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Dec 2017 · 194
New Year
Peter J Thomas Dec 2017
A time for much reflection,
To look back with pronounced fear,
On all the things that we regret,
Oh great, it's a New Year.
Nov 2016 · 427
Peter J Thomas Nov 2016
Clubbed to death


Life suddenly cut short,

The motive well

is unknown,

Perpetrator still not caught.
Oct 2016 · 381
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Nature's transformation,

As the hills


and glens

are shepherded into

their seasonal

changing rooms,

each coming



Oct 2016 · 799
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Blood clotted tissues,

Full of blood



I find



In the

waiting room....

Oct 2016 · 390
Rewind repeat
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
I don't like




My mind



like a disturbed



Then I miss



Trouble returns,


Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Friday is upon us, our hearts of full of glee, what wonders will the weekend hold, we'll have to wait and see
Oct 2016 · 273
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Cuts in the clouded sky

reveal flashes


Like moth riddled bed sheets

I see the world beyond,

and it me.

Am I looking out

or they in?

Such silken threads,

bare like my


Before long,

too long

grey returns

and my mood

as night


It was never meant to be


Oct 2016 · 370
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Stare downward, keep on looking,

Be sure you do not miss,

The silent thoughts and secrets

of my mind, in the abyss
Oct 2016 · 232
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
What's hidden far beneath us,

What lies there underground,

Appears at night so silently,

A silent death we've found
Oct 2016 · 487
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016







Oct 2016 · 305
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
I'm off to my new local,

I'll likely have a drink,

Perhaps I'll grab some food too,

Or perhaps just sit and think,

I love having a local,

A place where I belong,

Where I'm happy just to be me,

At the local, nothing's wrong.
Oct 2016 · 197
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Tripping over nothing,

Slipping far too much,

I'm cursed with being clumsy

breaking everything I touch.
Oct 2016 · 162
It holds.....
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Destiny dictated,

Fortunes 'ready told,

In the hands of others,

Souls so often sold.
Oct 2016 · 203
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016

mere faint lines,

Adding pressure


Over time,

Causing skin

to redden






Oct 2016 · 167
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Trees shed,

Leaves fall,

World hears,

Nature's call.
Oct 2016 · 1.0k
Promises, promises
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Every night I make a promise

That tomorrow things will change,

My life it will be better,

The troubles not so strange,

Each promise is of hollow words,

Like Easter Eggs, just shells,

For though I promise better,

Each tomorrow is just Hell.
Oct 2016 · 182
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
I promised myself I wouldn't worry

but I did,

And still do,

That I wouldn't quit

right before giving up

putting down

siting still,

To try harder

not cheat

or lie,

My promises are just words

empty gestures to self improvement,

I promise to do better

I promise to be on time

next time

Oct 2016 · 221
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Do we dread death

fear dying,

Or is it something more,

Could it be life

actual living,

That scares us, I'm unsure
Oct 2016 · 181
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
How can me not knowing,

Be worse than being told,

Fearing the worse, it is a curse,

That'll plague me 'til I'm old.
Oct 2016 · 697
The Shop
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Closed at 10am,

With customers outside,

Opening at 12pm,

By then the interest's died.

*Sometimes I feel as a blogger, like a shopkeeper with no customers. It isn't that I want people to buy anything, but it would be nice to have a few folk wander in and browse for a while. We may not have free WiFi, but we could always just talk to each other.......
Oct 2016 · 150
Nice, not nice
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Strange how good news sometimes

can still cut you at the knee,

When even things you want to hear

cause some difficulty
Oct 2016 · 625
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Didn't see it coming,

Struck down to the floor,

But in life you keep on going,

And coming back for more.
Oct 2016 · 163
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Not noticed on inspection,

Nor found on careful looks,

No telltale signs apparent,

Nothing read in books,

No plaster can repair it,

The scars and soul are torn,

The problem of my broken mind,

Endured since I was born.
Oct 2016 · 185
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Leech drawn,

Blood drunk,

My life,

Old junk.
Oct 2016 · 156
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
And as I came to realize,

What I knew, a strange surprise,

The truth was just before my eyes,

Not all live, but always dies.
Oct 2016 · 157
A. Lone
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Sat alone

just wondering,

Is it me

why life's a funny thing,

On days my heart

may want to sing,

yet times when

death, I'd want to bring.
Sep 2016 · 160
Peter J Thomas Sep 2016
The bridge appears before me,

I stand not knowing where

It goes, or should I cross it,

I ask myself, then dare
Sep 2016 · 383
Peter J Thomas Sep 2016
Day follows night,

Follows fear,

Follows fright,

Follows you,

Follows right,

Fear the day,

Dread the night.
Jul 2016 · 458
Peter J Thomas Jul 2016
My name is tolerance,

Your name is fear,

Stoking up hatred,

Of things I hold dear

My name's acceptance,

Your's bigotry,

Insulting of everything,

That's true to me

My name is hopefully,

Your's there's no way,

Yet I still hold hope that

You find truth one day
May 2016 · 225
Peter J Thomas May 2016
I see,

I saw,

I've seen


I am,

I can,

I'm just,

A man.

