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  11h M-E
Cold cup of coffee
Like my hands in a snowy day
Like the cold silence
After the last hurtful words
Said by the one you love
Like the cold conversations
Before a breakup
Like the cold you feel in your chest
After a warm goodbye hug
Cold cup of coffee
When you are drown in thoughts
Drink it while it is warm...
  12h M-E
I am a stranger
Stranger to my own body
Feeling weird
Like it doesn't belong to me no more
Stranger in my mind and to my mind
Between all the dark thoughts inside

Sometimes , I feel like I'm out of my body
Watching it getting bad
Day by day
But I can't do anything
Because I'm out of it

Something inside tells me
"just keep watching "
Something is holding me
Keeping me down

And I'm just waiting
For something to happen
To save me , from me
What is it
I don't know too

I will keep watching
As I was told...
just something that was inside ...
  18h M-E
Heart in a bottle
Smoke in the air
Soul in a cage
Black and white tears
Dried out thoughts
Hazy melodies
Here and there
Spirit floating over body
Mind wondering how is it to feel alive
I was here :)

Maybe it will change , maybe not
Still looking for a gleam of light
  1d M-E
You don’t need to self destruct to get attention
You don’t need to
Hurt yourself
Cut yourself
Starve yourself
Endanger yourself
Sabotage yourself
To get attention

You deserve attention
You’re worth noticing
You’re worth caring for
You are worth them sticking around
Had a few things I needed to say to myself tonight.
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