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Kaitlyn Sep 2019
When the only reason your trying to get better is because of your family
If they didn’t care I wouldn’t wanna save myself
Kaitlyn Jun 2019
Why do I still feel this way?
In a depression I stay
******* joy out of life everyday
I try to be happy trust me I do
I just wish I could be happy as you
Feeling numb and depressed nearly everyday
Hoping and waiting for things to go my way
Kaitlyn Mar 2019
I hate myself
everyone says just remember a time when you loved yourself, you were happy and find those feelings again
that would be nice and all but I don’t remember a time when I didn’t hate myself
Even when I was younger I always complained about how I talked or walked or looked and many others
So I don’t know what that’s like
What’s it like to love yourself?
Kaitlyn Mar 2019
I just feel like everything I do is wrong and my hardest isn’t ever good enough
It’s tiring trying so hard when all anyone sees is failure
Kaitlyn Dec 2018
I walk around in this daze
Everyday seems like a haze
I’m wondering around trapped in a maze
Is life a dream?
Nothing around me feels real
Reality is just sealed
Every action I take is this really me
Is this all I’m meant to be
Or is life just a dream
Kaitlyn May 2018
Kaitlyn Feb 2018
Fear I knew then it may be packed up breaking, me I lived but now I cannot it was fear punish me and make me miserable, I had a evil impulse take that and seek out now daylight and wander in search of my way

— The End —