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M-E 7d
She was born in light -in darkness
in depths of my heart; a wild gazelle jumping verses

The lyre player, strumming on my soul
This swaying exotic dancer- ****** fire

Unharnessed wildness
This untamed beauty-beast spirit
Romantic, raw love of untainted saints
Crystal clear, transparent me

This chained to my ribcage maiden
Withering to dark red in lament
Weeping on pillows that I weep on

Feeling the whiplash of memories
The fire I fed, the doves I freed

Writing a poem of flesh and blood
Of flowers, sunshines and scares
Of hidden wars, beneath my skin

This metamorphosis muse
Giving birth to new me
Jul 30 · 215
One hour poem
M-E Jul 30
Ride a motorcycle
Recycle these verses
With someone else
Red and yellow pepper
Paper is white
Not anymore
Blueberry for tooth fairy
ATM don't make a daily poem
Baked potatoes is all I can see
Surrounding You and me
Ride the bus by daily trees
Cross the road on the green light
Run for your ride
The strongest is the fittest
Wait and wait for the bus
Feel time as a couple kiss
Watch the sun
Write in the moonlight
M-E Jul 29


the nebulous history of men
quench the thirst in Dionysus wine
in scrolls of timeless times
of mortal divines

Behold! Eyes of calcite

hedonic moons
gazing at the aphyllous Venus
Aphrodite gnawing on the jealousy of Typhon
gyrating on her celestial feet

O, sons of the westerly wind
for the throne, Cronus became voracious
for penance Hercules fought Leo

O, Pisces of incestuous love
I sought amend for the wilted lilies
and vengence for Achillies

Nymphs sing the *****
of the heavenly war
war of the fallen
M-E Jul 24
How high is the mountain
Get a mesauring tape
And measure it yourself

How deep is the ocean
Wear a diving suit
And find it out yourself

No matter what, I try to try it by myself
Because the feeling is amazing
Except making roasted chicken
A catastrophe in the kitchen
Jul 21 · 154
Ode To The Chickpea
M-E Jul 21
I ve held a chickpea
Close to my chest
Feelings its breathings
I ve kissed it on the forehead
And it looked at me
With those two tiny chickpea's eyes

I ve put it in a glass
On cotton
Watching it grow
On a rocking bed
Near to the window
Watering it some of my caring light

It grows big
Yet, how lovely small chickpea
With two tiny chickpea's eyes
Jul 19 · 336
Happy birthday lil sis
M-E Jul 19
I opened up my heart before
You knocking on my door

-open up, open up

-WHAT do you want?

-I just wanted to disturb you

Really!? You ve left nothing for me to say
And you drove my stream of thoughts another way
Yes, You did. I was writing you a poem
So let me tell you what I ve hid

Trees strive therefore fruiting
Let your branches touch the sky

Tulips in humbleness crowned you
Painted in prosperity of golden hue

Tomorrowland is between your hands
Familly and your will on your command

Thank you so much for every day and night
I wish you a life so bright

Talent is what I sing to you on candle light
I will sing it as long as white is white

Tooth fairies carve in unison
With elves and unicorns

Target your passion
Play on Oud or violin
Pizzicato, this is your day
God bless you, say Ameen

PS: Please, don't write notes on my greek mythology notes.
M-E Jul 17
This line is your lips
And this one is mine
So whats gonna be
The space between these two lines

This stanza is your mouth
A dance floor, a rhyme
A pristine planet

And this one is my mouth
A wanderer, a discoverer
Another planet

Lets discover each other
Taint and untaint our surfaces
Plant and reap fantasies and dreams
Tasty is the pleasure, the louder is the screams

I danced on your rhymes
And you danced on mine
Feeling each verse, curve and slide
Two planets collide

I think I am high on your lips
Jul 14 · 152
A Poetic Life
M-E Jul 14
In the dilemma of choices, I'll rejoice
I'll choose my own voice
In the symbolic, incandescent form of the sun
In the ardent kiss of a dead poet
Plucked from Calliope's lips
I'll be revived in my glass coffin
Embrace a Carpe diem
Read an Ode to Memento mori
Write my own story
In the tenuous sheets of sleep
Of an insomniac dreamer
In the abstract mind of consciousness
In the raging waves of night time essence
To be free, I'll pay the cost
For nightingale wanting us to be free
Those who endure the most
I'll clear my nebulous eyes
Since I've lived a deja vu
Its sickening to have dead dreams
But for those who want to live secure
There is no cure
For someone who's sleep is obscure
I'll live, I'll strive, I'll be myself
A unique law enforcement officer
Breaking the law
With a baton of roses.
Jul 12 · 113
I ve Pulled The Trigger
M-E Jul 12
I ve got a loaded gun
In my mouth
It has a big barrel
And a sensitive trigger

