a meticulous and wise person
can see through even if it takes them a little bit of time to see it :

One :
A Tearjerker
From a person’s eyes that crucifies the screech of a heart coming unhinged from a broken souls chest

A Grown-Up ***.
That’s a boy that thinks he can consider himself a man
Yet he can’t grasp the concept of contact with others
Nor converts into Christianity,
Nor unravels the manhood,
disguised as forgiveness
when it’s truly infidelity.

A malicious yet curious recipient of manipulation.
A false prophet ,
born a king;
making a mockery of
the crown thorns placed upon the head of Jesus
& now it is transferred onto a soul that is the complete opposite
but the reflection of what a peasant would worship & bow to .

A soul that slithers onto others that were already saved from the depths of ****
with scraped hard exteriors
once rotten & decayed.

Five :
A lustfust
from the donor that mistakes
love as ****.
Now it a treacherous shield of protection & prevention
while the Grown-Up ***
tries to find ways
to adhere
its soul onto another
that is no longer considerate
of their wicked ways
of pleasurable ****
disguised as forgiveness ,
fornication disguised
as forgiveness
when it is all blasphemy
in the first place .

From the very beginning
as if it was the widespread of the end of ***’s creation & offspring.
Not even saved by Noah’s Arc .
Just to be considered
forbidden fruit .

~Jordan Munchenburg ~
MUNCHY Dec 2018
Or how grown boy asked you if  you loved him
He told you he wanted to fix the wrongs he had done by wanting to come on Halloween  night in his car ; wanting just to talk .
Were you aware of  what “wanting to talk“ really meant ?

He once told you
“ I like what we have “
he wanted to
have a chunk of your body
& so you thought  
your body was a masterpiece
but instead to him it was considered   a body on an  operation table
Or maybe even
more like physical therapy
Hands that run down your body
but I guess  
you were treated
like hand me down clothing
I guess
you were just
a cigarette to inhale
Puff puff pass
as hot as a blow torch burning
he  wanted to be
called daddy
be treated like master ,
The almighty !

Asks you
if you love him
in the process of him
taking a bite of your  body that
should have been your temple,
should have been saved for marriage.
You thought he loved you
But instead he told you
He likes what we have
He touched & used you
& still said
He likes what we have
how low your head could bow
to his precious jewel that was in between his legs & up above
but not long enough
to be at his feet
Meaning how loud you can scream as if he was crucifying your soul
while compressing his body onto it.
Meaning he would leave you be after he’s done his deeds
& become inconsistent with his consistencies he once had for you
So he  shot his shot
& kept firing away
the explosives inside your body
as if you were just the tube
He could slip  & slide inside of
like you were the sample from the menu he wanted to try to taste
but probably a meal he wouldn’t  want to
pay for
nor leave a tip but
instead he put his fat check upside in you for free
& yet you get the fee of a used heart .
You didn’t realize
that boys like that
will trick you into asking you
if you loved them ,
then would get satisfaction out of
of the  tastings & cravings
they want from inside you.
Flirtatious provocations bounces off his tongue to fix his lips to say
‘Forgive me
Forgive daddy ‘

was the year of age
he took your v-card
Shouldn’t have been
on his to-do list
Shouldn’t have been
on your to-do list
But instead it turned out
it was said & done
Now to some
you’re nothing
but a “to do “
on their to-do list

was the number of times
you thought about him everyday
& in every way

was the year of age you started to find yourself
& explore it deeper and deeper within yourself in many ways
But it seems like everyday somebody tries to tell
you “You’re special ! “
but it’s for the wrong reasons ;
coming for those that consider themselves ‘Gods ‘
& it is all blasphemy .

was the year of age you realized
you feel somewhat better because
Abstinence is worth repeating

was  another year  wasted on people’s manipulation from those
That just want to consume your soul
Yet they call it love
& I know from all the above
that love does not come first.

is the number of years
still to this day ,
you can continue
to admit your flaws .
You know what’s wrong with you
But for him he acted
nor alarmed !

Good things will come to those that are
honest & humble
caring & helpful ,
mindful  &  able
to talk things out
instead of
when they’ve done
others wrong.

18 transitioning into 19 very soon,
you realized you had enough .
It’s time to wise up & live life
for you
& for nobody else!