I fear,

A foe,

I'll never
May 2016 · 172
Peter J Thomas May 2016
Day follows night,

Follows fear,

Follows fright,

Follows you,

Follows right,

Fear the day,

Dread the night.
May 2016 · 257
Peter J Thomas May 2016
Tomorrow calls

As midnight falls,

Darkness consumes the light,

Tomorrow's here

It's my worse fear,

I still feel far from right............
Apr 2016 · 277
Sum yourself up
Peter J Thomas Apr 2016
Lackadaisically lazy,

Freethinking state-of-mind,

Purposively pensive,

Generously kind.

Occasionally cautious,

Heavy set, a belting beard,

Despicably dizzy,

And wonderfully weird.
Apr 2016 · 330
Peter J Thomas Apr 2016
I bought myself a bonsai tree,

But little did I know,

Whilst it started off quite little,

You should have seen it grow
Apr 2016 · 191
Sick Friend
Peter J Thomas Apr 2016
My friend she is in hospital,

She's feeling not too great,

They say her heart is beating,

At a most peculiar rate,

So they've given her some medicine,

And told that she must rest,

They will have to keep her wired up,

I suppose that they know best.

I wonder what the cause is,

To make her so unwell,

It's a good job I'm no doctor,

As I don't think I could tell.

Perhaps she is too stressed out,

Perhaps work is too hard,

Perhaps it is the whiskey,

And the late night poker card.

Perhaps it is the pizza,

Served hot with nice cold beer,

That is the reason she is there,

And sadly not  back here.

I hope that you feel better soon,

And are back to your mad best,

Chatting like a monkey on speed,

But for now, it's time to rest.
Apr 2016 · 137
Peter J Thomas Apr 2016
Questioning my sanity,

Seeking help and friends,

Can I cure the pain and more,

Or is this my journey's end
Apr 2016 · 167
This way
Peter J Thomas Apr 2016
I cannot face tomorrow,

Nor can I live today,

Something has to change soon,

I can't go on this way.
Apr 2016 · 230
Peter J Thomas Apr 2016
Too much noise,



Fills my head,


Wandering round,

At times I fear,

My head

May pop,

Please make the noise,


Then stop
Apr 2016 · 2.8k
Peter J Thomas Apr 2016
Tulips standing tall and proud,

Of colours different to the crowd,

I wonder what I'm going to see,

When the tulips time is history.
Apr 2016 · 870
Peter J Thomas Apr 2016
The bumblebee it takes to wing,

A buzz, a leap and flight,

But how can the bulbous bumblebee

Fly, it seems not right.
Apr 2016 · 316
Peter J Thomas Apr 2016
I'm no longer taking poison,

The ingestion had to stop,

But all the hurt that I have felt,

Is enough to make me drop.

There is no quick solution,

To the harm that has been done,

Though I'm heading down the right path,

The journey's just begun
Apr 2016 · 238
Peter J Thomas Apr 2016
Cold blooded, quite reptilian,

He slithers, coils and waits,

The inner beast a killer, now,

Beware, he holds your fate.
Apr 2016 · 1.0k
Peter J Thomas Apr 2016
The stale smell of the waiting room,

Embraced by walls, a dying womb.
Apr 2016 · 220
Do you
Peter J Thomas Apr 2016
Do you not see,

The pain inside,

Broken wide,

The tears I've cried,

Do you not see,

The things I see,

A heart not free,

Why I can't be,

Do you not see,

The end is nigh,

I'll say goodbye,

And gladly die.
Apr 2016 · 191
Peter J Thomas Apr 2016
I fear the end,

When should it be,

Control of,

My own destiny.

I fear the end,

It's mine to choose,

To battle on,

Or simply lose
Apr 2016 · 300
Peter J Thomas Apr 2016
A little glass,

Red wine's the cure,

There's time for one,

Then several more.
Apr 2016 · 234
Peter J Thomas Apr 2016
To kiss the early morning sun,

The promise of a day so fun,

One that has only begun,

To share with you, the day, as one
Apr 2016 · 223
Broken Man
Peter J Thomas Apr 2016
A broken man,

Sits idly still,

Lacks happiness,

A broken will,

No hope, no chance,

No reason why,

The broken man,

Just waits to die.
Apr 2016 · 525
Peter J Thomas Apr 2016
The sickened sight of death befalls,

Catching each alarmed,

Yet in the turmoil of excess,

We all are grotesquely charmed.
Apr 2016 · 208
Peter J Thomas Apr 2016
New year,

New day,

Can't cope,

Same way,

The mind,

Too strange,

Need help,

Need change
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