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Mysterious Mind Nov 2016
There once was a rose, so gallant and proud. With its rosey red color, it brought a new light to the world. Slowly but surely, the rose began to fade. It reached out to the world, offering nothing but shame. Crying for the dreams it once vividly shared, the hopes that fell in red little drops that caused all to stare. What had the rose done, to deserve such a punishment?
An old note of mine that I recently found on my phone. I can go through the daily motions and feel glorious, but it's always the silent veil of the night that gets me. That allow these thoughts and feelings to surface.
Mysterious Mind Jan 2016
I don't think you understood what you did to me. Your words consumed me. Abused me. And I broke. Accusation after accusation, name after name.  Until I became physically exhausted--the only proof of the shattered fragments my mind had become. I tried to stay strong, I tried to stay happy, I tried to live on. But alas, even the strongest have a breaking point.
I'm so mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted... I don't think this earth was meant for me..
Mysterious Mind Dec 2015
If I floated away into the stars tonight
Would you notice or even care?
Would you whisper my name with sorrow's soft fare?
Or would you walk away?
And continue your colorful life
Without this shade of gray?

For tomorrow's delight
Can only exist
In the absence of despair.
This isn't fair. Do you even have feelings for me? Or were those three words just some cruel joke? I've always been the odd one out: fat, ugly, worthless. Don't you dare play with my heart for a quick laugh. I only have so much hope left for this world. My world.
Mysterious Mind Oct 2015
I'm a complainer who shows the world a mask, carved from the most skilled of hands.
I'm not truly me.
I'm a cover up.
A fake.
But that's ok, because I don't  even know me.
Mysterious Mind Feb 2015
Everyone saw she was drowning
But offered no hand
In fear they would drown too
I have no friends. I have no life. And now I don't even have myself.
Mysterious Mind Feb 2015
My disposable plastic heart has been crushed one too many times.
RIP baby girl<3
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