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6.8k · Mar 2016
Which er Witch
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
Tick tock it is the witching hour,

I fear they're all around,

They creep and sneak and then appear,

Without the slightest sound.
4.6k · Mar 2016
Pup v Pub
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
I took my puppy to the pub,

I'd say we have great fun,

But when it came to buying drinks,

She failed to buy me one.
4.5k · Mar 2016
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
Tomorrow is the dentist,

I'm scared and that's the truth,

The last time that I had to go,

I left with just one tooth.
4.3k · Mar 2016
B n B
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
When I last went out for dinner,

People were looking at me weird,

It's only when I got home late,

I saw burger in my beard.
3.2k · Feb 2016
For Help
Peter J Thomas Feb 2016
Looking inward for an answer,

I am weakened by the the task,

A darkness just envelops me,

Yet for help I'll never ask.
3.1k · Mar 2016
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
The countdown clock is ticking,

We know it tells no lie,

From the moment we are newborn,

It counts down 'til we die.
3.1k · Feb 2016
Peter J Thomas Feb 2016
A cold and frosty Monday morn',

Heads down, we look at feet,

Would not a three day weekend,

Just be an ideal treat?
2.8k · Mar 2016
Don't Care
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
Ask me all you want my friend,

Seen it and been there,

Whilst you can sit, pontificate,

I simply don't care.
2.8k · Apr 2016
Peter J Thomas Apr 2016
Tulips standing tall and proud,

Of colours different to the crowd,

I wonder what I'm going to see,

When the tulips time is history.
2.8k · Mar 2016
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
My doctor said to diet,

I just looked him in the eye,

I said think about it Doctor,

Having tea after you die.
2.7k · Feb 2016
Too Tired
Peter J Thomas Feb 2016
I'm too tired,

To sleep,

Devoid of energy,

Yet energised,

Fraught with worries,

Downed by despair,

I am too tired,

To sleep.
2.3k · Feb 2016
We Fear
Peter J Thomas Feb 2016
We fear the things we cannot see,

Or things we think we hear,

A moment though of clarity,

Shows all we fear, is fear.
1.7k · Mar 2016
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
Welcome to the weekend,

So long since you were here,

Let's all have a party,

And be full of no work cheer
1.6k · Mar 2016
(Over the) Pill Counter
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
My daily dose of wellness pills,

Is in a weekly container,

The sadness of filling it up,

Makes me want to take the remainder
1.5k · Mar 2016
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
A scent of blood,

Draws them near,

Beware the dark,

You're right to fear.
1.4k · Feb 2016
Peter J Thomas Feb 2016
As the hour draws steadily near,
The cold chilled spine from unknown fear,
As Sunday goes, Monday appear,
The weekend's dead, we shed a tear.
A weekend gone
1.3k · Mar 2016
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
I see the narcissist standing in the corner,

Rent a friend (or ten), on hand to smile, laugh,

How can so much love be reflected inwards?

In a moment of madness,

I ask him how he is,

And he begins to tell me,

A "Show and Tell" person,

Show me everything they have,

Tell me how much it cost,


No, that's so last week,

He is the one and only......

By next week,

He'll be the one,

And only


Who cares
1.2k · Feb 2016
As Curtains
Peter J Thomas Feb 2016
As curtains close and night descends,
We hide from Monday's dawn,
The duvet drawn over our eyes,
We hope to miss the morn'
1.1k · Mar 2016
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
I sat proudly with a biscuit,

To dunk into my tea,

But I seemed to lose my touch,

It fell in, disgustingly.
1.1k · Feb 2016
Peter J Thomas Feb 2016
The gloom that clouds our Monday,

Cast shadows 'cross our hearts,

We toil at tasks that we despise,

Whilst our loved ones are apart.
1.0k · Apr 2016
Peter J Thomas Apr 2016
The stale smell of the waiting room,

Embraced by walls, a dying womb.
1.0k · Oct 2016
Promises, promises
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Every night I make a promise

That tomorrow things will change,

My life it will be better,

The troubles not so strange,

Each promise is of hollow words,

Like Easter Eggs, just shells,

For though I promise better,

Each tomorrow is just Hell.
965 · Mar 2016
Technically Inept
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
Whenever I use gadgets,

Afterwards I've often wept,

It's not that I'm emotional,

Just technically inept.
961 · Mar 2016
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
Goodnight cruel World, I've struggled through,

