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280 · May 3
I sat there, gazing at the empty sky
But what I saw,
Was the desolate beauty
of a vast universe.
And it gave me a vision
An illusion
Of a million stars.

A stranger in the night
Blessed with a starry sky.
166 · Jun 16
An Empty Ambition
While I reached for the stars,
I neglected the flowers.
In my dream to conquer,
I left everything that was dear.

I finally understood.

By the waves,
That brushed against the shore.
By the sunshine,
That gave life to plants.

Hollow aspirations
Held no value to this cycle.
72 · Jun 13
Blue Rose
How are you now?
We were once inseparable,
You and I
Now, our melodies don't harmonise.
We still have words to say.
So please, stay
For a little longer
And sing with me once again
For this sweet dream's
Bitter end.

— The End —