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Moza Sep 2021
There is only one warmth in her embrace,
and it carries no allure
Vagrant hearts
Longed for home to call.

Hearts dwelled deep
Lip-synched to the ceiling as it muttered to her: "Dance under my roof, let loose of the chaos",
welcomes weary souls into it's warmth.

Fold the memories to last,
this is our sanctuary.
Define home?
Moza Aug 2021
You owe me laughters
A cup of coffee shared with blended souls, poured in strong bonds
Conversations surround my floating thoughts
Clement aurora swirls in starry dooms
Acquainted to the bitter scathing dreams

You owe me a mother’s touch
The freedom of dubiety
A prayer

Not on your nelly, I am forgiving you.
Hope you know the damage you’ve done to one’s soul.
Moza Jun 2021
This isn’t for you
Affectionately aimed at my own  
This isn't for you
This is for the times I let myself fall into the deep

This isn't for you
This is for the thoughts that I dealt with
This isn’t for you
This is for the loss of souls

This isn’t for you
This is for the intentions I’ve let down
This isn’t for you
This is for my tired soul

This isn’t for you

This is for me not to lose myself
Reservate this living

The selfish part of me wants to exist—
For me
Dear Me
Moza Jan 2021
"Why me?" You ask,
never the first, I think the last

I recklessly let my heart lose itself,
to the mere of unending stops
I wonder where my mind would guide my fortune
are they meeting, once and for all?

"It's our winding path" I answered.

- Moza
2021 first poetry I say
Moza Oct 2020
In a world that so easily
shuns you,
when you forget
to love yourself,
will steady
your hand,
when you're losing
your grip.
#poem #poetry #here #love #loveyourself #embrace #heal #alone #here
Moza Aug 2020
My imaginary friend
one i take my midnight adventures with
who i lean on to
Are you tired of wondering into the seas of my thoughts?
Are the waves too violent for us to swim further?

Every time you pick your head up, the fierce waves hit harder than the last
Are you holding on tight to our board?
One that builds hope and expectations

You know me better
I'd rather fall into the deep ocean
No board will float us up

— Moza
Moza Aug 2020
The past carries heaviness
and the future holds nebulousness

— Moza
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