I used to love & care for others as if they were the breeze of cold air that need to expand to feel free .
But I rather stay to myself
& become a house because
houses are made from scratch &
they  are continuously being built for people like me
to claim as my own ;
the key to my heart & door .

I learned that sometimes loving others it’s hard be an open door. Some will enter you because to them you are just a door they will enter & exit out of.

But when you love yourself , that is to say that you are to be the **** house  that builds your own foundation for yourself
& for no one else
if you are  
below ,
or only 18 !

When love arrives & it leaves you,
at least now you know what love should be to you the next time is stops you in your tracks & depending on how it presents itself,
that will determine whether or not you should let it in
or walk away
But thank you for attempting to stop by.
That wasn’t love in the first place .

~ Jordan Munchenburg
MUNCHY Dec 2018
‘ There are some things you can learn from a storm ‘
they say

It was November
and you still tried to
find ways to become the
Mother Nature’s
flamboyant founding father.
As if you thought she was
your nun ;
serving you  in your ungodly cathedral.
Your creation,
so filled with
mentally fixated fabrications of foolery falling
into a twisted soul ,
learning the scriptures of a Lutheran lad looking back on his dark journey he is headed towards all over again compared to its content.
As if you were her monk;
fasting from the souls you prey on to swallow and absorb
calling it  
‘A Thanksgiving on a day of communion to break bread’
Your tongue so loose it is used as a broken membrane that has lost its conscientiousness
that it needs to comprehend
the sensibility of gracious  goodwill.
So you call it  a
‘Reboot of the old extended  outwards to let in the Old Testament & call it new ideals for false idols you want to become ‘
thieving morsels from bodies for a quick moment and that’s where  chaos starts the form of the hurricane:

The first
will think that their body is
a new testament
of how they need to
decalcify themselves
after they have classify themselves as the barriers a wild storms
yet to come.
Their words are so attached to the waves they try to create with their smooth strokes of talk with their seasonal tongues and call it
‘ spit game ‘
They call it a hit
when  really it’s a foul miss

The hit of it all is just like an accidental twister saying ‘no’
to once  beautiful places that now should have been destroyed along time ago.
The uneasiness of my equilibriums are constantly  being cradled by cowards with their inconsistencies.
Yet they cradle bodies  
never knowing how much
their heart rocks itself to sleep
to the fiend’s beat
so they can
“Rock- a bye- baby ‘them
until they become
the ‘Feast of Fools.’

The second
will alarm you of
what you should see.
How the waves of the sea responds to  your rising action that will be stopped by my ****** from  the whip of the whirlwind

The third
will give you signals of all the dangers coming your way which should give away the cleansing from the bubonic  plague you purged his heart with

The fourth
will start to head towards you like clones working together knowing that will be the ones multiplying while you are just another field of roses & dandelions that will eventually die off from lack of nutrients and tolerance of the soil

The fifth
will reach it’s destination.
it will scare you because the storm has a mind of its own

The sixth
will headlight your soul by blinding your spirit

The hidden hurricane
does not care about the facade,
the inconspicuous
repetition of your reputation
you were trying to portray,
your symbolic view of the remembrance you want to be known as ...
when you’re the dissolved
version of a frosted flake

Your disaster
has already been ruined by your own foundation
that suddenly crumbled when you open your mouth in the first place giving me switch talk

Now it’s drowning in it’s own sorrowful sympathies for what ?

You’re worth  started to decline the minute you sold it for free without knowing how much it means.

‘A strong soul
shines after the storm ‘
they say

In response I say
“ It came along time ago when *** let it reign so he can open the floodgates of heaven for all of us that are willing to commit to his pathway someday “

You can’t silence a blowtorch
when you cause the fear of *** to come out
& clear its path from your
trail marks you created
when you were just a serpent on soul’s neck.