I ve got a loud, screaming gun
A semi-automatic tongue
I can't control it
It shot a lot of people and beloved ones

I locked my gun
But my gun has no safety mode
Its a Houdini in my mouth
Unchained and unlocked himself
And spat wounding words

Sorry, truely I am
I regret what I ve said
My gun expressed, but again
His sweetness made me forget
And you can't forget the wounds

I try to talk and impress others
My tongue froze and harden
As if I dunk it in cement

I ve got a loaded tongue
Pressed to my temple
I ve shot my subconscious
Now, I must repent
M-E Jul 3
How tiny is
The cubical space
That I used to live in -Ignoramus

I found out that I am an amateur
Who liked to draw
Few images with his pen
To melt the frozen cell
That I imprisoned myself in

Writing my brightside of the sun
My darkside of the sea
And learn from thee, Icarus

Some of your poems
Made me realize that I didn't know ****
From an alphabet, in poetry
Still, thanks to you
In the cocoon that I made
I ve pushed myself out
Fluttering around with my new verses

One simple, nice comment or statement
Can bring happiness to others
Built strong connections
Beyond the distances and the differences

Not only the age that changes
But also the will
And remember, always choose the red pill

Heartless men are scarier than Kandisha
Throwing rocks at my wall of glass
In my heart, I threw flowers back at them
Flowers with their pots
I don't care what they say and all their whatnots

The answer will always be no
If you did not ask
Enjoy the silly things you do
Take off the mask. Be you
Happy poems anniversary, M-E
Hippopotamus is good
Whats even better, Rhinoceros.
A year have passed since the first time that I ve started posting on this website. Can you imagine?!
Thank you all my friends for your support and love.
Jul 2 · 135
M-E Jul 2
You don’t need something dead
To write a eulogy
Eventually, everything is going to die
Many leaves have died the last autumn
And nobody asked when, why
Or even give a call
Instead, we call it the fall
I ask myself sometimes
What if loved ones fallen
And joined the leaves
Will they grow the next spring
Will a dead bird sing
What if stars became dim
Then stopped twinkling
Can we replace them with LEDs
We are the orphaned kids
My condolences everyone
For losing a part of our existence
Written on 07-2018
Jun 27 · 467
In a Kafka novel
M-E Jun 27
I didn't go to work today
Instead, I went to the forest
I ve seen the working bees
I ve seen the enthusiastic ants
Even I ve seen beetles
Taking dung
And roll a ball out of it
Enjoying lunch and the AC
Jun 24 · 86
A letter to Cupid
M-E Jun 24
I ve been lonely
For so many years
Practicing for many hours
I ve been counting the days
For true love to come
And no one came
To knock on the doors
And sit by me
Love me and I love you back
I ve got love and a thousand flower
Fight for me and with me
I ve got a bazooka and fire
Today, my love died
Broke my heart and left
And my flowers withered
So yeah,
Come closer, Cupid
I ******* dare you
Jun 22 · 246
Dedication: To heroes
M-E Jun 22
                to Perry

A paraplegic veteran
Can't stand his life
War made him fragile as glass
Isolating himself to cry all day

His wife always by his side

Standing on the ledge
He stares hopelessly
At the raging water
Under the bridge

He was pulled by a stranger

Her life became dark
Since her flower is plucked
By who must have protected her

Came out to light, by a friend
Eventually a loving husband

A baby's heart stopped beating
His mother helplessly repeating
Help. Anybody. Help

Resuscitated by a paramedic

Sleeping in a park
On the cold concrete bench
In the freezing cold night
Nothing warm but his dreams

He got a cover from two young passengers

The whole family in the car
Trapped, upside down

Pulled out to safety by a group of men and a police officer

A starving, stray dog
Affraid of cars and their honks

Adopted by an old man

Kids needs to study
To silence the hunger
To a roof as a shelter

Their mother worked double shifts in a sewing factory

We don't need superheroes
We only need heroes
Women and men
Helping and caring for each other
To the friend and brother who I miss on this poetry site. The hero who cared for all of us.
M-E Jun 20
Don't reply
As if I am a wall
Its okay
Aren't we all

Did I existed
to be nonexisted?
To smile
do I have to pretend?
When this nightmare
is going to end?

