ME 9h
Something is missing
In her smile
A perfect, glowing smile

         -Where is your dancing tooth, Aicha.

         -Here it is.

Gift-wrapped as a pearl
Tucked in a paper bed

         -Goodnight baby

Till tomorrow
Rise and shine
So when I smile for uncle
As if he smile for sunrise
A poem for my niece.
She had her first wiggling tooth removed on 10/11/2018. Yesterday the second. I love you Kitty :)
  10h ME
You may not see me walking with the stars....

Because i walk with the breeze through the sunflower fields....

Ever seen anything more satisfying than that¿
Today i feel the most satisfied i have ever felt in my short 18 years of being. In these 18 years i have realized the importance of inner peace. I mean how dare i let an idiot who can't park properly ruin my day¿ How can i let him/her have that power over me¿ I have reached a point where i appreciate all the people in my life for being there and for all those who are not for not being there lol, you're only doing me good ❤. Happiness is a choice i have made. And i choose to make those around me happy too. After much introspection i am proud of who i have become and who i am becoming. I don't have to walk with the stars to be seen. My inner peace will make me known by those watching me walk with the cool breeze in sunflower fields.
ME 1d
Sitting on this bench
Me and Myself
Sunken in the conversation
Pulled me out
ME 1d
Where to hide
In plain sight
And you have created
Darkness and light
Where to hide
And you are everywhere
Knowing what would and was
Knowing what's in my heart
And the darts that pierced my heart

If I stumbled where I could be seen
And you kept it as if it never was
Will I search where to hide?
  1d ME
Ben Noah Suri
My joy and positivity was short lived for soon after I came to know of mysterious disappearances of poets who were popular here on HP. When I tried to contact them I came to know of  the subtle current of politics that I had been unaware of on HP.


Jun 19, 2013

Did you know that;
that in Hello Poetry,
Which is the world we inhabit;
There is so much jealousy
that people and their poetry
Are side-lined and scorned
Cos they don’t toe the line of the gentry
The poets then are conned
Into believing they are worthless
While the gentry who think they own this place
Do not realize that they are the useless
For such poets will always find their space
For Dawn had disappeared
Due to their insufferable suffering
And the Squires have reappeared
Cause of their own believing
To face the politics of Hello poetry
And its own unique gentry

Dawn and Squires are references to two poets who used to be here…. Dawn left for good while Squires reappeared after a while and repeatedly disappeared for long spells thereafter… Squires was a true crusader for transparency and quality on HP but was done in by some people whom she trusted here…
While contemplating the rise and fall as well as the current status of “Hello Poetry”, I decided to trace my own personal journey at HP and post my old poems that delve into this relationship over the years. As mentioned I joined HP late in 2009 and continued until April 2015. I would through this series try to trace my mood swings, my angst, my frustrations and joy during my stay here....
  2d ME
My sister and I sit down together
Everyday, Afterschool, since she started
We sit, we eat, we speak... Formally
Like we’re strangers that live together
Like we are at a hotel

She, nine years of age, sits on her phone
Playing the latest newest raging game
And I, at 16 years, making no effort
To do any different
Instead, talking on the newest social media

I turn to her, ask how her day was
Her face is almost comical
Chestnut brown eyes, wide
Mouth agape, speechless

And I realized
What a sad reality,
That no one can communicate
Face to face
Even family
It’s sad because I get this reaction everytime i talk to a child, or even someone my own age. Let’s communicate more than emojis and acronyms
ME 2d
I discovered
Thirty nine followers
And thirty nine poem
Poem for each
Dear poet
Was it a coincidence or the power of frienship and love brought us together?

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