~ Jordan Munchenburg ~
MUNCHY Nov 2018
Unsolicited advice
for men and women struggling with their faith with *** and the temptations
from  nebulous & insensitive souls that are in need of cleansing within themselves & others they encounter

When a boy asks you
a provocative question  knowing you are practicing abstinence
say no
Do not back away slowly
Do not check the time on your phone because he caught you
at an awkward time &
in an awkward moment
Do not give him the time of  day nor give him the satisfaction of your hesitation as he moves closer towards you
Do not back away like a  dog
Do not consider him ***
Your *** & bow to him
You are not his peasant
He is not sanctified
nor glorified
Because once you give him that impression his assumptions
his lustful seeds will start to plant into the scruff of you & it will always grow thirsty & hungry

When your stepfather tries to do the best that he can by being the best
step dad he can possibly be
Give him a chance
Do not be disrespectful
Do not roll your eyes
Or laugh in his face
Remember he may not be your father but he is there for you
In the best way that he can
Because his other side of the family pushed him away

When one of your  sisters tell you will go to ****
Because of your sexuality
& they snoop
& slither
in & out of your personal life
Do not cry
Do not feel like it’s your fault by having the desire
The choice of liking what you considered the same
Do not feel bad of your final decision
They will soon love you for you are
So just remain the same in your eyes
& in time
If they haven’t changed their minds they will soon become inconsistent with their own lives

Ladies when a boy (yet still in the process of becoming a man )tells you he loves you &
his persuasion
pulls you in ,
& grabs your attention
knowing it’s not love,
Do not fall for it
Do not be blinded by his words
Because if his motive  for you is to be considered  you a meal
For his breakfast ,
Lunch ,
Or dinner ,
Do not be his server of the broken bread of the body
of Christ  Jesus sacrificed
& bust & break open your body only him
You are worth
so much more than that !!
It will all be blasphemy when he considers you the sea
he can walk through,
Your body  that he can rest  his virtuous work on ,
Your lips so he can consider them gates of heaven in his lustful clumsiness that makes him  want you to come  as you are all over him & his face
which will bounce back  onto the scruff of him
& his wicked ways inside of you

When a boy asks you
a provocative question  knowing you are practicing abstinence
say no

When your close friend gets involved with another recipient that practices fornication disguised as chastity
That practices atheism yet disguised by his acts of manipulation  portrayed as humbleness yet  really nebulousness ,
Do not judge him because of his lifestyle
His way of life
His train of the thoughts
But the content of his character
he consistently portrays
onto your friend that is
blinded by it all !!

Pray for them
Ask *** to both them
of both their ways
their truths
their lives of ***’s Will
Help them
Both understand what
love truly is not
Something that should not be the considered to be
more damaging ,
more triggering
than the  
equivalence of
firsthand  smoking

When a boy
tries to fix his wrongs
that are deep in your
core &
heart by healing them with their body on yours instead ,
Curve him
Toss that boy
& move on

If you’re family has been losing their faith & someone in your family is going through
a tough time in their life ,
Hug them
& talked to them
about their problems
so they can find healing !
If you have any similar issues
Hug yourself ,
Talk  to your family ,
vent ,
Talk to ***
so you can also find inner healing !

When a boy asks you
a provocative question  knowing you are practicing abstinence
say no

When you lose your way
& you feel like you are
drowning in the Red Sea
Call on ***
Pray at night
& *** will help you
Baptize you with refinement
Of your soul ,
Your chest,
& of all the  unpatched wounds
in your heart still bruised !

Yes people in life
{if allowed }
Can touch your body
Your chest.

But *** can fix all of that
Yet they can’t heal nor touch your heart & spirit like he can
up close
up above
& from afar

When a boy asks you
a provocative question  knowing you are practicing abstinence
say no

are miracle
are the silenced soul now
a blow torch
to burn the gun pistols shot by more white than black
policemen ,
supremacists ,
racists  .......

blinding everybody with your beauty & handsomeness
that still can’t find
their self worth yet
are the champion ,
are better than what
people depict you to be
are the light

has no place......

