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 Feb 2018 Mystifying Chaos
When you see her cry
     you get a rag,
a gentle delicate cloth.
                                        Lovingly grasp her hand
                                               and dab its tip;
                                       dry each tear as they come.
                                                           ­                               And ask each drop
                                                            ­                                   why it'd leave
                                                           ­                               such beautiful eyes.

  If she wishes
to be in the sky,
  tell her to go.
                              Take the sun ransom,
                              and replace its shining
                                    with her own.
                                                            ­          So you can see her every morning
                                                         ­                          and wish for her
                                                                ­                  return each night.

When you see her scars
  both visible and non-
    touch each gently.
                                             And remind her
                                       that each and every hurt
                                            she has survived,
                                                       ­                                 has only made her
                                                                ­                   that much more unique;
                                                         ­                              that much stronger.

  Show her that she
  is a special person
and is worthy of love.
                                     That she deserves the love
                                            she fears to give...
                                            show her so that
                                                            ­                     one day after you're gone
                                                            ­                      she can find the strength
                                                                ­                    to go on without you.

    Tell her that while
she might not be a goddess
far above worldly desires,
                                          that she is amazing,
                                         for just being herself
                                    for being that beautiful girl
                                                            ­                   who thinks herself damaged
                                                         ­                         when in truth she's just
                                                            ­                    a different kind of beautiful.

   And finally, love her.
  Like a boy loves a girl
Till she finally remembers
                                            that that's what she is:
                                          not a scar, not a goddess,
                                             not a star. But a girl.
                                                           ­                         That deserves to be loved.
Constant, consistent, consuming
Devoid of all control
Relentless, redundant, ruining
I must never reveal my soul

For only I know
How far I will go
Can't let it show
I've never felt so low
Blame it on
Your absent father
Your addict mother
Your unexpected children
Blame it on
Anyone, and anything
So you never have to
Take responsibility
For your own actions

It's the whiskey
That hit me
It's my own shards
That tore me apart
It's a malevolent God
That lied about love
'Cause you don't do anything

Blame it on
My fragile psyche
My insecurities
My "impossible" needs
Blame it on
Anyone, and anything
So you never have to
Take responsibility
For what you've done to me

It's the cigarettes
That stole my breath
The weight of my expectations
That broke my trust
The spinning of my own wheels
That drove me into madness
'Cause you don't do anything
Everyone has a **** like this in their life.
You are the murmuring birds that grace my line of sight
Brown eyes that ease the night
The Spring lambs that warm my heart
Auburn silk tresses , blue forget- me -nots
You are the very instant the sun breaks the morning brume
The stained glass sky in my Autumn afternoon
My question , my seduction , my reason
My trail , my expression , my Summer season* ...
Copyright November 28 , 2016 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
And so I throw it all away
All those things I could never say
It brings a tear to my eye
But I must let this whole part of me die

We were one
You and I
The moon
The sun
The fallen sky
We were stars
Shining in a midnight's lie
Scorching the earth
Biding our time

Oh how I'll miss you
Waste of mine...
A reflection of my Oneness state...
Say this Life's a bible and I am
Moses, could you perchance be
my Stuff and help me
strike the Sea of
loneliness apart?
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