my back to my ELOHIM
For He gave me the light and He gave me the life
And I want to praise Him all the days of my life
And to shout His name from North,South,East to the WEST
J-E-S-U-S!! He is Jesus the Lord of my life
And I want to thank Him for the mercy that He bring to my life
This is I pray Lord and I don't wanna go back as a slave of the dark.
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