HERE!! your presence

~Jordan Munchenburg
It’s very important not be so “wet-behind-the-ears” when it comes to people. There is a difference between being loved , loving the fact that you are being loved & needed & loving the idea of being loved when it’s inactive in the sense of actual love & purity & the idea of it. Manipulation should never be a factor when envy occurs . Everything is a life lesson . Be aware of it all
Whether is school relations , home relations & etc.
You are essential
You determine where you want to go in life.
MUNCHY Nov 2018
The bitterness
comes to those that disguise it as sweetener & by the ones that have your name safest in their mouth.
But the sweetener
will come to those that will be real with them
when they notice a sour scent from the nebulous child-like hypocrite
that produces bitterness as if it runs in their family ,
Than the one that will pray for them
and to ask *** to show him/her a brighter path back to the light  they keep running from .
They find love in the dark
Yet love is not supposed be
just a dark angel
a dark storm,
a hangman’s knot ,
a trapped door ,
where you would tie a knot to a person that is willing to suffocate , take leave or lynch your heart
than a person that will untie the knots & accept your flaws with truth & delicate honesty if understood.
Love is bittersweet
It’s not all pro and no con
It’s the abundant of what *** has given you & prepared you for .
You weren’t prepared for a
falcon that has already considered you their prey
You are more than just a meal to devour.
You are more than what you think you are .
You had people that consider you the opposite of what that falcon depicts you to be & seems to he/she knows who you truly are .
You are the radiance that lost its light & yet you can still find it again.
There is no need for you go through infidelity that is disguised as forgiveness from an unaffliated soul than a soul that knows how to heal your pain yet still to this day he watches it unfold & the falcon swallows it all for the meal he/she has been waiting for .

~Jordan Munchenburg ~
MUNCHY Nov 2018
I am the recipient of my mother’s well being
Non fabricated into the heart of the son I am and the young man I am becoming.

I am considered to be
the chandelier of a broken family
that lacks communication
yet the messenger of souls that are in need of saving
I have been
the nurturer and keeper of souls that still to this day cannot find their souls by their lonesome
Yet rely on me because I’m what they need anyway

I am the social worker embodiment of a therapist that doesn’t mistaken
People’s money and their well-being as the same sense of value and worth

I can tell when a heart sinks & drowns
& just like the soul of Jesus
I’ll be the one that puts their pieces back together while *** creates their masterpiece in the process of them still living
& when they die & I die
I have finished ***’s work
& their masterpiece
will be complete ;
more beautiful than any tombstone
Of any body that changes to an
ash that turns to dust
years from now .
I wouldn’t consider myself dope
& don’t need to smoke just
to prove it
Nor master
I’m Just MUNCHY;
the master of peace .

~ Jordan Munchenburg ~
MUNCHY Oct 2018
The uncomfortable reassurance
from the accountable  is never spoken nor heard of
when it comes to those
that  think they are powerless
in their eyes .
They will take your soul
& your name
Because it will be safest
in their mouth
They will take your words
you’ve sown & tear them all out.
They twist words like they ******  their bodies & tangle & intertwine
their tongues for pleasure .
They use their tactics
& skills & their materialistic desires
to clap back at those they
assume are useless
Yet they don’t know know what
others are capable of .
Others can see through their
unnecessary roughness they try
to create from their own propaganda mentalities
that lead to their ****
self-centered hearts .
The nebulousness of
their lack there of
within the hypocrisy of
the hypothetical hypocrite they are ,
misleads the passionate nurturer that cared so much
about their well-being
until manipulation became their enemy
& the hypocrite’s friend
But now they no longer have
control over their life
because they were dismissed .
They work like dogs
yet treat others like the female dogs
& when they bark back
their bark is bittersweet
than their bite.
They’re demanding
yet suspicious
so others will never know when
& where they will appear
& show their true colors .
It might be shown
It may not
But they are honest within .
They are like wild card
you never know what to expect.
When people tend to be bittersweet
they take a dose of their own sweetener
while the others find
lackluster love that won’t last
yet make vids justifying
their worth for all to see .
Pathetically unpleasing .
The reputation & facade that they create is true
but true to their falsities they create .
I’d rather keep things real
while still promoting
& confidence
from self evaluation.
I don’t care about what people perceive others
let alone me to be .
I care about the heart
& the content of the character
not what false influencers  
influence to those that
should fit into today’s
trends & society .
If you   are bitter
take a dose of some sugar
knock out the sour inside
your hearts
& trade it in
for some sweetener
that you deserve
than the representational
perception of those that want you to be something you aren’t .
The real you is beautiful
Throw away the extra nonsense
that’s not becoming of you .

~Jordan Munchenburg ~
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