In the forest
I carved on a dead tree
Mustapha was here
Feeling the same
Write your name
And join ME
Jun 17 · 420
M-E Jun 17
I ve let you draw
In my poems book
So whenever I see your drawing
I will be reminded of
Jun 14 · 569
Happy Father's Day
Jun 14 · 130
Little me
M-E Jun 14
Remember the first time
You learned to ride a bike
You had no helmet
No elbow or knee pads
And no training wheels
Still, you sat on the seat
Held the handlebar
Pushed yourself forward
And you fell
And you started again
Pushed yourself forward
And you fell again, and again, and again
Then you started pedaling
Then you steered the bike
Making every scrape on your legs
Worth it
Jun 13 · 752
M-E Jun 13
I built its walls
I feed its cold
I dug its deep
And I blew its wind
Now, why I feel
Jun 11 · 250
Sawdust .XII
M-E Jun 11
Don't let anyone mess with your head
Not even yourself.
Jun 9 · 221
In madness
M-E Jun 9
A mad man
Sat next to me
I knew he was crazy
Talking to himself
And from time to time
He curses and
Laughs outloud
I watched him carefully
How he speaks
To a ladybug
Crawling on his hand
He doesn't give a ****
To people around
Minding their business
Walking in their grumpy faces
To their daily jobs; routines
Time fly fast
And I missed the bus
I went running after it
Wondering, who is mad?
Jun 9 · 91
M-E Jun 9
You wanted me
                  to be capable
                  to be a man
                  to be successful
                  And do the best I can
You wanted me
                  to have children of my own
And you wanted
                  to carry them in your hands
And you told me
                  that I will understand
And one day
                  I missed a prayer
And You asked me why
                  I said I had a test today
And You reminded me
                  of The Questioning day

And on that day
                  you cracked a joke
                  and I didn't like it
                  hints that you are leaving
                  I packed my schoolbag and
                  I didn't wake you up
                  I didn't want to disturb you
                  for goodbye
                  I ve never missed one

A phone call at recess
                  Come back home, quick
                  Something is wrong
                  I hope no one is dead
                  I knew deep inside I lied
                  I faced my little sister
                  and the tears in her eyes
                  made the tears behind
                  my eyes couldn't hide

Seven years now
                  Still lingering in my mind
                  Still loving the days I ve been blessed
                  To call you dad
                  To feel your hands on my head
Jun 5 · 617
The Sun
M-E Jun 5
All my life is counting
    on you my sunshine
        without you, its dark in here.

I weight your rays on my ribs
        My ribs are the balance
              For your timeless dance
Rammstein - Sonne
Jun 3 · 2.3k
The Champions
M-E Jun 3
My mother won the heavyweights lifting championship
Yes, She did
She could lift my father
My elder sister
My other elder sister and
her daughter
My younger sister
And ME
With a warm heart
And a huge smile on her face
She can never be replaced.
Jun 1 · 360
Speak, Love.
M-E Jun 1
As a conversation
Between a speaking person
And a mute
So her sparkling lines
And my flicker signs
Met and intertwines
Begging to scream love
That I can read in your stealing eyes
That I can feel in your soft lips
That I can hear and only here
In my ribcage cove
Where I imprisoned my heart in.
M-E May 24
Have you ever felt smeared
As a wiping tissue
Said the wiping tissue

Have you ever felt shattered
As a broken glass
Said the glass

Have you ever felt lost
As a phone signal
Said the phone

Have you ever felt abused
As a trash can
Said the trash can

Have you ever felt disposable
As a worn out rug
Said the rug

Have you ever felt the voidness
As an empty jug
Said the jug

Have you ever felt weighted
As the poet's pencil
Said the poets

I nodded empathetically
And I gave them a warm hug
Yes, I do. Said I.
May 23 · 69
M-E May 23
I found a casserole
That once burned my foot
When I was a little child
Now I sold all the pots
And I used it only and alot
I used it for every stew
For every time I boil potato
For cooking vegetables and meat
Used it to reheat and re-reheat
Then I clean it and repeat
May 19 · 163
Sawdust .XI
M-E May 19
I used to listen to my thoughts

Now, I listen to my earphones.
M-E May 18
To twisted wires and stringy muscles
That the sun and moistness dug in
BODIES shifting back and forth
From liveliness to languor

To hammer heads and chisel hands
To forged forearms and arms
To hardened knees and tibias
To wooden ribs and rubber sinews

To batons, to bullet fingers
To spinal ladders and saliva hooses
To band-aids and gauzes

To Argan oil and grains of wheat
Shriveling raisins and dried sweat
To clean dishes and full stomaches
Beds made well and hearts swell in happiness
Shoulder to navel, back to breast

To painted skins and vocal cord's plays
To palms reaching for poems and pens
And to the senses within

To the beat of life
Now and then
M-E May 14
The sun radiating, melting
in a dark-blue teapot

