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Alaina Moore Sep 19
Hello all!

I am in the process of creating my own blog/ poetry website. I will still be posting here for a while as I continue development on the site. But feel free to come check it out in it's most basic form!

Updates to come in the coming weeks.

Thanks all.
Alaina Moore Aug 18
I am running in sand.

I am drying off in the river.

I am free in chains.

I am lost surrounded by directions.
Alaina Moore Aug 18
I dance around these moving goal posts
With poise and grace

While it eats away at my mental health
And my stability with it.

Hope you enjoy the lie.
Alaina Moore Aug 2
Sometimes the path forward is obvious
But is hard to swallow
So we choose to choke on ignorance
Until one day we remind ourselves we know the right path
All we must do is choose to walk forward.
Alaina Moore Jun 24
I like to frolic in fields
Laced with landmines.

I like to take bubble baths
With curling irons, plugged in.  

I like to walk alleys
Naked at night.

I like to fast.

I like look in the mirror
And see someone else.

I like to think about these things
As if they were true.
Alaina Moore Jun 21
I am the settler
The assimilated puppet.

I am the beacon
To avoid, not follow.

I am the lost soul
Who can't articulate how the feelings manifest.

I am the child
Who can't express what they need.
Alaina Moore Jun 11
And in an instant
The realization swept me
The weight of all these years

All the lies
Like an avalanche
That I've told myself

It's okay
It's fine
I'm okay

How buried am I
How forgetful
As if I haven't done this before  

It's harder this time
I am so lost
In myself
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