Another of your days,

Quite how I've survived for so long,

In adversity always.
870 · Apr 2016
Peter J Thomas Apr 2016
The bumblebee it takes to wing,

A buzz, a leap and flight,

But how can the bulbous bumblebee

Fly, it seems not right.
866 · Mar 2016
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
A stranger site I have not seen,

How weird can someone be,

I saw a man forking his lawn,

With a piece of cutlery
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Friday is upon us, our hearts of full of glee, what wonders will the weekend hold, we'll have to wait and see
846 · Feb 2016
Happy Valentines
Peter J Thomas Feb 2016
It's Valentines and here's a gift,

To show that I love you,

I'm leaving and I won't be back,

Goodbye and toodle-ooo
Nothing is ever as simple as you think
845 · Mar 2016
Lacking Mobility
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
My phone is always charging,

Plugged into the wall,

I wouldn't call it mobile,

In no way, not all at.
829 · Mar 2016
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
We sit,




Our heads,

Look down,

A fallen,

799 · Oct 2016
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Blood clotted tissues,

Full of blood



I find



In the

waiting room....

791 · Mar 2016
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
The yellow yawn of daffodils,

Sing proud the dawn of Spring,

A coloured flash,

Through fields we dash,

True beauty that they bring.
790 · Mar 2016
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
I met a lovely butcher,

His shop was such a treat,

He joked and smiled and all the while,

Cut up some chunks of meat.
782 · Mar 2016
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
As frost bites the new found shoots of green,

Poking through dark soil,

Will Winter **** all chance of life,

Bright blooms too quick to spoil.
763 · Mar 2016
I Drink
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
I drink,

To calm,

To rest,

For charm,

I drink,

For hope,

To live,

To cope,

I drink,

For me,

So that,

You'll see,

I drink,

That's all,

Don't judge,

The call
726 · Mar 2016
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
A moment lapsed,

The gaze was lost,

Our lives diverged,

Eternal cost
717 · Mar 2016
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
Wondering about my world,

The direction in which it turns,

Why things are the way the are,

How my heart still yearns.
711 · Feb 2016
Peter J Thomas Feb 2016
At last I see the picture,
As clouds part, the sky is clear,
The sunshine warms our inner hearts,
Finally we've found some cheer.
701 · Feb 2016
I Choke
Peter J Thomas Feb 2016
Not on food I choke,

On words,



Recalled to me,

Like a catalogue of disasters,

I choke,

Because I miss you,

Yet you never knew I cared,

I choked

I tried to tell you,

And now,

Now I choke on pills,

And you'll never know.....
699 · Mar 2016
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
If you're looking for an impact,

Or an impression to make,

One trick that always worked for me,

It to present some cake.
697 · Oct 2016
The Shop
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Closed at 10am,

With customers outside,

Opening at 12pm,

By then the interest's died.

*Sometimes I feel as a blogger, like a shopkeeper with no customers. It isn't that I want people to buy anything, but it would be nice to have a few folk wander in and browse for a while. We may not have free WiFi, but we could always just talk to each other.......
696 · Mar 2016
Bin Man
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
He is out every 30 minutes,

And puts stuff in his bin,

It's strange that he is out so much,

Just what's he putting in?
691 · Feb 2016
A Secret
Peter J Thomas Feb 2016
I close my eyes and hope for,

A long and lasting sleep,

From which I'll never come to wake,

It's a secret that I keep
664 · Mar 2016
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
Never been a clever talker,

Not known to hold my tongue,

Once it gets in motion,

I'm in trouble before long
656 · Mar 2016
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
A sunny Sunday morning,

A lovely time of year,

As winter's cold it fades aware,

Replaced by Spring's new cheer
651 · Mar 2016
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
There once was an ugly offspring,

Unfortunately it was me,

As I grew old,

The more I got told,

That I was a sight to not see.
648 · Mar 2016
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
It is never about the words I use,

The order,


It is the tangled tapestry between lines,

Try reading it,

Don't look,


Inherently the unwritten ink runs darker.
We are more than the sum of our arts

Like Lego
622 · Oct 2016
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Didn't see it coming,

Struck down to the floor,

But in life you keep on going,

And coming back for more.
619 · Feb 2016
Ever Near
Peter J Thomas Feb 2016
For a moment I thought it had gone,

My mind it seemed quite clear,

But no, it sat just waiting there,

My companion, ever near.
601 · Feb 2016
Peter J Thomas Feb 2016
Too many seek out all,

Wanting more than they have got,

Happiness is not volume,

It's being content with your lot
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