Tides stirring, mixing
Magical yellow
in fabulous red
colors glowing as a peacock
In the sea

Pondering how beautiful
who created this

cannon booms

Time to break the fast
As waves breaking and
Crashing on the rocky shore
Creating a natural, soothing

City lights coastline
And the dim blue skyline
And on candle lights
We dedicated the fast to God
And we broke the fast
with some refreshing dates
and replenishing water

Shared some hard-boiled eggs,
Stripes of fried pepper, an eggplant
And sardines
with two cats, ants
And the crescent moon
And we drank some hot tea
And "orange" juice

The waves crashes and
breaks on the rocks
Ants whispering,
so is grains of sand
Speaking languages
Which we can't comprehend
All creatures praising The Almighty
Hear it on SoundCloud:
May 12 · 308
Innocence days
M-E May 12
In a sea of eucalyptus trees
With my niece
Playing hide and seek
Or telling her a story
About a wolf beaten by a sheep
Or just being silly
Singing a song on a funky beat
I can’t forget her pearly eyes
Gleaming in happiness
Like dancing bees
It reminds me of something
In the deepest part of my being
My free spirit
My inner-child
My happiness
My old days of innocence
I cherish it for every moment
and every time
How fortunate
I am
M-E May 7
Parched lips
Praised God
And an empty stomach
Restrained the rebellious soul
A reminder
For few of many blessings
Someone else is missing
How many men, women and children
The famine drew skeletons on their skin, here in Africa and in the whole world
Emphaty, behave the self
To be loving and compassionate
May 6 · 564
Clean pockets
M-E May 6
My father used to tell me
Money is filth
That is easy to be washed
Off your pockets
Don't let money
Dwell in your heart
Because it will be spend
And in the end
It will leave your heart
May 3 · 145
Body and Soul
M-E May 3
From dawn
No food, no drinks and no ****** relations
fasting on the holy month
Only for the fit and the able
Children, pregnant women, the old,
Sick and travellers do not fast.
Prayers and reading the holy book
Are the nutrients for the soul
struggling against desires,
Feel and emphatise with the poor
And with charity make ourselves pure

To sunset
On God's callings for prayer
Time to break the fasting
With some milk, dattes and a meal
nutrients for the body
And more devotion to heal
The body and soul
Mend ourselves as a whole
May 2 · 295
Red petals
M-E May 2
A rose
A blooming sun
Shining wake up
On my sleepy limbs

From crimson dusk
To crimson dawn
Doused in musk
In humble town

Veiled in red petals
Ensure and
Secure all nights
My fears are gone

Roots of life
Overflowing veins of care
Of candle sacrifice
Supplying light
A shadowy shade
A mantle of warmness

In sadness
Her heart melts in dew tears
And in darkness
She is serenity running
Through my veins

In all flocks of love
In the world
I wrote these words to you
My one and only rose
That shines a smile
Upon my lips
May 1 · 166
Happy labor day
M-E May 1
You gotta be
Kidding me
Shouldn't we
Work on labor day
And celebrate for
the rest of the year
Apr 30 · 215
Sawdust .X
M-E Apr 30
If life made you feel like
you ran out of gas,
just walk to the nearest gas station. Fill in some faith
Apr 25 · 535
Blow the steam
M-E Apr 25
Dance! Dance! Forget the past
It will not change or last

And I did dance like there is no rule
I danced as a sane, as a fool

Made tiny steps as a child
And pranced as a fox in the wild

Danced the sultan swing
And the chicken flapping its wings

Dance forward and then backward
Danced like a pro, nah, awkward

I twisted and jumped
Dropped and stomped

Filled the dance floor with steam
Like a sweaty Choo Choo train
My dance was a gift, my night was a gain
I haven't dance in a long time. Lol. My cousin's wedding was a great opportunity to blow the steam after some "difficulties".
Sometimes, somethings might seem trivial but behind it a great message and purpose.

M-E Apr 25
My mission was to            ignore
hijack a tank
follow and fire
the targets:
5 Cheetah drivers, Taxicabs
all FBI Ranchers and helicopters
get busy and
                                ignore her calls
play GTA and score
its cold outside
hell freezing cold
and the garbage bag
is an inch away
from the big bang.

