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There was a time,
We were together.

There was a time,
We wandered,
Through the silent parks,
Upon the green grass,
Below the willow trees.

Once I knew not,
How strange it could get,
When you’re not there.

It’s come.
It’s come.

The time *****,
The place unknown,
And I’m not who I was.
Lost in a reverie.
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Lo, I see a heart
Somewhere nowhere
Upon incessant chunks of pebbles
  Putrescent with footsteps
    Turned from white to grey.
       Might've been an emblem
        Of one's love
         For a dear friend,
           Or a rival of bygone times.
           Beneath the stones
           Unloved and unguarded lies.
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          notions and
        You're always there in my
        Stream of consciousness.
And talk of love.
                             High in high spirits.
Enchant me with your charms,
My enchantress!

        Alas! I am dazzled!
        Alas! I am dead!
I am Lazarus!
  Come from the dead,
  To tell ’bout the dread;
      The land there is the same here,
      The souls there the bodies here,

Nothing different, but the tumid river.

To cross the river,
Is a shock and shiver
You, here , they, there
Are the same but a sigh asunder
          The living and the dead.
There's no equality!
You see the tyranny of the heart,
The hands that exploit, the mind that steals,
            From the hands that make,
            From the minds that conceive,
            The little ones and the old.
                    All cease
                              After time capitalised.
My darling!
Oh my life! my dream! my thought!
Hither, as you promised,
    Join my hands, life is sheer delusion;
Let us drink from Lethe together,
Be not afright, think not of coming back
    And be my alter ego
                         To eternity.

— The End —