Feb 25 Mybadbrainday
I'm full of stories that aren't mine
And every night I go out of line
Consuming them without single pause...
Oh, sweet illusions, oh, deep remorse.

I talk and I love and I come to life
Through screens and their light and old black on white.
So filled to the brim with feelings not real,
I fear any second they'll tumble and spill.

And I'm not aware

That miniature pieces of loved heroines
Attaches themselves to my sense of self
And bits of dialogue not quite authentic
Escapes my lips though I try to prevent it.

There are no more days, just a faraway blur,
In my free time from fiction I flounder and slur.
Completely immersed in another yet tale
I do not notice...

My life has gone stale.

I forgot what it feels to feel spacious inside,
Only vaguely remember a bright state of mind,
And I plunge even deeper into my relapse,
So as not to see gaps and through them my collapse.

But oh how I miss it.

It's been ages since my eyes were twinkly, You said.
Now I'm tired and old and my eyelids feel wrinkly...


And yet -

With hair dreary
Vision bleary
One last time
to get

A quick fix of fantasy, drama and wit...
It's just one more line, after that I will

  Oct 2017 Mybadbrainday
Lior Gavra
When a tweet, no longer comes from a bird.
A message, no longer written in words.
A picture, determines your current worth.
A swipe, is not for payments against earns.

Your world, no longer restricted to earth.
Your voice, can control your universe.
Games, without company, a box.
Books, used to be written, forgot.

Love was in letters, not characters.
Eyes looked straight, not down.
Communication, in touch were sound.
Reactions, were not button frowns.

Food shared, not delivered.
Noise surrounded, not muted.
Hands shaken, not email awaken.
The world was claimed, but not hidden.

An automated world,
not an automated me.
  Oct 2017 Mybadbrainday
Drew Vincent
  Oct 2017 Mybadbrainday
Elrow Swift
You who goes by "Lonely"
Yes you, who reads these rhymes
Please pause here for a moment
I won't take much of your time

You see my friend, I'm lonely too
In the dark with paper and pen
So I'm writing you this poem
and signing it "Your Friend"

Though I'll prob'ly never see you
nor ever know your name
I do not need to see your face
nor know your cash and fame

I do not care what color you are
how short or tall or fat
I'm weary of all these parties and creeds
So, for a moment, forget all of that

Yes you, dear friend, forget with me
Inhale this moment serene
where we are not opinions or castes
Just two humans with two glowing screens

Be human with me, simple and pure
For a moment breathe deep and feel free
then should you have the time, and a halfway good rhyme
Perhaps write a poem for me.

Your Friend
This one isn't great, but I don't really care. I would normally throw something like this away, but the afterimage of hope made me wonder if maybe it would strike a chord with someone somewhere.  I promise to post more polished verse in the future, but all the same, thank you for reading. -ES
  Jul 2017 Mybadbrainday
Shayla S
no, I'm not talking about the ones with big noses
or greasy hair

not the ones with bad breath
or round bellies

no, I just like them raw
a little broken, a little sad

the ones with scars
a story to tell

I sure know how to pick em' you might say
but I'd never give them up any day

a whole adventure in a person like the outdoors
one with canyons and mountains he would let me explore
only **** guys give themselves all at once
no parts hidden, everything is exposed

vulnerability is thought to be a weakness but in reality it's bold

I like **** guys.
So go out there and be real, often we hide because we fear getting hurt. But in that fear we miss out on the world, we miss out on living, and worst of all, love. So even if we may get bruised, get to the lowest of the low, you'll one day stumble upon something that embraces you as you are, something that cherishes your ugliness unconditionally, something that inspires you to be better, whether that be a passion, a person, or something as simple as a smile. Is it really worth hiding if you miss on the chance to experience that?

Edit: I am very grateful to everyone who took the time to read my work and am in disbelief a piece of mine chosen as the daily pick for the very first time! This community is amazing :)
  Jun 2017 Mybadbrainday
Hope White
I didn't even ask
To be your sun
Or your moon.

All I wanted was to be
Your Sunday afternoons.

How many empty calendars spaces
I wasted,
Waiting for you.
  Apr 2017 Mybadbrainday
So many lines and laments
scribed in ink and feeling,
for the girl who is the ocean

but she is a swell and surge
too dauntless and wild,
for a lover whose bones crave the shore.

She craves the squalls and gusts,
and cast iron skies,
a worldly drift to sate the salt in her skin,
the deep pull of currents in her blood.

She is chaotic but not reckless,
she is fickle, but not feckless.
Love her boldly or not at all
her bones belong to the sea
but she will always return to the shore.
Wow thankyou for the kind words everyone. Feels really good to know people enjoy my words, and my first Sun too!
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