Bombing cabs, trash trucks
trash cans and everything        ignore
no burglers running away from cops
no rich playing in a vast golf course
no prostitutes or homeless men
wandering in the streets
and no trash to take out
in the hell freezing cold
I was busted by the army
angry I was so I left the game
and switched to Tv on a news channel
in awe of the atrocities
I yelled, unwittingly:

Honey, I think there is
something wrong
with the world

No sweetheart
Its just the people
NOW, take out the
Apr 23 · 632
Nails and Hammers
M-E Apr 23
There is

Hammer Hammer Hammer
Hammer Hammer Hammer
Hammer Hammer Hammer
Hammer Hammer Hammer
Hammer      Nail     Hammer
Hammer Hammer Hammer
Hammer Hammer Hammer
Hammer Hammer Hammer
Hammer Hammer Hammer

Nail Nail Nail Nail Nail Nail
Nail Nail Nail Nail Nail Nail
Nail Nail Nail Nail Nail Nail
Nail Nail Nail Nail Nail Nail
Nail Nail hammer Nail Nail
Nail Nail Nail Nail Nail Nail
Nail Nail Nail Nail Nail Nail
Nail Nail Nail Nail Nail Nail
Nail Nail Nail Nail Nail Nail
Choose yourself.
Apr 22 · 632
Birds work in reverse
M-E Apr 22
This is
A silly thought
Like two little birds
One on the branch
The other on the land
I threw a stone on the
One  on   the   branch
Because the other one
Is   right   in my hand
Right where I stand
I missed it
No bird
On the branch
Or the land
M-E Apr 20
An empty jar of cookies
And a dry paper cup
Facing this cursed
Blinking cursor
Its time for sure
For tea and a stew

I read a book
While I let my poem brew
I took a poem written by
Someone else and I drew
The similarities and differences
While my poem boil in water and oil

I forget it and let it settle
Like a grizzly bear in HiBeerNation
Playing with words in his dreams
When I sleep on it

Let it flow
Like a firefly muse glow
In slow motion

I went for a stroll
Wandering in the streets
Of Morocco
I wrote some free writings
Letting it escape my ribcage prison
Run and write, write and sift

I listened to Taylor swift
No, I listened to MCR music
And when I hate a poem
"I don't love you
Like I did yesterday"

I stopped and I started another poem
I wrote it to you
The one and only audience
I wrote on you. The video on YouTube

I pretended going to the mall
And I made a list:
1-5L of Thoughts
2-10kg bag of Emotions..

This is it. I wrote my poem
And I don't care
what they would say
Because I wrote it
As a nursery rhyme
Even though its not
Its just my silly poem
On how to overcome writer's block
A special poem
Inspired from everything and
From everywhere
This is my random second random gift for my number 300 follower. A poem on how to overcome writer's block, as I promised in my first poem "Sharing is caring, right?".

Thank you all for reading. Thank you following. Thank you for your overflowing support. But most of all, thank you for sharing a part of your being in this poetry site. :)
Apr 19 · 151
M-E Apr 19
Nothing to do
And network connection
Consume the hell
out of my phone's

Trying to save it
the best I can
Accumulating Ideas
and writing them
on a note and alert
7% Low battery

I don't want to sleep
I don't want to be awake
In no-lights apocalypse

Shadiness and
complete darkness
Took over the neighborhood
The city and this small world
Of mine

Few minute of meditating
in the quiteness
I felt the difference
Baby, bring some candlelight
This is a romantic night
Apr 17 · 187
Flowers for Notre-Dame
M-E Apr 17
With the love
of Jesus  (PBUH)
and the patience
of the ****** Mary
re-enforce the walls,
rise the beams
of faith
and heal the broken pieces
and debris of our hearts

I looked at you
from windows of
nature view
and I stood by your statues
sculpted in devotion
and I hear your bells
ringing, calling for prayer
Oh, Lady of Paris I see you
in the spoken words
of Victor Hugo
unerased through ages
a religious heritage
of understanding
and compassion
"Love is like a tree: it grows by itself, roots itself deeply in our being and continues to flourish over a heart in ruin."

Victor Hugo - The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
Apr 11 · 1.2k
Happy Smiling Day
M-E Apr 11
Trust me
close your eyes
and take a deep

your heart is
a box of flowers
quilted in silk

in that box
lays the happiest,
most sweet
memory or
The funniest

Now save it
and whenever
you are in a bad
mood or deeply sad
open it
and feel the power
of a small smile
Thank you my friend -Ireland Grace Smith- for helping me creating this piece. :)
Apr 9 · 245
Alarm Clock
M-E Apr 9
If my alarm clock
Had hands
Like real hands
It will slap me
In the face
And if my alarm clock
Had a mouth
It will scream at me
But instead
Its only a short hour hand
And a long minute hand
And a second hand, going
Tik Tik Tik
And Driiiiiiiiing
Oh man, I am too late
I ve been Snooriiiing
Till its 08:00
Written: 30-03-2019

Missed work today. Lol. Sounds like a good time to post this one.
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