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No matter how much
You show someone you care
The blind do not see

You could shine as bright as the sun
But if they're in a bunker
They will never feel your rays
Feeling pretty low
MrsFootePoems Jan 14
I want to walk along the beach with you
I want to feel the splash of the ocean and look up at you
Sun beaming on your wet skin
And see you smile
I want to know that nobody could hold any more love in a smile than you do for me.

I want to be cuddled in front of a wood stove
In our tiny log cabin a-frame
In the dead of winter, both wearing flannels
With our feet snug in wool socks
Watching the giant snowflakes fall slow,
And be wrapped in your arms
Knowing that's the warmest place to be
And I want to feel that warmth in my heart.

I want to lose track of time
Just staring in your eyes
And feel the love coming back at me.
I want you to know I love you
And I want to know you love me.
Feeling sentimental. Feeling like we are falling back in love. Feeling good.
MrsFootePoems Dec 2018
We only see each other
Through pixels on a screen
But the way you live your life
Makes me want to scream

Once beautiful and pure
You've given into drugs
And now your arms are too thin
To give out your famous hugs

Eyes glossed in every picture
It's enough to break your heart
Your smile and your aura
Were once a work of art

And I know that you are struggling
It's something we all do
I hope someday you reach out
And stop destroying you.
Old friends die hard.
MrsFootePoems Dec 2018
Maybe she got tired
Of waiting for you to love her
So she went off and found someone
That wouldn't let her stay down
Self looooove. Shes the someone.
MrsFootePoems Dec 2018
You "raise your voice" until I cry
And then a little more
The man i couldnt live without
Has walked right out the door
You've been replaced by a man of hate
And i dont know what to do
To try to feel loved anymore
What am I even doing? It hurts. It hurts so much I cant breathe sometimes. That's why I walk away. I have to calm down, but I also have to breathe.
MrsFootePoems Nov 2018
Whatever I wish that you would do
I will do to you
That way you feel my love
And maybe you'll show it too
We've got this.
MrsFootePoems Nov 2018
Why do you only
remember you love me when
you yell me to tears?
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