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  6h M-E
I don't know how to get better
I don't even know I want to
It's crazy to think that I'm
So sick
That I can't tell if
I'm sick
All the time
My brain plays games
Warps my thoughts,
Feelings, and desires
Until I can't tell
What's going on
Then I realize
I'm sitting in a room
Surrounded by people
But my body is just a shell
I've detached my mind
I don't want to come back
  6h M-E
I can't see the sunrise yet
But I know that it is coming
To fill me with its warm glow
To make my demons flee
For now, though
I'm waiting
I'm waiting
For now, though
To make my demons flee
To fill me with a warm glow
And I know that it is coming
I can't see the sunrise, yet
Even while I wait in darkness, I know my dawn is coming
  10h M-E
Katja Pullinen
Did I sleep?
How many days?
30 years.
  17h M-E
Amy byrne
Knock knock knocking on my door
this is not your home no more
Ive change the locks as you can see
You no longer live with me
Last time i let you in
you broke something,
Something u cant replace
You held my broken heart
Then threw it in my face
So keep knocking on this door for you will never own the key
Im happy on my own keep your apology
  17h M-E
Amy byrne
I ask myself
Do i still enjoy your face
Or am i afraid of the unknown
An empty space
with myself, like a bookless shelf?
What good is it to own a book
If you dont enjoy the story
You can turn the page but the
Words will always be the same

But then i think to myself to keep this book b/c i dont want anyone else to read it..
  17h M-E
yasaman johari
I kissed your ****** mouth
blood came through veins
as river meeting ocean
leaving behind delta in
memorial poetry that
clothed your body

penultimate breaths
touch golden rays of fire
burn words floating on lips
a voice whispers the last prayer
on the mortal barren existence
enveloping warm blood enters in an ear

Written by
~~~Jawahar Gupta~~~
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