I am part of many groups
Yet, not part of any
Part of the crowd
Yet, free like a bird
Like the neem tree
And its branches sway free
  1d M-E
Cigarette smoke
Fades into the sky
Her blood drips
The color of wine
Rain showering
But instead from her eyes
She wipes it away
And puts the blade to her thigh
She paints with the silver brush
The story of her life
Then the blade traces her body
And with her wrists it collides
She then drops
And her heart cries "Why?!"
She smiles and whispers to the world
If you are suffering And come across this,  if u have reached the point where you think no one cares, if ur considering  suicide. STOP plz, I care, there's a community of ppl who all care for ur beautiful soul, don't let go, listen to the part of you who wants you to live, If you need anything plz dm me.
  1d M-E
Yeah, it’s true, I got feelings
I just learned to masked them as a kid
Cause the tears pouring down your face
Won’t do **** to stop or save
The person you love the most
From getting beaten on by the hands of disgrace
M-E 1d
Would you like to spend your whole life serving people,
asking for their needs and taking their orders.
What about you
What do you want, waitress.

Don't wait for their approval
Don't wait for their recognition.
Take a tissue for example
No matter if they wiped their hands with it
Or blowed their noses in it
They still just call it a wiping tissue
And toss it after all
No matter how important in their lives.
Follow your passion.
Don't be a tissue.
  3d M-E
Deep Ponderer
Men are created to lead
Yes I do believe,
But you have no right
To force a woman to bleed
She is not a machine
Meant for your pleasure,
She has a heart
You ought to treasure.
Her duty is not only
to bear children
But she loves, nurture them
And shares their burdens.

*** bestowed her with a mind
Dear society don't be blind!
She has the free will
To do what is right

Treat her 'A HUMAN'
M-E 3d


I guess you should watch it to unnderstand it.
  3d M-E
Try to sleep
Close your eyes
So the monsters won't eat
What's left of your lies

Push away the shadows
With the torch of your dreams
Break your heart before it blows
And fire against the victims

When you sleep your brain is dead
Stop thinking
Go to bed
And everything will be better in the morning.
Hey this poem is about depression and mental illness (I have one myself) so if you need or just want to talk I am here
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