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M Apr 3
No one can hear me down here
But thats what you wanted, isn't it?
M Feb 25
I opened up Pandora's box
Unafraid of what it was inside
What we had I wouldn't call love
It ended before my nails dried.
love, breakup, ouch, bittersweet
M Feb 24
Blame my eyes
Still too big for the world
Or mine thoughts
Still lightly naive,

But to my surprise
Still too big for the world
It is not
To my old life I grieve.

"It sounds hard" she said
Too small in this world
"I don't want it,
I choose to stay here"

But my love don't dread
When you're big for this world
You will find it
Less easy to fear

It's not all black ink
Filling in squares on a page
Or alarm clocks
Or ties and a suit

There's more than you see
Eyes too big for this world
When responsibility is yours
To hold
M Feb 24
When I was six years old
I learned about the inevitable
How we walk six feet tall
Then sleep six feet under
For many months I was mourning the loss of those I had yet to lose.

Whether there is a hell or heaven,
There is nothing that awaits me.
My final wish is that I may return
To the center of stars
So I may see the world from several million miles away.
M Jan 19
To the one, I once called Mother
Know I did and didn't mean it
It slipped off of my tongue
I forgot to catch it
And so my mind spoke a secret truth.

Because I once thought of you Mother
Even though you weren't
We both knew that
And yet we both heard myself
calling you Mother.

It's not because I wanted you to replace
The one I owe my life to.
My heart beats with hers
Because it once was hers
And always will be
Walking outside of her.

But I once called you Mother
Because my mind thinks with yours
And my heart follows that sometimes

Though you are not mine,
You make me feel at ease.

Because as I am my Mother's heart
Calmed by her breathing
I am also calmed by yours.
M Sep 2020
I ask you this time and time again, good sir,
When you tell me how I am to live
When you know not the first idea of where I come from
Have I made you uncomfortable?
I assume you will realize that is my reality.
M Sep 2020
Now I am eighteen
And I watch as the "leader" of my country
Threatens to take away my rights
To everything, I was looking forward to.
How may I protect myself?
In a world that has told me I am not welcome.
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